Female Cat Names for Your New Furry Friend

female cat namesIf you’re planning to adopt a new furry friend, you might be considering what you’re going to name it. Your cat may or may not decide to answer to her name, but many cats do actually know their names and come when they’re called. Check out the advice below on naming your new fuzzball, and find the perfect name for your cat.

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Pick a name based on your cat’s appearance

Like dogs, cats often get named because of their physical appearance. A dog named Spot is named that usually because he has spots, and it’s the same for a cat named Spots or Stripes. White cats might end up with names like Snowball or Snow because of their white fur. Marshmallow is another popular name for white cats.

You might also consider naming your cat because of the length of its fur – names like Fuzzy, Fluffy, and Furball are common names for cats that are chosen because of the amount of fur they have. People have also commonly named their cat because of different markings in their fur like Socks who likely has fur on his feet that’s a different color from the rest of him. Learn all about owning a cat with an online course.

Pick a name based on your cat’s personality

Some people like to wait about a week before naming their cat. During this time, they observe their cats behavior and personality then pick a name that suits. Using a site designed for helping expectant parents pick a name, like Baby Names, you can easily type in a single adjective that describes your cat’s personality to find a name to suit.

You will likely not find names for negative trait meanings on Baby Names, but you can also just name your cat after its bad trait too. Names like Scratcher or Biter might not seem like very female-friendly cat names, but if scratching or biting is something your cat likes to do, it might just fit her. Angel is a popular name for sweet cats that seem to do no wrong.

If your cat seems to resemble her wild ancestors, you could consider calling her Tiger. This will especially work great if she’s also a tabby cat. Pet Baby Names has an excellent resource on finding names based on cat personality so be sure to check them out. Create films of your pet with an online class.

Let your youngsters name the cat

I have a four-year-old daughter, and we recently had several litters of kittens born in our house. My daughter came up with a great number of adorable names for many of the different kittens – including one that was born with three legs. Children can be very creative, even if the names suggested don’t have any connection to personality or appearance. Learn the art of mobile photography with an online course, and snap some photos of your new family addition – whatever her name may be.

My daughter has named a black cat with orange markings Water, and Water’s sister was named Papoly, after her grandfather. She also named a completely black kitten Mushroom, which I suppose suits him better than my suggested name of Brownie. Children can come up with creative ideas that you might not have considered, and while some of them might seem ridiculous, letting your children name the new pet will give them an attachment to her that might just translate into helping care for her.

Name your cat after a famous person or cat

You are definitely not the first person to own a cat, and if you’re looking for something truly special, you might consider naming your cat after someone famous whether they have two feet or four. Do you think your cat looks like a famous celebrity, or does your cat act like a famous celebrity? Consider naming her after that person.

There are also some very famous cats from movies and TV shows that you might want to consider. My cousins named their female calico cat Figaro after the black and white kitten in Pinocchio. Does your cat act like an aristocrat? Marie and Duchess are two great name choices taken from Disney’s Aristocats. Consider popular cat quotes like the ones in this article, and name your cat after the speaker.