Fashion PR: Succeed with These Tips

Fashion PRThe world of public relations is fast-paced, time consuming, but a very rewarding career choice. The world of fashion public relations is even more so. The Devil Wears Prada was made for good reason: the high fashion world can be cutthroat. That is, only to those who are not prepared. If you think you can handle fashion PR and are ready to work hard to achieve your goals, the work environment should be right up your alley, with like-minded, hardworking people surrounding you. If you need a refresher on everything that goes into public relations, we offer this course that focuses on not just public relations, but launching a product. While your focus may not be on launching your own product, there might be a time in your public relations career where you will need this kind of knowledge.

PR: Is It for You?

If you are looking to get into public relations, there are a few skills that are important to this profession. One of the most important skills a person who wants to go into PR needs to have is communication skills. You will need to know how to communicate effectively through a number of different mediums. There will be many times that you will need to call clients, send emails, know how to use social media effectively, talk to the media and be a strong representation of what you are trying to promote. If you are not completely confident in your communication skills or are uncomfortable with public speaking, we recommend this course, which can help you brush up on your communication skills. In this particular course, you will learn from some of history’s greatest public speakers and be able to apply that to your own communication skills.

Another key to being a strong public relations specialist is being persistent. As someone in PR, you need to find ways to get your clients as much publicity as possible. What this means is that you need to push for interviews in the media and for events and promotions that will highlight your client. Editors and writers get pitched dozens of story ideas every day, so you need to find a way to pitch a story that will make your client stand out from the rest. This course is a basic introduction to how to get your press release noticed by the media in order to get you the kind of press you want. You will learn how to craft the perfect pitch, as well as what terms such as “exclusive” and “embargo” mean in the media world.

Transitioning into Fashion PR

Once you have decided that public relations is the field for you, the next step is to figure out what kind of PR you want to break into. Fashion is a huge industry, with many people trying to make it as designers. These small and big-name fashion designers need someone to get them attention and press so people will spend money on their designs. Like public relations, the fashion world is a fast moving one, possibly even faster moving than your typical public relations jobs. Trends are always coming and going and the seasons are always changing. This means there will always be a need for new designs from fashion designers.

To be in this world, you really need to love fashion. Loving fashion is not just loving clothes and accessories. You need to be up-to-date with all the fashion trends. You need to follow all the fashion events, including Fashion Week in New York, Paris, Milan and London. These shows are not just for fashion lovers, but they are important events to those in the fashion industry. Throughout these events, you will see dozens of designers’ runway shows, getting sneak peeks of what they plan to release for the upcoming seasons. This is what we mean by being up-to-date in this fast-paced industry. You not only have to know your client, but you have to know what other designers are doing, as well as up-and-coming names in the fashion world.

Working for a Fashion Designer

If you are lucky enough to work public relations for a fashion designer or fashion line, there are many of things you need to do in order to excel in your career. Your number one job is to get the designer or fashion line you represent as much exposure as possible. You not only need to work with the media, but you need to fight to get them into fashion shows, get their pieces on celebrities, photographed in magazines and more. This is where communication comes into play. You will constantly be talking to editors in order to try to get them to use your client’s designs in upcoming shoots and features. Not only do you need strong communication skills, but you need to be good at persuasion as well. You need to be able to state a strong case on why your client is the one that they should be using in their editorial.

If you need to brush up on your persuasion skills, we offer a course that showcases the art of persuasion. In it, you will learn about human behavior, social triggers and words that can help persuade the mind. Once you are able to strengthen your persuasion skills, you will be able to persuade your contacts in the media to feature your client.

Promoting Fashion

Many times, public relations and marketing go hand-in-hand. In order to get your client more publicity, you will have to market them through advertising. Fashion advertising is unlike any other kind of advertising because it is all riding on the visuals. While visuals are important in many forms of advertising, other industries can use radio and clever words to get the attention of consumers for their clients. Fashion is so visual in its nature that you need to be able to present your client and their product in a beautiful, eye-catching manner. This is why magazine and television advertising are some of the best mediums for advertising. Ever flip through a fashion magazine and sigh, “The whole thing is just ads!”? There is a reason why fashion magazines have so many advertisements in them. That is the best possible medium for fashion advertising. The consumers are already picking up the publication because they have an interest in fashion, so promoting your client and their products through beautiful visuals and people is the best way to completely grab the consumer’s attention. For more information on the ins and outs of the fashion advertising world, you can read more at this blog post.

Promoting Fashion Through Social Media

Social media has changed the way we interact with people, and one of the careers that relies heavily on social media in order to get their clients out there is public relations. Fashion public relations especially relies on social media sites because of its visual nature. Instagram and Facebook are two great ways to get your client’s designs out there to consumers. That’s because they are some of the more visual social media sites. You can upload photos of garments, models, accessories and more and share them with your followers. The key to using these types of social media sites is knowing how to use hashtags and sending viewers to where they can purchase the item if they are interested. In order to establish your client as someone people should know in the fashion industry, you need to appeal to fashion fans and others in the industry. If you put a photo out, you should hashtag it with related words. For example, if your client has created a couture dress, some good hashtags to put after it would be #fashion, #couture, #dress, #style. When people search for “fashion” or “couture” on the sites, your photo will pop up with other photos that include the same hashtag.

Once you establish a good base of social media followers, you should take the extra step to interact with them. Social media is one of the easiest ways for fans to interact with people they admire. The key to getting your client’s name further out there is to push them to interact with their followers. In doing so, they will be able to get their name out there even more and build a solid reputation for themselves among their fans and followers. Interacting on a one-on-one basis is a great way to interact with fans, but by giving them daily updates of what your client is working on is another way followers can feel closer connected to their favorite face in fashion. In order to create a strong social media presence for your client, you need to successfully learn how to manage their various social media accounts. You can learn more about that with this course, which dives into social media strategy and marketing.

Knowing all these things, having a strong communication background and work ethic will make you a strong candidate in the fashion PR world.