Facts About Finland That Could Get You Packing

facts about finlandFinland has been ranked the ‘best country in the world’ by Newsweek in 2010 after various factors were summed up. Since the sun shines all day and all night in June and July, Finland is also called the land of the midnight sun since it does not drop below the horizon. Here are more facts about Finland that might just get you packing. As a matter of fact here is an article that could help you know how to prepare in the event you do move to Finland. Or anywhere in the world.

The Most Saunas in the World

There are 5.3 million people in Finland with 3.3 million saunas, making there an available one sauna per two to three people. Every apartment in Finland has a sauna including every office building, gym and hotel.

The Land of a Thousand Lakes

In Finland there are inland rivers and lakes that make u ten per cent of the country. The large forest area covers almost 2/3 of the land mass.  In Finland, a significant minority of Swedish speakers live, so the official languages are both Swedish and Finnish Being a republic, the people directly elect the president who has real power over major military decisions, the EUP policy and foreign affairs. In other matters, the highest authority of the country is the parliament. Metal industries, technology and forestry are the most important sources of revenue. Finland also happens to be the world’s biggest mobile phone producer.

World’s Most Honest

When 192 wallets were dropped by Reader’s Digest into sixteen different cities from Mumbai to New York as an experiment about honesty. Eleven out of twelve wallets in Helsinki which makes them the world’s most honest city. Compare this to, say, Lisbon, Portugal only one wallet was returned and this was by a couple on vacation from Holland.

Second Happiest Country in the World

After Denmark, Finland is the 2nd happiest country in the world. The secret may be because on a daily basis, it is also the country that eats the least fruits. Less fruit, more candy, maybe that is the secret. I’m kidding, okay? Even serious businesses love Finland. After Singapore and Switzerland, Finland takes third place on the Global Competitive Index. Plus, right after Switzerland, Finland has the world’s second-best workers.  While on the subject, here is a course on happiness including the skills to flourish that helps you figure out what makes life worth living. Like the Finns.

The Best Mobile Games in the World Are From Finland

Since Nokia phones, Angry Birds is the most famous product from Finland. It has even been announced that the download numbers of this game surpassed the 2 billion mark. Plus, compared to all the vendors combined in the USA, companies from Finland held more positions in the top five in iPad charts. Finnish apps also hitting top downloading numbers include Oceanhorn and Badlands. Recently, Supercell made history holding the top two positions as the top grossing US iPhone and iPad apps. Here is a course on C++ Gaming that can help you develop your own version of Angry Birds.

Top Performing Latecomer

Having remained a country that was largely agrarian until the fifties, Finland was relatively a latecomer to the industrialized world. After this, however, it developed rapidly into an economy quite advanced as it built an extensive welfare state Nordic style, which resulted in a nominal per capita income as of 2012 of over forty sixty thousand dollars, which is among the world’s highest. The country is a top performer in various national metrics of performance including human development, quality of life, civil liberty, economic competitiveness and education.

They Read. A Lot.

In Finland, there are eighteen books per capita borrowed on average. This means that in a year, a family of five borrowing a hundred books is not unusual. As a matter of fact, it is considered normal. This is in comparison to .03 books in Rio de Janeiro per capita per year, 2.5 books in Shanghai, 4.8 in Paris and 6.8 in London.  Here is a course on speed reading that could get you reading a lot more books than usual, in the same amount of time.

The World’s Least Failed State

Think of Sudan, Congo and Somalia where the government controls just a small part of the country. Face it, some countries fail while others do not. Among the countries that don’t fail, Finland is the world leader. For this reason, it is also considered the world’s most stable country. Here is a course called, ‘How the Economy Really Works’ if this is something you are interested in, which shows you the various factors affecting the economy of a country, including yours.