5 Famous Mediums to Connect to Your Loved Ones

famous mediumsLosing a loved one is one of the hardest things someone can go through. Many people wish that they could talk to the one they cared about just one more time. If this is ever happened to you, that you’ve lost someone you care about, you may have looked into talking with a medium.

There are many famous mediums that you could consult with in order to connect with someone who is passed away. The idea of being able to receive a message from a loved one to find out that there okay is very comforting. Many people just want to know that their family and friends are at peace. They may be learning more about spirituality, and trying to learn how to become more spiritual themselves. It is important to surround yourself with supportive friends and family when you’re going through the grieving process. If you feel like you need more closure from the passing of your loved one. You may want to check out some of these famous mediums.

What is a Medium?

A medium is a person who connects with spirits of those who have died. They act as an in between for the world of the living and the spirit world. Many mental mediums are able to tune in to the spirit world by seeing symbols, using their senses, or by listening. Mediums have been around for ages, becoming the more popular during the 19th century. Even though it has been around for a long time, there are many skeptics who believe that mediums are putting on a show. While there have been some famous mediums who have been uncovered as frauds, there is no test that can prove someone really has medium abilities. Many people may even have to experience a reading themselves to believe it’s true. If you’re curious to find out more about mediums, here are five famous mediums to get you started.

John Edward

John Edward is probably one of the most famous mediums recognized by people. His full name is John Edward McGee, Junior, but he is professionally known as John Edward. He was born in Glen Cove, New York and thought from a young age that he could become a psychic. He wrote his first book in 1998 and became a well-known figure in the United States through his shows on the sci-fi channel in 2000. He’s best known for his TV show Crossing over with John Edward.

John is married to his wife, Sandra, and has two children, Justin and Olivia. He met his wife, Sandra as a dance student before having his own TV show and becoming a famous medium.

On his TV show, he can ask his audience members with friends and relatives that have passed away. He receives information from the other side and asked the audience to help him interpret it. The audience members respond to his questions with small bits of information that they think are relevant. Occasionally John would do private readings away from the studio. These readings with sometimes be aired later on his TV show. They would also revisit past audience members that had received a reading on his show.

Michelle Whitedove

Lifetime TV named Michelle Whitedove “America’s #1 psychic.” She was on a competitive reality show, called “America’s psychic challenge,” that she won. She’s appeared on many other TV shows, including an HBO documentary.

She has had her abilities since early childhood, and is able to receive visions of people and places. She is able to speak with those who crossed to the other side. She received these messages through feelings and images. She has also used her abilities to help investigators find missing information in events.

Sally Morgan

Sally Morgan learned at the age of four that there was something different about her. She began seeing ghosts and believes she inherited her ability from her grandmother. Sally’s reputation as a medium grew in her early 20s after giving accurate readings to her friends. She began her own psychic practice and her clients grew from word-of-mouth.

She became a famous medium from her TV series Star Psychic in 2007. Since then she has had many other TV appearances, including one that followed the life of her family. Sally has also performed on theaters and written three best-selling books. She currently gives seminars on her experiences and shares her stories and knowledge with people.

Theresa Caputo

Theresa Caputo is a famous medium known on TV as the Long Island Medium. She has her own television show on TLC about her life with family and clients.  The television show shows her giving private individual readings to clients to help them connect with their loved ones. She has helped many people receive closure on the passing of family members. She is a strong woman connected to the well-being of others and her family.

Teresa was born on Long Island in Hicksville, New York. When she was four years old Theresa started seeing spirits for the first time. Because of the anxiety that she felt for many years, she ended up seeing a spiritual healer to help. That spiritual healer was able to help her realize that she had the ability to connect with spirits. She has been practicing medium for over 10 years and is dedicated to connecting people with the afterlife. Teresa has been married for 24 years to husband Larry. Together, they have two children, Larry and Victoria. She’s very close with her family and loves her job.

Her business started with just simple word-of-mouth and a business card. A close friend felt she was perfect for TV and help to get her on TLC. Her show on TLC was what helped her become such a famous medium.

Maureen Hancock

Maureen Hancock lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts with her children. She is internationally known as the spirit medium, and teaches holistic healing. She wrote the book,” The Medium Next-Door: Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer.”

She has worked for 12 years trying to help people with death and listening to their own in tuition. She works with law enforcement, financial experts, and many other people to help develop their intuition. She also enjoys taking time to give back to those in need. She helps people deal with life after death and managing stress. If you’re looking for someone to help you grieve through a loss and seek peace and relaxation, she may be one of the famous mediums that can help you. She believes that everyone has the ability to talk to spirits and listen to their intuition.

Psychic vs Medium

Psychics are able to perceive information that is not available through the normal five senses. It can give them information about the past, present and future. Many psychics are known for being able to predict events in the future. Many popular psychics do not use extra tools such as crystal balls or tarot cards. They are able to offer people insight into difficult challenges in their lives. While some psychics have been fakes throughout history, true psychics are not fortunetellers.

Mediums are spiritually connected people who are able to communicate with the spirit world. Most mediums connect people with the spirits of their loved ones during the readings that involve messages from the other side. Their messages are usually supported with evidence from the loved ones to confirm there is life after death.

While these two gifts are different, it is possible to be both a psychic and medium. Some famous mediums are able to predict events in the future as well as connect people with their deceased loved ones. Some psychics did not have the same abilities that a medium possesses and they are only able to predict future events. Most mediums, however, do you have other psychic abilities, besides being able to receive messages from the spirit world. They are able to relay a message as well as give guidance and future predictions to their clients. Many psychics also believe that anyone can develop their own psychic abilities by looking towards their own intuition. Even you can try to develop your intuition to help guide your future.

If you have lost a loved one hopefully one of these five famous mediums will be able to help. If you’ve never thought about contacting a famous medium before, you now have some information to make an informed decision about who to contact. If you don’t think speaking with a medium is for you. There are plenty of other ways that you can become more spiritual and look towards supporting your inner being. Sometimes people just need to look inward and use meditation for self-healing . Doing things like meditation and learning self-hypnosis , can help you heal after the loss a loved one. Developing a spiritual self and looking inwards will lead you to have a less stressed and happier life. Take at least 10 minutes a day to help improve your spiritual well-being.

You may not be a famous medium, but you can become more spiritual and feel closer to the loved ones you have lost. Building your spirituality and looking towards friends and family will help you get through difficult times in your life. Who knows, maybe you will be able to start using your own intuition to help give them support in a time of need. You could also help guide friends and family by introducing them to this list of famous mediums, if they are looking to connect with loved ones who have passed.