Famous People with ADHD Demonstrate Their Success

adhdAttention deficit disorder, or ADHD is a condition that is becoming increasingly common in children today. It affects between 8-10% of school children, with boys three times more likely to be diagnosed with the condition. Typically children with ADHD are hyperactive, act without thinking and have trouble focusing on a single task. You can imagine what difficulties this leads to in the classroom, or what the effect is on their ability to study! If you’re a parent trying to deal with a child who has ADHD, this post offers some great insight in the ways you can help your child to learn effectively. Even if children with ADHD understand what is expected of them, their condition makes it difficult for them to focus on the tasks because they literally can’t sit still, pay attention or get stuck into the details. If you would like to learn more about the disorder, this course has an excellent guide through each of the different variations.

As kids with ADHD grow older, it’s often thought that their lack of focus means they will not amount to much. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and with the right treatments many people with ADHD go on to lead happy and successful lives. In addition, when an individual with ADHD finds something they are passionate about, they will often throw themselves into it so deeply they become champions, and their passion and drive crushes any competition. To give you an insight into what it is actually like living with ADHD, this course is the best example you will get on what it means for sufferers of the disorder.

This article covers the most successful and famous people today that live with ADHD, having mastered their disorder and using it as a tool to channel their passions and dreams. Use these people as an example to give you the courage and strength to achieve everything you possibly can.

Michael Phelps

He is the most decorated Olympian of all time, having won 14 gold medals in his swimming career. In his own words, he credits much of his success to his ADHD. As a child he displayed all of the classic symptoms, and was unable to focus, or even sit still. With the help and encouragement of his family, he channeled the energy into his swimming, and has been very victorious in the pool.

Jim Carrey

As a comedian and an actor, Jim Carrey has been making people laugh for decades. If it’s not immediately obvious, he also has a severe case of ADHD. He coped with the condition by being the class clown, and embraced his personality which has led him to go on to create some of the best comedic movies of all time. It’s definitely working well for him.

Will Smith

Another great actor, he has had a phenomenal career starting with his sitcom the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, before producing rap records and hitting the big screen. He built on his ADHD by never focusing on one single lane, and still describes himself as the fun one who always had trouble paying attention. He still has trouble today getting through movie scripts, so he just wings it.

Richard Branson

Never sitting still is a key trait of an entrepreneur, and Richard Branson is an idol for many businesspeople alike. Starting a magazine at the age of 16, to a chain of record stores, to airlines, a space exploration company and owning his own island. He is a true example of the success you can generate when you channel your passion into your work, and no one ever knows what he is going to do next. If you want to learn how to be more like this business mogul, check out this course and get laser focused with your own business.

Justin Timberlake

In addition to releasing album after album at the top of the charts, it came out in a recent interview that he is battling both ADHD and OCD. There’s reasons why he literally walks up the walls in his videos! Despite this, he has made a massive impact on the world, and has successfully transitioned his music career into Hollywood, as well as having a keen eye for business.

Walt Disney

Hailed as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time, he took crude drawings and transformed them into a global brand that is immediately recognizable anywhere in the world. Even with ADHD, he built a massive corporation, creating simple cartoons that changed the world. By giving people products that they both love and want, he continues his long-lasting success, even 50 years after his death. Disney remains one of the largest brands today.

Michael Jordan

One of the most polarizing athletes on the planed, Michael Jordan is simply a superstar. Playing basketball he channeled his ADHD into becoming the greatest player of all time, and his actions were part of what made basketball what it is today. His business sense was sound, and has made millions from both his endorsements and investments, and always has his eye out for the next big deal – a common trait for those with the condition.

Albert Einstein

He was so smart, his surname is still used to this day as a universal reference when you call someone a genius. What many people don’t know is that he also suffered from chronic ADHD, and was often losing his keys, forgetful, and oblivious to his surroundings and the people in it. You can imagine what he was like just picturing his hair, right? It was his living on a different path that led him to the theory of relativity, which forms one of the bases of modern physics.

Jamie Oliver

The superstar chef was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, and has coped with his condition through healthy eating, and channeling his focus into cooking. In addition to creating healthy meals, he is an avid supporter of creating nutritious school lunches for schools, and eliminating junk food as a way to help keep children focused.

Terry Bradshaw

A former NFL quarterback, winning the Pittsburg Steelers 4 Super Bowl titles, he struggled with ADHD as a child, and often had anxiety attacks before big games. He focuses now on speaking out, and encouraging everyone with disorders to seek help, even the “big macho guys”.

Ryan Gosling

Celebrity superstar today, but as a child he struggled to read and was diagnosed with ADHD. He attended class for special needs students, but overcame his disorder with a love of acting that has made him a household name today.


A music superstar, he likens his ADHD to an inability to think about only one thing at once. He capitalizes on this, because the same trait helps keep on his toes when he needs to be creative in the studio and in business meetings. The goal is to figure out how to fit it into your life.

For anyone diagnosed with ADHD, it’s a condition that whilst being serious in nature, is controllable and can often help you channel your energy into your passions to elevate you to even higher success. This course offers great insight into how to begin the process for yourself, as all it takes is a little effort and you can forge your own path to success, despite any of the critics!