Forward is a premier virtual learning experience that brings leaders from around the world to share their devotion to lead through learning. In this spotlight, you’ll get to know Shelley Osborne and find out why you won’t want to miss her session. 

It’s hard to choose a single word to describe Shelley Osborne. She’s an educator, leader, and now a freshly minted author. Shelley’s new book, The Upskilling Imperative, launched August 25.

Shelley Osborne speaks on the Upskilling Imperative at Udemy Forward

Shelley is passionate about every aspect of workplace development and how leaders and employees alike can create cultures centered around learning and growth. Her expertise includes continuous skills development and nurturing a growth mindset. She also utilizes innovative technologies and fresh approaches like virtual reality and gamification.

Over the past 15 years, Shelley has worked in education, consulting, and the corporate sector. As VP of Learning at Udemy, Shelley leads the company’s global learning strategy. Before Udemy, Shelley advised companies on their learning and talent strategy at Farside HR. 

Fun fact: In her early career, Shelley was a classroom teacher in Canada for almost a decade.

You can still find Shelley in the virtual classroom — she’s taught over 85,000 students on Udemy. Her courses cover topics like feedback, working from home, and psychological safety.

At Forward, Shelley will challenge traditional models of learning and outline the impact of learning on the future of work.

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