19 Funny Facts About Women You May Not Have Known

funnyfactsaboutwomenYes, women may be the fairer sex, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t humorous, weird, or otherwise wacky little tidbits about them floating around. From things we always thought were true, to interesting things, to facts that are completely pointless (but are good to know anyways), there are so many funny facts about women out there that we had to pick only the cream of the crop. And for all the women out there are that may be worried that we might poke a little fun at you, rest assured, that we absolutely will. But it will be all in good taste, because I have a girlfriend who might read this, and I would like to continue having a girlfriend, so don’t worry.

As I’m sure you have already figured out by now, today we are listing some humorous and interesting facts about women. They won’t be in any particular order, so just dive right in. If there are any single men out there that are hoping to use some of these facts to woo that special lady and would like a little help in the dating department, this article with tips for online dating will help those going the virtual route, and this course on lifestyle dating will help you find the woman of your dreams in the physical world.

Funny Female Facts

This is what you all came here to see. Like we mentioned earlier, these are in no particular order, nor are they broken up into specific subjects, so just dive right in, and enjoy the ride!

  1. Ever wonder where the word “woman” came from? Many believe it’s derived from the Middle English word “wyfman”, meaning “wife (wyf) of the man”.
  2. The word “girl” used to describe a young person of either sex, and it wasn’t until the beginning of the 16th century that the word started referring only to a female child.
  3. There used to be three different names for women, used to describe them in various stages of life. “Maiden” described a young woman who was not married. “Mother” referred to a woman in her child-bearing years, and a “crone” was a woman who was post-menopausal. If you’re a lady who’s about to reach menopause and would like to stay healthy for this big change, check out this course on women’s health and menopause to learn more about hormone replacement therapy.
  4. Over the course of a woman’s entire lifetime, she will have eaten about 2-3 kilos of lipstick (that’s about 4 1/2 – 6 1/2 pounds)! Remember to save room for dessert.
  5. Women blink about twice as often as men.
  6. The average woman spends about 120 hours a year, or five entire days, admiring her reflection in a mirror.
  7. Ada Lovelace, a daughter of Lord Byron, is widely considered to be the first computer programmer. This British woman of the Victorian era worked on one of the first computers, the Analytical Engine, writing its first algorithm, the first to be carried out by a machine.
  8. The goddess Venus and the female sex have always been closely linked. The female symbol, a circle on top of a small cross, is also the symbol for guess who…Venus. It is believed to be a stylized representation of the goddess’ hand mirror.
  9. And speaking of Venus – it’s the only planet to be given a female goddess’ name, but there are other stars and moons out there with female names.
  10. On average, women hiccup less than men.
  11. Famous Flying Female Firsts! The first woman to fly solo across North America was Amelia Earhart, setting the record for such a trip in the process, at 19 hours and 5 minutes. On June 16, 1963, Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman to enter outer space. The first American woman to enter outer space was Sally Ride, on June 18, 1983.
  12. Speaking of first ladies, Texas resident Katy Hays became the first person in the United States to receive a double arm transplant. She got an infection in her limbs after giving birth, and had to have her arms and legs amputated, and just a few years ago, became the first bilateral arm transplant recipient.
  13. Another woman to break down a barrier was Shannon Easton, who was the first woman to be a line judge official in an NFL preseason game. In a 2012 game, when the Green Bay Packers took on the San Diego chargers, Easton acted as a replacement official, and the hat and whistle she used in the game are now displayed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Museum in Canton, Ohio.
  14. Human women have the largest breasts, proportionally speaking, of all mammals.
  15. The average height of an American woman is 5′ 4”, and she weighs in at 165 pounds.
  16. The longest human pregnancy on record was a woman from Los Angeles named Beulah Hunter, who gave birth in 1945 after gestating for 375 days. The average pregnancy lasts about 280 days, which means poor Mrs. Hunter’s pregnancy was a full three months longer than normal.
  17. Though unlikely to be enforced these days, there’s a law in Saudi Arabia that says that a woman may divorce her husband if he doesn’t bring her coffee.
  18. Roughly 2% of women have supernumerary, or third, nipple.
  19. Our last fact of the day is an empowering one. The youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company is a woman. On July 17, 2012, Marissa Ann Mayer became the boss at Yahoo at the age of 37. If you’re a woman who wants to climb the ladder of success, this course on negotiation skills will bring out the savvy go-getter in any woman.

Not all of these facts were funny, exactly, but also empowering, interesting, and just plain weird. Hopefully you enjoyed these these little nuggets of info, and maybe they’ve inspired you to break your own barriers, like Amelia Earhart and Shannon Easton (but not Beulah Hunter), or perhaps they just make you proud to be a woman. If that’s the case, and you want to be the healthiest woman you can be, take a look at this course on how to transform yourself with diet and yoga, and be all the woman you can be.