Facebook Statuses That Will Get Likes

facebook statuses that will get likesFacebook statuses that will get likes on your Facebook Fan Page helps to increase the exposure of your Facebook account.  It is a good way to get a lot more Facebook friends or followers. If you have more followers then you have a better opportunity for exposure for whatever message or product you are putting out there.

If you have a business and are not familiar with Facebook, take a look at this online class that gets you started on Facebook.  With this online course you will understand what this type of social media is, how to get set up properly and how to use it to drive traffic to your company or brand. These days, if you have something to sell or promote, being on Facebook is a vital part of your marketing plan. It is the most effective way to market on social media because most people have a Facebook page and they are on that page frequently throughout the day.

The Shocking Facebook Status

Probably the most overused Facebook status update that will get thousands of likes, if not thousands, is the shocking photo.  This type of status update is extremely popular with the Facebook hoaxes, but it is used for nonprofit causes also. For instance, if you want to drive more traffic to your website from Facebook to your nonprofit organization that creates awareness of animal abuse, you post a shocking photo of an abused animal. You write some text on the photo that states the animal is abused and some sort of call to action such as “like this photo to stop abuse.” You also put your logo on the photo with the words “stop animal abuse” and attach a link to your website.

The more times people click like on your photo, the most times people are going to see it. Facebook will tend to show the posts that have a lot of likes and suppress the posts that do not. So, if you get a lot of likes then the photo is seen by more people. The more people who see your photo, the more people who will share your photo with their Facebook friends. In the end, the more people who see your photo, the more people who will click on it to visit your website. Before you know it, you have booming traffic and it cost you nothing at all.

Other shocking photos are war type of photos or any photo where some sort of injustice is being committed.  Protest photos that show police brutality are shocking and will be shared.  Photos that involve child neglect are also shared rapidly.

The more shocking your photo is, the faster people share it and like it. The shocking photo is probably the most effective way to get thousands or hundreds of thousands of Facebook likes. It speaks to the person’s sense of fairness and decency. Their outrage will lead them to tell everyone they know immediately. This is why this method is so favored by those who start hoaxes – because it is the most effective way to get that status update moving immediately.

Why You Should Care About Facebook

If you have done business all these years without a Facebook account, why should you care about Facebook now?  Because you can be a lot more successful by using Facebook, that’s why. The average person is using Facebook now and Facebook users are in all age groups. It doesn’t matter if you have an album to promote, a new brand of hot dogs, an accounting service or a new television show, your target market is on Facebook every day.

There is a good online course on using Facebook for business called “Facebook Rockstar – Introduction To Facebook Marketing.” This class explains Facebook groups, pages, accounts and gives you the hints and tricks on how to use those things for marketing for free or affordable advertising. You’ll be up and running in no time and driving all kinds of traffic to your business.

A Quickly Shared Facebook Status

The missing person Facebook status is a hotly shared status and will generate numerous likes fast. This works so well that the photos of missing people are continued to be shared on Facebook for years after the person is found. If you need to generate a lot of Facebook likes fast, put a photo up on your website of someone who is missing. Put text on the photo to give important information such as the name of the person, when they disappeared and who to contact if you see the person. Upload that photo to your website along with a short blurb about who the person is and other pertinent information. Put the website link of that photo and blub in your status on your Facebook page and it will automatically load the photo with a sentence or two about the missing person from your website. Ask people to share the photo so that this person can be found right away, then click to add that status to your Facebook page. People will share it and like it in the hopes that someone will recognize the person in the photo and he or she can be returned home safely.

If a person clicks on that photo then they will be taken to your website for more information on the situation, but they will also see your company information. You are appreciated for taking the time to do this community service and people will remember your brand as a good brand.

For more information on marketing on Facebook and other social media, take a look at this online class “Social Media Marketing Classroom.”

The Funny Facebook Statuses That Will Get Likes

A great way to build more Facebook followers or fans is to post a lot of funny Facebook status updates. Comedians do this all day long to obtain more followers and to keep their comedy in front of the fans they do have. The absolute master of this type of Facebook marketing is “Sulu” from “Star Trek,” George Takei. George has almost 6.5 million Facebook likes on his Facebook page and with good reason. Every day he posts hilarious photos to his Facebook page for his fans to enjoy. Once he was famous for being on the Starship Enterprise and now he is famous for his Facebook Fan Page.

Writing funny Facebook status updates every day is not an easy thing to do for the average person.  You have to be funny to write funny and most people do not have that skill. So, you can spend some time every day searching for the funny photos that are being shared already. This is what George Takei does. George is so popular now that people send him funny photos to share.  You can do the same and have funny Facebook statuses that will get likes.

After spending weeks posting hilarious joke photos and cartoons, you will be adored by your Facebook fans.  They will click like on your photos and also share them with their Facebook friends. Their Facebook friends will click like and share with their Facebook friends and on and on it goes!  Some of those remote friends will become your friend or fan, too.

There is an online Facebook class that is geared towards employees, if you don’t have time for running your social media accounts yourself. This great online Facebook class is called “Facebook Training for Business,”  and will give your employee everything they need to represent you properly and ethically on Facebook. The benefit to online training like this is that your employee can learn at their own pace and when they have time.

Using Facebook for Advertising

If you want great exposure for a low cost, Facebook is a very good way to go.  A lot of the marketing you do won’t cost you anything because you are enticing people to like your Facebook status updates and to share them.  This liking and sharing method doesn’t cost you anything. Another way to get inexpensive exposure on Facebook is to use their advertising program in addition to having Facebook statuses that will get likes.

How Facebook advertising works is that you create a small advertisement photo with text and then upload it.  After going through the form to adjust settings to get the exposure and market you want to reach, you start the ad. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you are charged a small fee. The fee can range anywhere from one cent to several dollars, depending on many factors.

One little known trick for Facebook advertising is to get numerous cheap ‘likes’ to get things started. When you have a lot of likes on your Facebook Fan Page then people are more likely to click like also. Nobody wants to be left out of a hot thing and if you have a lot of Facebook likes then you are the hot thing.  So, to get thousands of Facebook likes for only one cent each, set your target market not to the USA, but set your market to India and the Asian countries. For whatever reason, those countries will generate a massive amount of clicks for only one cent each. Once you have thousands of Facebook fans for your company, it will be much easier to get other people to become your fan when you are targeting your USA target market.

There are lots of hints and tricks for Facebook advertising and it is recommended to take online classes for Facebook advertising. You won’t get the important information in Facebook’s help section. You want the information that is tried and true methods of Facebook advertising that won’t cost you a lot.  Facebook wants to make the most money then can from your advertising, but you can do your advertising far cheaper than just racking up the amount you are going to pay per click on your ads. A good glass will also help you figure out how to have the Facebook statuses that will get likes.

A social media consultant gives a Facebook advertising class online called “The Basics of Facebook Advertising.” This online course will give you the all-round basics of Facebook advertising and give you step by step tutorials to get you comfortable with the process. Once you get those basics down, you should then delve into the finer points of advertising on Facebook with  “Learn Facebook Advertising” class. Here you find a lot of not so well known hints and tricks to advertising on Facebook.

Images on Facebook to Generate Likes

With Facebook, like Pinterest, it is all about the images. People love beautiful photos and when they like a photo you post on your status update, they will click ‘like.’  It is important that the images you post are big images with good resolution.  If the photo is tiny or blurry, no one is going to care about it. You need to post professional quality photos that your fans and friends can OOoo and Ahhh over. Bigger is better! The prettier the photos, the more your Facebook statuses will get likes.

Getting Facebook Likes for Marketing Your Company

Having a company presence on Facebook for your customers has become a must for marketing and customer support these days. The more Facebook statuses that will get “likes” on your company Facebook Fan Page then the more reach you will have to new potential customers. Advertising plays an important part of obtaining more exposure on Facebook, so getting up to speed on the ins and outs of advertising on Facebook is highly recommended before you spend a lot of money on ads. An in-depth, online course on Facebook advertising named “Facebook Advertising Boot Camp” that is highly recommended to get you started. Oxford Learning Lab offers an online social media class called “Social Media for Business.” If your focus with social media is on using it for social change and good for society then the online class “Social Media for Social Change” might be for you.