freephotoeditingappsDo you love taking photos? Today’s top iOS and Android phones make it easier than ever to take stunning photos without having to carry around an expensive and bulky DSLR camera.

Better yet, you can access a huge suite of powerful digital editing tools using nothing but free photo editing apps. Read on to discover 10 amazing free photo editing apps that you can use with our Art of Mobile Photography course to get the most out of your mobile device’s camera.


Create beautiful panoramas and three-dimensional environments using your mobile device’s camera. Photosynth is a free application that makes it easy to stitch together several photos into a stunning panoramic image.

Perfect for capturing beautiful sunsets, amazing landscapes, or massive skyscrapers and city views, this free iOS app deserves a place in every photographer’s toolkit. A similar app for Android, Panorama – 360, offers the same great features.

Enhance your panoramas by selecting the perfect exposure and shutter speed. Our course, The Art of Mobile Photography, teaches you how to get DSLR-quality results from your mobile device’s tiny but powerful camera.


Access your own vintage photography darkroom, right in your pocket. Pixlr-O-Matic is a free image editing app for iOS and Android that offers hundreds of great vintage filters, overlays, and borders for mobile photographers.

Colorize and style your photos using hundreds of filters and saturation effects. Add a custom border to your vacation snapshots to create the perfect look. For the optimum blend of creativity and classic style, it’s hard to beat Pixlr-O-Matic.

Pic Stitch

Create the perfect photo collage using Pic Stitch. This free app for iOS and Android gives you hundreds of framing, border, and alignment options to create stylish and timeless collages.

Quickly build your mobile scrapbook or create stylish favorite vacation photos to share on social media. You can even add text and stickers to your collages to give your photos the ultimate eye-catching look.


Convert your photos into pencil sketches, crayon drawings, or amazing oil paintings using Sketch+ for iOS and Sketch Me for Android. Designed and built by a real sketch artist, Sketch+ lets you create cool line drawings and creative sketches in seconds.

Sketch Me, on the other hand, offers three impressive choices for customizing your photos: crayons, oil paints, and charcoal pencil sketching. Create stunning personal portraits, beautiful classic landscapes, or cool retro sketches using your mobile.


With over 250 million users around the world, it’s hard to argue that Camera 360 isn’t a worldwide hit. This simple free photo editing app for Android and iOS gives you hundreds of effects and photo editing tools in your pocket.

Add stylish filters to your photographs and customize their intensity for the perfect look. Airbrush and touch up your selfies for the smoothest skin and a perfect focus on the foreground. Camera 360 is a user-friendly powerhouse of an application that makes shooting and editing the perfect picture absolutely effortless.


Capture your favorite memories, edit and filter them to perfection, and share them with your social network. Instagram is one of the most popular photo editing apps for iOS and Android, as well as one of the web’s biggest social networks.

Used by over 150 million people worldwide, Instagram is a massive phenomenon in mobile photography. Add depth of field effects, tag your friends, and score hundreds of likes from your social network with this ultra-popular mobile photography app.

Love Instagram? Turn your passion for mobile photography into a business. In our course, How to Use Instagram for Business, you’ll learn how you can use Instagram for personal branding and social business development.

Adobe Photoshop Express

The king of photo editing applications has made its way to mobile. Adobe Photoshop Express is a user-friendly iOS and Android version of the world’s favorite design and photography application: Adobe Photoshop.

Snap eye-catching mobile photographs, edit them using one-touch filters and color, contrast, and brightness tools, and share them with your social network. Photoshop Express brings the immense powerful of Photoshop to your mobile device.

Want more power? Master the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop with our photo editing course, Foundations of Photoshop. From cropping to smart objects, learn the basics – and many advanced features – of the world’s most powerful photo editing application.


Frametastic is a free app for iOS that makes it easy to develop custom photo frames and collages. Group your vacation snapshots, selfies, or everyday pictures into cool frames for sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

Choose your frame style and colors for the perfect look. Frametastic even lets you create video slideshows of your custom collages. Although Frametastic is available for iOS only, Android users can download another free photo editing app: Collage Maker.


Add text captions to your photos for the perfect inspiring quotation or wonderful visual memory. InstaQuote lets you create beautiful text captions in hundreds of stylish fonts to add to your photos for sharing on Instagram or Facebook.

Available for iOS and Android, InstaQuote may not offer much in the way of new functions, but it does what it does very well. Customize your text using different blending modes, alignments, sizes, and line spacing options for the perfect look.

Want to make your quotes pop off the page? Enroll in our Typography Crash Course and learn about how the shape, proportions, and style of your fonts and effects can help you project the right message to your audience.

Photo Editor by Aviary

While Photoshop Express offers raw power and Instagram offers simplicity, Photo Editor by Aviary offers a great combination of the two. Dubbed the “one-stop-shop” for mobile photo editing by Mashable, this iOS and Android app is a great do-it-all choice for editing photos on your mobile device.

Select from a wide variety of one-tap effects, including auto-enhance, tilt shift, and grunge or antique filters. Add text and borders to your photos, create cool stickers, and much more. When it comes to all-purpose editing, Photo Editor by Aviary is one of the best free photo editing apps available for mobile.

Want more?

Need more apps to add to your collection? If you’re an iPhone user, check out our list of the eight best paid photo editing apps for iPhone. From iPhoto to Camera+, these killer apps add functionality that most free photo editing apps don’t offer.

Don’t forget to try our expert course on The Art of Mobile Photography to get the most from your mobile camera. While apps can enhance any photo, nothing can enhance your photography like expert knowledge and hands-on experience.

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