The past few weeks have shown there is more work to do to promote diversity and build equity within our communities and organizations. Many company leaders and HR professionals are looking for ways to bring these discussions into the workplace and create an environment where all employees can thrive. At Udemy for Business, we’re here to support you and your organization during this challenging time.

We believe in the power of learning to broaden our perspectives and work towards creating more equitable and inclusive organizations. We are here to support you through your learning journey and would like to share some resources that you might find helpful.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Learning Playbook

Udemy for Business customers have exclusive access to Learning Playbooks, step-by-step guides that help L&D, HR, and departmental leaders roll out comprehensive blended learning programs to support employees across key stages of the employee lifecycle. 

Our latest Learning Playbook is designed to help launch a comprehensive DE&I program that educates employees about DE&I and fosters a culture of belonging.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Learning Playbook features high-quality Udemy courses on topics like diversity and unconscious bias and includes sample communication templates, project plans, evaluation surveys, and hands-on activities to put this learning into practice. This guide — which is designed to be easily adaptable to HR and L&D leaders’ specific needs — also features tips on leading effective virtual trainings. 

Here’s a glimpse of what’s included in the DE&I Learning Playbook:

To learn more about our DE&I Learning Playbook, reach out to a member of our team.

Build a customized learning path with DE&I resources 

Udemy for Business users can leverage Learning Paths to curate a set of DE&I resources to achieve specific outcomes that are aligned to their unique organizational goals. With Learning Paths, you can combine top-rated Udemy for Business courses on topics like diversity, allyship, and unconscious bias with industry articles and internal resources that are relevant to your organization’s needs.

You can make your learning path private and share with specific team members, or you can make it public and available to all Udemy for Business users in your organization.

Udemy for Business courses on critical DE&I topics

We’ve recently curated a number of high-quality courses across key topics like unconscious bias, DE&I, allyship, and psychological safety. Here are a few to explore and recommend to your employees.

Unconscious bias

Unconscious bias is all around us, though we don’t often realize it. Gail Miller, CEO of Consultnetworx and Udemy instructor, writes, “An unconscious bias is when incorrect and often biased judgments about people occur due to stereotyping. These types of biases are so ingrained in our culture and society they often go unnoticed, particularly in terms of gender, age, and racial stereotyping.” Gail’s course, Unconscious Bias: Fuel Diversity and Become a Better You, shares how different types of bias can affect workplace decisions and offers tactics for limiting bias at your organization.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

When it comes to discussing diversity, equity, and inclusion, many terms are often used together, but the distinction between them is not always clear. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion strategist Ulysses Smith offers the following definitions:

In his course, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Beginner’s Guide, Ulysses helps learners master the skills that will allow them to champion inclusion such as self-awareness and active listening. This course also explores how to make use of common tactics for building a DE&I practice such as task forces, Employee Resource Groups, and learning opportunities.

In Diversity & Inclusion: Building a Grassroots Foundation, HR leader and Diversity & Inclusion strategist Jennifer Kim examines how employees at all levels can promote DE&I at their organizations. This course covers how to get buy-in from stakeholders and make the business case for DE&I and walks learners through creating an action plan for their grassroots efforts.


Another concept that often comes up during conversations around DE&I is the idea of allyship — being a champion and advocate for others who don’t have the same position of power or privilege. Founder and CEO of Mattingly Solutions Dr. Victoria Mattingly explains that allyship is not so much who someone is but rather what they do. According to Dr. Mattingly, an ally is someone who:

  1. Uses their power and status…
  2. To support and advocate for…
  3. Someone who doesn’t share a key part of their identity, for example:

Ally Up: Using Allyship to Advance Diversity & Inclusion is designed for both majority group members who’d like to support and advocate for underrepresented or disadvantaged others as well as minority group members who’d like to effectively engage with allies to promote equity and social justice. Senior leaders and HR and L&D professionals can also benefit from this course, which covers both the inner work and external actions that can promote allyship on an organizational level.

Fostering psychological safety and belonging

Psychological safety is a shared belief among team members that a team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking. It means that within a team environment, team members feel comfortable proposing new ideas, expressing dissent, and making mistakes without fear of judgment. Studies show that when employees feel included in their organization and are able to be their authentic selves at work, they are more engaged and creative, and their organization thrives.

Fostering Psychological Safety & Belonging on Teams is designed for managers and leaders. This course, taught by Udemy’s VP of Learning Shelley Osborne, covers actionable steps to create psychological safety and foster inclusion and belonging in the workplace. While belonging is personal and means something different to everyone, there are practical steps we can take to create the conditions for everyone to belong.

The resources we’ve shared here can help your company’s leaders and employees learn more about DE&I — but these are just intended as first steps. It’s important to acknowledge that creating more diverse, inclusive, and equitable organizations is ongoing. With this in mind, we’ll continue to collect and share resources that we believe will benefit your employees and your company on the whole.

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Page Last Updated: June 2020