Fashion Careers That Fit

different elegant summer dressesThe wild world of fashion allows for intense personal expression and offers a potentially lucrative and rewarding professional life. There are many options for people with different personalities, skill sets and passions to become a part of this unique culture, cultivate a network of connections with likeminded individuals, and pounce on opportunities that may allow you to make your unique mark on the world. Because fashion is a fast-paced and forward-thinking field, you have to love the industry, own a relentless sense creativity and develop a high degree business acumen. If you are looking to break into the world of fashion here’s a description of some of the potential careers you should consider:

If you are a creative person that would like engage in a tactile way, on the ground floor of the fashion industry, a career in design or styling may be for you. A knack for drawing, sewing, or a good eye for colors, patterns and trends, will be helpful. If you are attentive to details and enjoy creating original art and design, you can potentially showcase your talents in runway shows, store displays, on store websites, or you might work for yourself, selling your designs on your own online store. Those who design or create for brands are indispensable and highly valued as they offer the essence of a brand. A degree in design of any kind will greatly assist you with landing a job in this field, but is not necessarily essential. This field allows for a high degree of specialization. Options include footwear design, product design, and clothing design. Make sure to keep a portfolio of your work, looks and designs to show prospective employers and clients.

If you would like to interact with people more frequently, consider being a personal stylist. As a stylist you are responsible for picking looks that have already been created. You should be excellent at time management and have great customer service skills.  This field is easier for people who have a natural ability to please people and be enthusiastic about their work.

If you would like to approach the fashion world from a business point of view, a career in merchandising or marketing might be good option. In order to ensure steady and successful sales, marketing and merchandising professionals must possess a talent for gathering and understanding numbers relating to trends. At the frontlines of the business, you will survey the market and provide suggestions and strategies about to how to reach more customers and sell more products. Heads of marketing are responsible for the success of the brand image and exposure. As a merchandiser or marketing specialist, excellent customer service skills are needed for interacting with clients, customers, publicists and analysts. Anyone who enjoys being organized and managing a team should consider this as a career. A degree in the field of business or marketing is an excellent place to start a career in fashion marketing or merchandising, in order to learn the basics of keeping a fashion business running.

If your personality craves an independent and personal way to get into the fashion world, consider opening your own boutique store. Though a lot of overhead and time investment is needed, you will be able to involve yourself in almost all aspects of the fashion world. You are also able to promote your own designs, or search for new and original ones from other people, run a small team and do your own marketing. This career option benefits from a degree, but does not require one to be successful. Starting your own business in the right economic climate, with the right product could be a very lucrative, but a mind for business and a great sense of trends is essential.  Opening a boutique is an excellent way to pioneer your own fashion career, but it should only be considered if you have the time and money to stick it out for at least a couple years.

Anyone who has a way with words or would like to critique or comment on fashion should consider reporting or professionally blogging. In order to be successful in this subfield of fashion, you must have excellent skills with networking and fostering professional connections. Cultivating readership and fostering loyalty to your opinions are essential parts of being a successful fashion writer, and in order to create those connections, great people skills are essential. A unique sense of personal style is also necessary as your image is key and will be what prospective employers and readers will identify with. Similar to opening your own boutique, a degree is not necessarily needed, though you must have excellent command of the language you will be writing in and have meticulous grammar skills. Once again, keep a portfolio of your work in order to show prospective employers how you would represent their brand to the public and what your writing voice is like.

With so many ways to get involved, a career in fashion is possible for people of almost any background or talent. Whether you are interested in managing a team, creating a look for a brand, going out on your own or interacting with the public there is a niche for you. A degree from a fashion or business school is recommended for almost any profession you are looking to get into since the field is a very competitive one, but it is not necessarily a limiting factor. Whether you decide to get a degree or not, make sure to choose a path that works for your skills and interests.