Fashion Advertising: The Basics of This Glamorous Industry

fashion advertisingIf you’ve ever flipped through a copy of Vogue or Cosmo, the first thing you probably noticed is that you almost threw your back out picking it up. The reason for its ample size is not the articles, but the ads, promoting everything from clothing, to perfume, to accessories. Just one look at one of these magazines and you realize just how popular fashion advertising really is. Here in 2014, when we have a preponderance of forms for advertising to take, it’s quite impressive that the original method of disseminating ads (print) is still so widely used. Even though print advertising is still everywhere, online advertising is a huge industry, as well, including advertising on Facebook. If that seem like something that could benefit you, this course on Facebook advertising could help you grow your product and your company.

Today we will discuss what makes the world of fashion advertising unique, as well as some of the jobs associated with this industry. If you have an artistic bent, but aren’t quite sure what career is right for you, this article on careers for every artistic tendency may help you find a career path.

Tricks of the Trade

The goal of advertising of any kind is to promote a product or service to an audience in the hopes of convincing this audience to make a purchase. Good advertising makes a connection between product and consumer. So how does the world of fashion advertising accomplish this?

  • Focus on Your Market

Depending on what you’re selling, you’ll want your target market to know about it, and this holds true with any type of advertising. An ad for men’s ties might not make sense in an issue of Vogue, but works perfectly in GQ or Esquire. Advertisers should stake out a niche and stick to that, creating clothing and ads that appeal to their specific market.

  • Celebrities and Models

When simply photographing the product in an enticing location won’t do the job, the famous and the beautiful may be called upon to help sell a product. Associating a product or entire line with a celebrity can help bolster a label while at the same time creating a buzz and making customers more eager to buy.

  • Online vs. Print Ads 

Expenditures on digital advertising has only recently eclipsed those of print ads. While both are effective routes, they should not be treated the same way. Online media has the capability to be more dynamic than print, able to use animation, 3D, etc. Stay away from banner and pop-up ads, as those tend to annoy people. And even though it may be old-fashioned, print ads are still ubiquitous, especially now that the economy has improved.

  • Embracing New Media 

Facebook and other social media, as well as iPads, have created new challenges for fashion advertisers to stay on customers’ radars. iPads in particular bridge the gap between print and digital, and allow the advertisers to create completely new forms of ads for this new medium.

Careers in Fashion Advertising

There are many people involved in the various steps necessary to bring a fashion ad campaign to life, from the personal assistant fetching coffee and doughnuts, to the person manning the wind machine. The following jobs may spill over into other arenas, but they are necessary in the world of fashion advertising.

  • Visual Presentation (Stylists)

This group includes anyone responsible for making the ad beautiful. These careers include: makeup artists, photographers, lighting professionals, models, set builders, electricians, etc. – basically anyone responsible for showcasing the product. Do some of these careers appeal to you? This course on fashion makeup, and this course on fashion photography will teach you all about these jobs.

  • Public Relations/Marketing 

These behind the scenes professionals lay the groundwork for the advertising to take place. Not very glamorous, the marketing department formulates a plan of action for an ad campaign to take, while the PR people are the liaison between the product and the consumer, continually trying to make the brand appealing.

  • Copywriter/Art Director

These positions are responsible for designing the visuals and writing the words in the fashion ads you see. They bounce ideas off of each other, trying to find the middle ground where an idea is both visibly appealing while at the same time shining a flattering light on the product.

While our discussion was brief today, hopefully you got pretty good idea of what’s involved in fashion advertising, and what kind of careers found in this industry. If you think fashion may be a good career choice for you, this course on being a celebrity fashion stylist might help you decide.