Feng Shui Love: Tips to Attract Companionship or Improve a Current Relationship

feng shui loveFeng Shui is both a science and an art that focuses on arranging one’s physical environment in ways that will allow the energy throughout it to flow freely. In this way, the space itself will feel calm and will attract only positive vibes while releasing any negativity that may reside or enter there. This energy flow, which is referred to as “chi,” is an important component of a happy, prosperous and healthy home, but it is also important in business environments, so feng shui can be used in both professional and personal settings.

Once you learn the basic principles behind feng shui, you can begin implementing them into your home so that you can attract whatever it is that you desire, whether it is a better career, more money, or love and romance. The idea is that the intention you put out into the space will be fostered by the environment, which will encourage the development of your desires.

Below are just a few of the many ways that feng shui can be used to attract love and abundance into your life if you are waiting for that special someone, you want to improve an existing relationship, or you want to cultivate more friendships and companionship. If you would like to learn more about the basics of feng shui before you begin focusing on how to use it to enhance your love life, though, read this blog post to understand the elements of the planet and how they affect the way you should design your home to bring about more joy, prosperity, and positive energy. 

Start by Setting Your Intentions

Feng shui teaches that you must have clear intentions in order to manifest your heart’s desires. Setting clear intentions also makes it easier for the universe to understand what you need and send it to you. Therefore, before you even begin cleaning, reorganizing, decluttering, and rearranging your home, especially your bedroom, when you are ready to use feng shui to attract more love into your life, you should get a red pen and a piece of white paper. Then write down all of the qualities you would hope to find in a mate. For example, do you want someone who is quiet and reserved or someone who is the life of the party? Are you looking for someone who can provide for you, or is it more important to have someone in your life who really understands you and is very similar to you?

Next, get a silver box, an image of a pair of peonies, and place the list and the image inside the box. Then put the box in what is known as the relationship area of the bedroom, which is the southwest area of the space, where you should also incorporate colors like beige and light yellow, as well as earth elements, such as crystals and rocks. Keep it there for 49 days so that your love life can improve.

Balance the Energy Throughout Your Home By Incorporating Pairs

If you want to bring someone special into your life, you want to generate that idea throughout your entire living space. For example, in the living room, avoid single chairs by adding a second seat wherever a single one is found. In photographs and artwork, avoid images of people on their own and opt for art that displays couples or groups of people instead. In the bedroom, add that extra nightstand to the other side of your bed. Doubling up on these elements will eliminate the idea of being solo and inspire energies that will help you bring others into your heart and your home.

Make a Separate Space for Working in Your Home

Keep work out of your bedroom and instead focus on making it a place where love will be the main focus. This can work if you are already in a relationship or if you are hoping to enter into a new one. Images that convey messages of love, sensual fragrances like ylang-ylang, and other elements that speak of commitment and companionship should be placed throughout the space, particularly across from the foot of your bed and across from the entrance to your bedroom. If you must have a spot to work in within your bedroom, put it in an area that can be blocked off with a curtain or screen of some kind so that it is essentially separate from the rest of the room.

Remove other elements, such as your television, exercise equipment, and electronic devices that will keep your mind going and unfocused on rest, rejuvenation, and love while you are in your bedroom. The idea is to transform your room into a tranquil environment that will encourage you to focus on love rather than on work of any kind. Therefore, it really is best to create a separate work area in a completely different area of your home, and you can then use feng shui in your home office to improve your business and your career. And once you have figured out how to use these principles in your home workspace, you can also begin incorporating them into your official office or small business to attract abundance there as well.

Enhance the Bedroom and Prepare It for Love

If you are hoping to begin a romantic relationship with someone soon, you should start your feng shui practice in the bedroom by changing any elements that are not currently conducive to attracting affection and commitment from another person.

Begin by giving a potential new lover plenty of space to live with you and share your home. You should, for example, clear out one dresser drawer along with some closet space. In the bathroom, too, you should clear out some space so that someone can move right in when the moment is right. You can even add an extra nightstand and keep it empty, which will double as a way to balance the space with pairs of furniture and décor.

If you can, add some candles to the back right corner of your bedroom, and light them every now and then. The idea behind this is to add a spark to your love life if you are currently in a relationship that is stagnating, or to attract a new lover into your life if you are single.

In addition to getting work out of your bedroom, you should also remove or at least cover mirrors in your bedroom, especially while you sleep. This is because mirrors reflect the energy throughout a space at all times. While you sleep, they may be reflecting more negative energy onto you, which you certainly do not want or need. You should also remove any water fountains and plants or flowers because these items, along with mirrors, are considered “active.” This means that they are constantly reflecting and putting energy out, which can also disturb your sleep because they cause your mind to race.

Colors in the bedroom are important as well, and when it comes to changing colors to keep your love life hot, the bed linens are a great place to start. Red will certainly add some heat to your relationship, but avoid overusing it because it can also burn you and your partner out. Swap red out with other love-friendly colors like vibrant greens and even pure white. Throughout other areas of the room, add splashes of pink, which represents romance, happiness, and love. You can even add light blue decorative elements to your room because this color is helpful in forging positive relationships.

And, finally, place your bed in a part of the room that will allow you to see the door from your pillow without having the bed situated directly across from the door.

Choose the Right Location for Your Bedroom

In addition to sprucing up the space within your bedroom, you also need to be certain that your bedroom is located in an area of your home that will attract love and foster its growth. The part of your home that is known as the “dragon’s mouth” in the world of feng shui is located at the end of a hallway, and you should not have your bedroom in this area. You also should not have your bedroom situated across from the front door of your house. Romantic issues can arise if this is the case.

To avoid romantic problems and disturbances in your love life, choose a room that is not found in these areas of your home. But if that is impossible for you to do, there are elements you can add to the home to counteract the negative effects of the placement of your bedroom. Start by hanging mirrors in the hallway that leads to your bedroom, as this is thought to slow down any negative energy that may be trying to make its way to your room. They should be placed just outside the door to your bedroom, and they should be arranged diagonally across from one another. A small crystal in the shape of a sphere can be hung on a silver thread right inside the bedroom door. Crystals have cleansing effects upon an environment and, when placed in this manner, can help strengthen your intimate relationships.

Remove Clutter from Your Home

Removing clutter and organizing your entire home, not just your bedroom, will also help energy flow more freely so that you can attract more love into your life and manifest your intentions. Do you still have things lying around, even in boxes, from past relationships that went south? If so, it is time to get rid of them and welcome someone new into your life who can give you everything that you need. It is better to just hold onto the memories of those partners and to recall the lessons you learned from them, so there is no need to hold onto physical representations of unhappy relationships.

While there are many things that you can do to bring more love into your life by using the principles of feng shui, these ancient techniques can also be used throughout other areas of your home to attract more success and happiness into your life. If you are feeling as though your home environment needs a makeover, consider taking a course on feng shui that will gently introduce you to its teachings and assist you in clearing out negativity so that only positive energy will be welcomed and will flourish there. Before you know it, your mind may become more clear and calmer, you will actually look forward to coming home and relaxing in the tranquil environment that you have created, and your heart’s desires may be fulfilled at last.