What is it?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool where you can measure the traffic going to your online course, track visits to your marketing page, monitor your conversion funnel (how many people make it to checkout), and even monitor lecture views.  

Why use it?

This tool will provide you with a better understanding of  your visitors so you can execute your marketing efforts in an effective manner. By doing so, you are able to strategize and optimize your conversion rates and drive sales.


This article will walk you through the process of setting up your FREE account for your Udemy course and interpreting the data to make intelligent decisions about how to promote your course. If you are already familiar with Google Analytics, you can skip to part 3 to see how to add the tracking IDs to your course.

How to setup Google Analytics

Below are the pages and their visible URLs that you can find in your Google Analytics account. You can see the traffic to these pages:

First: Go to www.google.com/analytics
You can log in using an existing Gmail account, or set up a new one.  You’ll then see the following prompt

Click Sign up on the right!

On the next page, fill out the form.  Most of it is to your preference, except for the Web Site URL. Here, enter in your course landing page URL (e.g. https://www.udemy.com/learn-cool-stuff) since that is the page you are tracking traffic (this will include hits to other pages under this course, like checkout or lectures, but you’ll need to do this for each of your courses).

When everything is set to your preference click Get Tracking ID and review the terms and conditions.

On the next page, grab that Tracking ID and go to your Udemy course settings page under “Third Party Integration.” Enter in your Tracking ID and click Save. 

Nice!  Now you should be able to track your course through your Google Analytics account!  It may take some time (there needs to be some clicks first) but when you go back to your Analytics account, you should see this option on the left:

What insights have you gained from installing Google Analytics? Share below!

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