Family Picture Poses for the Best Photo Possible

familypictureposesTaking a family picture is a great way to capture the love and adoration that you share for one another, and is a perfect chance for you to all capture the changes in appearance that occur over the years. After all, pictures do speak more than words, and a group photo is a great piece of memorabilia that will last forever.

But if you all share a great sense of humor, a love for the wilderness and outdoors, or any other attribute that is intrinsic to you as a family, you shouldn’t just stick to a regular pose when staring at the camera. Instead, mix it up, consider taking a quick course on beginning photography, and try using some of these ideas when saying “cheese” together!

1. Find the Right Spot

A good photograph may contain beautifully placed and well-manicured subjects, but a great photograph captures scenery that complements everyone involved. Taking a quick picture at home in front of the fireplace may seem like a convenient option, but will leave out all of the exciting possibilities that surround you as a family.

Instead of staying at home, find a spot that you all share together, or a location that means something special to you together. For example, if you take a fishing trip every year to a lake in the woods, make sure you bring your camera along with you, and capture a moment of you all in your favorite spot. Or if you spend every weekend volunteering at the Humane Society, grab a camera before you head out on Saturday and snap a shot of everyone doing what they truly love.

While it doesn’t have to be an impromptu photo, taking a picture of you all in your best element can capture the true essence of you as a family. And if you need help with a few tips and tricks, try this course on digital photography basics to make sure you get the shot you want.

2. Choose a Style of Pose

Should you all put your hands in your laps, stare at the camera, and put on a cliché smile that can be seen in family pictures everywhere? Or should you branch out and do something unexpected, creating an image that captures the true nature of your unique and original family?

While the former may deliver a scene that fits well in Christmas cards and living room photos, the latter gives you a great chance of capturing a moment that will be adored and shared by loved ones across the country.

Start thinking about simple pose ideas – this can be anything from an alignment of heights from big to small, to everyone standing on one foot, to even contorting your bodies to spell out a word.

Or you can use your collective interests as a way to manage your pose: if you all love basketball, you can pose as members of a team; or if your family loves action movies, you can all stand in a small scene that is reminiscent of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Putting yourselves in these un-ordinary situations can help capture the true nature of your wonderful family. And if you need help finding out how to use your camera, try this course to understand how to fully capture the moment.

3. Use Props to Make Things More Interesting

You may gather your family together to take a picture in your favorite scene or place, but it might be difficult to understand the intended motive without collecting a few props for the scene. You don’t have to go all out and find movie-quality equipment, but a couple of small items can truly aid the atmosphere of the entire photo.

If you are a family that loves to read, consider a pose that includes sitting down with a few of your favorite books, reading to one another in a circle. Or if you happen to love playing golf, grab some clubs that you can hold in a pose as one of you puts a shot on the green. Small gear like this can truly enhance the nature of the photo as a whole.

4. Take Input from the Whole Family

Family pictures should be agreed upon collectively by each and every member of the family. While you as the adults may wish to take the reins and set all of the parameters for the photoshoot, doing so may alienate the youngsters in the family who have ideas of their own.

Instead of going into the process with a set idea in your mind of how the picture should look, discuss different possibilities and take suggestions from everyone involved. This is a great way to get the children involved, and a wonderful chance for you to cooperate together.

And with such a perfect opportunity at your fingertips, you should consider taking this course for capturing life through better photography to ensure that you snap photos that will become a piece of family history.

5. Relax and Have Fun

You have been waiting all year to take a fun family picture with the people that you love most. Everything is set, the outfits are chosen, the poses are ready, and you are on your way. Nothing could go wrong, right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. For some families, photo day turns into an unpleasant ordeal during which feelings are hurt and relationships are damaged, all over a set of pictures.

Don’t let this happen – instead, commit to having a wonderful day with your family. If the children refuse to stand in a certain spot, let them choose a different location. If inclement weather changes the plans, modify on the spot.

Being open to different locations, poses, and ideas altogether may actually lead you to take a picture that you will laugh and smile about for years to come.

So no matter what happens, relax, gather your equipment, and get ready to have a wonderful picture day with your beloved family.