Facts About Ireland and its Religion, Culture, and Identity

facts about irelandIreland is a wonderful country, filled with life, love, music, and magic. It has some amazing history and even better people. While many in America identify as ethnically Irish, a surprising amount of them don’t really know that much about Ireland herself. Here we will take a look at the many things that make Ireland great, and why visiting is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. If you are traveling to Ireland, the common language is English; but if you really want to immerse yourself in the country, try learning some Gaelic, the original language of the Irish people. You can check out this interesting course on teaching yourself a foreign language to learn more.


Ireland has a rich national history, and while many people may be aware of some generalities surrounding the country, most people don’t know about some of its other claims to fame. For instance, the Republic of Ireland (southern portion) and Northern Ireland (northern portion) are actually two separate jurisdictions. Northern Ireland is still controlled by the United Kingdom, and is a part of it just as much as Scotland, England, and Wales. The southern portion of Ireland, which is the larger of the two, severed all times to the United Kingdom in 1948, and remains independent today.

There are many things in the history of Ireland that people know, such as the Blarney Stone and St. Patrick’s Day, but there are actually some other important things that have happened in Ireland. Most people don’t’ know that the Titanic was actually build in Northern Ireland, in Belfast. There, visitors can go to the Titanic Museum and find out all kinds of interesting facts about the building of it, see artifacts, and learn about its tragic voyage across the Atlantic.

The rich history of the country is one of the biggest reasons people choose to travel there.  You will have a lot to learn about when you take a trip to this country. Rest assured that if you want to head to Ireland but money is tight, you can always try learning the basics of travel hacking to get you from country to country on as little money as possible.


Most people may think that they know the religion of Ireland; however, religion in Ireland is a very complex subject even to this day. In the Republic of Ireland, the southern portion, the religion is Catholic. The Northern Irish, however, are still Protestant since they are controlled by the English. For a long time before The Republic of Ireland was established, Catholics were persecuted for their faith under the British crown. Relations between Northern Ireland and the southern portion remained tense for quite some time, however today both places are great tourist destinations.

Many people all over the United States self-identify as Irish, and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a copious amount of alcohol and partying. Today, the Irish have their own St. Patrick’s Day parades and love celebrating with a trip to the pub (though green beer isn’t usually on the menu). However, this was not always the case in Ireland. In reverence to Saint Patrick this day used to be a holy day, spent at church, in prayer, and with family. While some of the smaller villages may still celebrate in this manner, for most it’s primarily a day for the Irish to express their love of the land. When traveling to Ireland on this holiday, take the time to do some globejotting (or travel journaling) about your experiences to take back to friends and family to remember the experience as it is celebrated in its homeland.


Irish culture goes back to the Celts that lived on this beautiful land, long before the Greeks and Romans came into the area. From the past comes an amazingly rich heritage that has continued on into this generation today. Anyone who goes to Ireland can feel it, a sense of mysticism and wonder that comes from the past. You can visit the beautiful castles, see the rolling green hills, and hear the history told by the townspeople, which all adds to the wonderful experience that is Ireland.

The Irish people love to tell stories, and they have brought with them through time many of them. There are tales of banshees and ghosts, as well as fairies and folk tales. They keep all of this history alive in their culture, and one can’t walk through the streets of Dublin without feeling the music and presence of the past. If ever there were a place to get started in travel writing, this would be the one. With so much history to experience though, it would be tough to write about it all in one trip.

Ireland Today

The schism between England and Ireland, as well as Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland, does somewhat continue today. However, it is in much less of a degree than it has been, even in recent past. Today Ireland is growing as a destination center for people all over the world. They have museums, education, tourism, and even great restaurants to experience the top of the culinary arts. There is still much history to be seen in the Emerald Isle, however they are turning into quite the metropolitan destination.

Between the castles, stories, and food, you will not want to forget a moment of your visit, and you will definitely not want to miss out on tasting some of the world’s greatest whiskeys and beers. If you want to make the most out of your trip, take a course in travel photography right here on Udemy. Your camera may be the most important thing you bring with you on your trip! You will absolutely want to remember every precious moment of this vacation, so eat, drink, write, and take pictures of everything you see. The people are friendly and inviting, and the music and drink will keep you captivated all night. Don’t miss out on this amazing country; there is more in it than what you may think!