freelance writing jobs for beginnersWriting can be extremely rewarding but can also be challenging, especially if you are trying to make writing your full-time career. Irrespective of the type of writing you would like to pursue, there are some basic tools every writer should possess. Good grammar and spelling are essential. The Grammar Essentials: Boost Your Writing Skills course will teach you what good sentences are, what good writing is and what the writing process is all about.

If you are a new writer and want to get your foot in the door, this article will offer you some ideas on how you can gain valuable experience and make a name for yourself as a writer. The options below are just a few of the options you have to start establishing yourself as a writer, but the best advice for aspiring writers is to follow your bliss- write what you know and write about what moves you. The Break Into Freelance Writing With No Experience course offers concrete action plans, tips, and techniques on how to write query letters that will launch your career and how to promote your work, even if you are dreadful at self promotion.

Blog writing

Blogs offer a great opportunity for new freelance writers to establish a reputation and to create content that can be used as proof of their work. In cyberspace where content is king, blogs are constantly looking for writers to provide fresh new insights into topics to keep their readers’ interest.

If you enjoy researching a topic and forming your own opinions about that topic, then you can find blogs willing to publish your posts easily by searching for appropriate blogs on Google. Guest blogging is also a great way to get your work out there and build a name for yourself as a writer. Once you have a portfolio of work, then you can approach blogs to write on their behalf. Popular bloggers can earn thousands of dollars and all bloggers start the same way – by writing blog posts.

If you are interested in carving your own space in the blogosphere, then The Blog Writing Workshop course offers great insight into how to choose blog topics and how to craft blog posts that will keep your readers coming back for more. Another great resource for aspirant bloggers is How to Start a Fashion Blog Today. Although the article focuses on fashion blogging, the concepts apply to most types of blogging.

Technical Writing

Technical writing includes writing manuals, quick start guides, product manuals, technical books, user guides and various other forms of technical writing. This type of writing requires the writer to be able to clearly and concisely provide instructions or information to the user. Technical writing is a financially lucrative career and good technical writers are highly sought after by various industries. Getting started as a technical writing can be challenging, but games and software offer a great starting point. Online software and gaming companies are constantly looking for technical writers to write user manuals for them.

Technical writing requires that writers can write clearly and that they are able to write in a manner that matches the intended audience. The Technical Writing and Editing course offers training on the various aspects involved in technical writing. The course will teach you the technical writing principles as well as teaching you how to create a template, how to deal with images, tables and graphs and other elements that are essential in technical writing. The Technical Writing Examples in Three Major Categories article offers further resources for writers who want to learn more about the art of technical writing.

Writing for the Video Game Industry

According to recent statistics, 58% of Americans play online or video games and 51% percent of American households have a dedicated gaming console. This insatiable appetite for new games has created a huge demand for video game writers. Games rely on scripts, storylines, characters and user manuals.

Writing for the Videogame Industry offers tips, techniques and advice on how to break into the video game industry as a writer. For beginner freelance writers, the course offers ideas on how to accumulate experience, where to start looking for work and what a game writer’s portfolio should include to ensure your success as a game writer.

Writing for Print

Contrary to popular belief, the publishing industry is not dead. There are hundreds of magazines who are constantly looking for good article content for their publications and writing for print can be just as rewarding as writing for online publications. Most magazines also allow new writers to submit their work, so writing for publications is a great way for new freelancers to establish their reputation and build up a portfolio of work.

Writing for Publication is designed for both new and seasoned writers. The course will help you overcome writer’s block, get your creative juices flowing and help you to create an article that is submission ready and guaranteed to succeed. The Writing Process: Creating Your Article in Four Simple Steps is another great resource for article writers.

Writing for Children

The self publishing industry has grown exponentially over the past decade and in fact recent statistics suggest that the market has grown by over 422% since 2007. If you love writing children’s stories then breaking into the traditional publishing market can be difficult. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Indie publishers find really creative ways of creating a living from their writing by self-publishing and marketing their own books.

Writing for Children has great tips for new writers on how to write great childrens books and how to get them published.

Jump in with both feet

If you love writing, and you spend the time perfecting your craft, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t make a living as a freelance writer. Ernest Hemingway wrote, “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” If you want to write, then write. Write often. And keep writing. For further insight and ideas on writing, you can read 10 Writing Techniques: Anyone Can Write!

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