The Fool Tarot Card Interpretation

fool tarotWhat do you think of when you see The Fool come in a tarot reading? If you’re like most novices, your first assumption may be that The Fool is indicating, as its name suggests, a foolhardy nature or a bad decision. However, that is not necessarily the case. The Fool can be a somewhat controversial card when it comes to tarot interpretations, ad there are many different ways to divine its meaning, and the actual interpretation will usually vary from reading to reading.

When you are learning to interpret tarot cards for your readings, one of the first things that you should do is look at the overall story that the tarot – including both major and minor arcana – is telling. You can learn to do this with The Explicit Tarot, an Udemy course that uses storytelling to teach the cards.

Regarding The Fool, this card appears at the beginning of the tarot journey, and thereby exemplifies the naïve and unlearned individual, who may mistakes not due to foolhardiness but due to inexperience. You may have learned about this archetypal figure in a literature course, and many of the things that apply to this character in a story also apply to him (or her) in tarot. However, this is only scratching the surface of what The Fool can really mean.

Is The Fool a Positive or Negative Card?

It can be difficult, when you are learning tarot, to understand that there are no “good” and “bad” cards. For example, The Death card may seem by nature bad, but can actually have very positive meanings in some readings. The Fool card is the same way – while it can be interpreted negatively, it can also be seen in a positive light.

You should always look at the cards surrounding The Fool in order to discern its true meaning. For example, The Fool card combined with the Two of Coins may indicate an individual who is at the beginning of a journey, especially as regards money or prosperity – this could indicate an individual who is setting out on a new career or new business venture. The Fool in this case may indicate that the individual in question is inexperienced, and that they must be careful of making mistakes due to this inexperience.

The Basic Meanings of the Fool

At times, the Fool can represent a person, whether that is the person the cards are being read for or another person in that individual’s life. However, The Fool can also represent a situation. When it appears in positions in a tarot spread that represent the past, present, or the future, it can highlight an attitude that person had or a behavior that individual exhibited. For example, the Fool in the past position might indicate an individual who made mistakes or showed a foolhardy nature, such as not putting enough time and effort into a business venture.

In the present position, The Fool can indicate that an individual is still not as prepared as they should be for a situation that they are involved in, whether that is work or a romantic relationship. In this case, it can be assumed that this is something that the person being read for must rectify in order to resolve a problem that they are facing or to curtail a potential mistake before it happens.

These interpretations can seem negative, and one can easily become dismayed if they see The Fool in a future position in a reading. However, in this instance The Fool could represent the beginning of a new venture or a change in that individual’s life. It may even indicate that an individual is coming into that person’s life that will need guidance and mentorship. Be especially on the lookout for other cards that indicate people (such as Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages) or potential change.

Potent Card Combinations With The Fool

Though there are many different combinations that can occur within a tarot reading there are certain cards that may clearly indicate a certain situation, or that may even serve as a warning, when they appear along with The Fool in a reading.

The Death card combined with the Fool can indicate the coming of a major change in an individual’s life, as well as the beginning of a new journey once a current or recurring situation has ended. For example, a person receiving a reading on their love life may interpret the Death/Fool combination as an indicator that their current relationship will soon come to an end and that they will soon begin a new journey in their life, potentially to a new love.

The Devil card when combined with the Fool may indicate that the reason the individual is unprepared for the situation that they are facing is because they have too often given in to their vices, whatever those vices may be. The Devil/Fool combination is one of the more troublesome in a reading because it may clearly indicate an individual has “trapped” him or herself due to their indulgences, or even laziness.

However, The Fool can have a much more positive connotation when compared with other cards. The Magician, for example, indicates an individual who has completed their journey to attain wisdom, strength, and enlightenment. If positioned correctly, these cards can show that while the individual is at the beginning of their journey, they may have a bright future ahead of them.

The Fool Reversed

When a card appears reversed in a tarot reading, you can generally assume that the worst meanings of the card are being highlighted. In the case of the Fool, the reversal may indicate that an individual is being willfully ignorant or that they are unwilling to learn through experience. This is an obstacle that must be overcome in order for the person being read for to move on and attain greater things.

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