Feng Shui Office Design to Increase Your Prosperity

feng shui officeWhether you work in a cubicle, at home, or in a spacious corner office, you can employ the tools used in feng shui to bring more prosperity into your life, more creativity and passion into your work, and more calmness into your space.

The workplace is one of the key areas in which you should be using feng shui if you wish to manifest your intentions, clear your mind and promote better focus, and produce high quality work that your clients, bosses, and coworkers will admire. But if you are new to feng shui, it is best to get a bit of background information on this ancient art and science so that you can use it to its fullest potential. You can begin by reading this blog post, which will introduce you to the world of feng shui, and you can also enroll in a course that will teach you how to apply feng shui principles throughout your life in an easy way.

Once you have a basic understanding of feng shui, you can delve even more deeply into what it has to offer so that you can become the best worker you can be and invite more positive energy into your work environment at the same time. 

Basic Office Feng Shui Concepts

The entrance to your office is a key component of feng shui because it is what allows energy to flow freely into and out of your space. Therefore, making sure it is free of clutter is imperative. Also, the door to your office should open completely without anything getting in the way. These are the first steps you can take when applying the principles of feng shui to your workspace. The idea is that you will have your physical door wide open to welcome new clients, new work, and more money.

The colors that you choose for your walls are also important in feng shui for offices, and they will ultimately depend upon the line of work that you are in. For example, if you work in a medical office or an environment in which you will be greeting anxious clients, you should use calming colors, such as blue or green, on the walls. Businesses that are fast-paced and environments that deal with a lot of deadlines can also cause you to become frazzled, so you want to use calming colors on the walls rather than white, which can be a stressful color choice. And to build positive relationships with clients in a professional business setting, you should employ earth tones, such as terra cotta.

Decorating your office should be fun, but there should also be purpose behind it if you are planning on using feng shui to improve your business. Hang motivational artwork that encourages hard work and team collaborations on the northwest and west walls of your office space. The southwest area of your space, which is the area associated with relationships, on the other hand, should include a minimal amount of family portraits, which can otherwise be distracting. To generate more wealth, place plants in the southeast and east sides of the office, making sure the plants are tall and reach for the sky, such as bamboo. And if you prefer to keep live plants out of your office, you can go with silk versions or even photographs and artwork that will generate the same type of energy. And, finally, on the north wall, put up artwork, or add a small water fountain, that focuses on the energy of moving water. This will serve to energize your career.

If you plan on working with others in your office, add a round table, which is a shape that fosters collaboration and the generation of ideas that can solve problems.

Feng Shui for Your Desk

You can apply the classical principles of feng shui to other objects, such as your desk, in addition to the office itself. To start, be sure to place your desk so that it faces the door, as this will symbolize your ability to see opportunities and seize them when they arrive. If you work from home, this is a lot easier to accomplish because you will not have a boss telling you whether or not you can move your desk around. But if this is not possible at all, whether you work from home or not, place a mirror on your desk that gives you a view of the doorway in order to generate the same beneficial effects.

Avoid any clutter on the surface of your desk and place plenty of organizers on top of it so that you can keep files and tools out of your way. This will allow the energy and creativity to flow while you work. A good rule is to aim for half of your desktop to be free of clutter at all times.

The surface of your desk can also be arranged according to feng shui’s bagua. This is essentially a map that can be applied to the surface of your desk just as it would be applied to the floor plan of a home or office. Different areas of the bagua are associated with different areas of your life, and you can focus in on specific areas that need a little bit of a boost.

  • The front left corner of the desk is associated with wisdom, and incorporating the color blue here, as well as symbols of things you’d like to learn, can help you acquire more knowledge that can help you in your career.
  • The center of the front of the desk should be free of clutter because it has to do with your career. The dominant color here should be black, and you can even add some motivational quotes here.
  • The front right corner has to do with helpers and travel. The color for this area is gray, and you can focus on keeping contact information, such as an address book, or a travel guide or photo of a vacation spot here.
  • The center of the desk itself has to do with your health, so you should not have any clutter here either. Apply the color yellow here.
  • The left side of the center of your desk can have a nice family photo, preferably with a wood frame and the color green. This is the area associated with relationships.
  • If you want to boost your creativity, focus on applying the colors silver, gold, white, and copper to the right side of the center of the desk. Inspirational materials, such as quotes or books, should be here too.
  • The back right corner of the desk has to do with love and the color pink, so place a photo of your beloved here, or add a flower to attract romance.
  • The center of the back of your desk has to do with fame and your reputation. Focus on the color red and place a nameplate, your business cards, or an image of yourself accomplishing something great.
  • The back left corner of your desk has to do with wealth and the color purple. This is the area to focus on if you wish to attract more money. Place a plant or any valuable object here. It is also an ideal spot for a computer.

Feng Shui Tips Specifically for the Home Office

If you work from home, you can apply many of the same principles of feng shui for offices that you would apply in any other work environment. Keep the entrance of your home neat, clean, and free of clutter. The same goes for the entrance to your office room. Even if you never meet clients in person at home, this is an important step in opening up the flow of energy and welcoming positive improvements to your work life.

The ideal spot for a home office would be close to the front of the property and to the front door, but it can be on a different floor. This area is recommended because it is where a lot of energy can flow in to inspire you. Place your desk in the farthest corner so that you can always have a view of the entire room and the entrance.

When it comes to the colors on your walls, use white if you tend to find it very difficult to concentrate because you are in your comfortable home environment. And when it comes to elements, use water to inspire communication, metal to encourage prosperity, earth to promote long-standing relationships and balance in the workplace, fire to boost productivity, and wood to allow your creativity to flow.

Feng shui can be applied to any type of work environment, even a cubicle. The same principles apply every time, and using a bagua is a great way to focus on areas that need improvement with the help of colors and elements. Once you have established a work environment that allows you to sit down and focus on your work and enjoy every minute of it, you can then begin expanding feng shui techniques into other areas of your life. For example, to ignite your love life or improve an existing romantic relationship, you can take a course on feng shui specifically for love. Or you can learn how to use feng shui in your home to promote peace, health, and joy within your family. Just have fun and maintain balance to reap the most benefits from this ancient system.