Games to Improve Memory: Gain Super Cognitive Skills

games to improve memoryHave you ever had one of those days where you had an important morning appointment? That day you overslept because you accidentally set your alarm to 5:30 P.M. instead of 5:30 A.M., you rush to get ready and as you head out to start your car, you realize you don’t have your keys and can’t seem to find them anywhere? Now imagine that morning going smoothly, your alarm rings when it should, your have time for a healthy breakfast and your keys are exactly where you expect them to be. Which morning would you prefer? Although the answer seems obvious, we have all had those mornings or days where we just cannot seem to remember things no matter how hard we try. That is when you realize how important your memory is, not just for big occasions, but for your day-to-day tasks. So, what can you do? Well, you have numerous options. One of them is with games to improve memory. There are many you can play that make improving your memory enjoyable. In addition to games, there are thorough online courses that can help you get advanced memory in no time!

Simon Memory Game

Do you recall playing “Simon” as a kid? Well, now you can play it online or on your mobile device. You will see four, large flashing lights appear on your screen. Their colors are: yellow, red, blue and green. It starts by flashing one of the colored lights. After that, you have to click on exactly the same pattern that was presented to you. This game is a lot of fun and might bring back childhood memories. As you progress, the patterns become longer and more intricate making it more difficult for you to recall. Nonetheless, with daily practice, you will notice your memory getting better and better.

Memorize Faces

There are memory enhancing games that can take on themes such as a “Murder Mystery.” So, it feels as if you are really just passing the time, having fun. You might see faces or “suspects” appear on the screen. They might flash for a few seconds. Then, you will be shown a list of faces to make a match. With each level, you have to remember more faces at one time. Imagine how good your memory would be after playing this game for an hour! Moreover, your ability memorize names and faces can drastically improve your social and professional network. The good news is you can learn how to easily memorize names and faces online and at your own pace. 


Getting questions helps work your brain so that it can find answers more quickly. Every trivia game you play helps you to learn new things and increase your memory power. It’s even more exciting when you play with a group.

Blind Puzzles

It might not seem like puzzles help your memory, but blind puzzles do. This means you do not have a picture showing you how the finished puzzle should appear. You have to figure it out piece by piece. What happens is you are shown a picture for a few seconds. After that, you have to try to remember the end result and put it together on your own.

Matching Cards

A set of cards is set face down. You get to pick two at a time. The goal is to eliminate all of the cards by matching them. When you match two cards, they are removed from the board. At first, you will have to keep selecting cards to figure out their matching counterparts. Then, as you see them appear, you have to remember which card matches the other. At first, you start with a small set of cards. When you make it through the first round, the set gets larger and larger and matching becomes more complex.

Story Telling

When you tell a story, you have to connect objects to events and so on. You can pick three random objects and connect them in a story. For example, you can use dog, ball and yard. Then, your story might be, “She took her dog out to the yard to fetch a ball.” Pick as many objects as you like and practice story telling a few times a day.

Characters and Numbers

This game might require a bit more focus and a quiet space. There are many variations, but the premise is you are shown an object with a number next to it, for a few seconds. Then you will be shown a list of objects and numbers. You have to pick out which one was shown to you. When you pick the correct object and number, then they start to appear at a faster and faster pace. Moreover, these easy techniques will give your memory the super boost its been craving.

Verbal Games

You can use words and letters to help improve your memory. There are fill-in-the-blank games such as hangman. Each time you fill in the blank with the right letter, you save the day. If you do otherwise, the worst might happen to your game’s character. You can also play word association games that get you complete words with pictures. Use a timer to help you get faster at completion times.


This card game requires you to build stacks. The caveat is you have to remember the order of the cards in order to build the stacks. Seven cards are dealt horizontally with the one on the far left dealt face up. The next row has six cards, then five cards and so on. On each stack, you have to build a tableaux in descending order of alternating colors. When you use all of the cards, you win.


Bejeweled is a puzzle game that uses jewels for icons. Jewels will start to fall, horizontally, down the screen. The objective is to create columns or rows of three identical jewels. It gets harder when the jewels start to fall more rapidly and larger quantities.


This is a very popular number placement game. You have to fill out grids to ensure that each row, column and box contains the numbers 1 through 9. In addition, you are timed. This game helps to improve your response time, as well as helping to boost your logic and deduction skills. Free Sudoku games are everywhere from online, through mobile apps and, more than likely, in your local newspaper.

Repeat the Same Tasks, Differently

games to improve memoryYou can start by doing your daily tasks with your other hand. Say you use your right hand to cook. Try cooking with your left hand. If you are left handed, try brushing your teeth with your right hand. Drink coffee with your non-dominant hand. Just make sure it is not too hot before trying this. You still want to be safe. Your regular habits already have neural pathways embedded in your brain. Doing something differently requires your brain to make new and less active connections.

Tongue Twisters

These are sentences where a majority of the words start with the same letter, hence the idea that it twists your tongue. They are much easier to read than they are to orate. You can compile a list of short and long tongue twisters to practice. Say each out loud, repeating them faster and faster. Do not move on to the longer ones until you can get the shorter ones repeated correctly. You can also play this game with a group of friends or family members.

Having a good memory helps to better your life in a variety of ways. You worry less about remembering special events, the names of people and items on your grocery list or tasks for work. When you understand that the human mind can remember a limitless amount of information, wouldn’t you want to utilize it to its fullest? However, you should take note that one of the most crucial foundations for a good memory is getting enough rest. In addition, using games to improve memory satisfies your craving for entertainment while benefiting your cognitive skills.