Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes: The Mysterey Color

eyeshadow for hazel eyesYou are not quite brown, and you are not quite green – you are a unique somewhere in between.  If you have hazel eyes, you know exactly what I mean.  Hazel eyes can appear to be different hues depending on the lighting, on the day, or on your mood (maybe).  The point is that hazel eyes are a bit of a mystery.  No matter what color your eyes are, we have a solution for your eye shadowing needs.  As you are probably aware, eye shadows have enough colors to supplement the strangest and wackiest eye shades.  We are going to keep you from going crazy in the makeup isle of your drugstore and provide you with some eye shadow colors, tips, and tricks that are perfect for your perfect hazel eyes.

Color Options

Even if you might not be sure how your hazel eyes are going to look from day to day, here are some of the most inviting colors for your eye shade.

  • Brown

Browns are warm and nurturing for hazel eyes.  Stick with a matte or solid brown for your bottom lid, and sweep on some skimmer for a complete look.  This will look comfortingly neutral and exciting at the same time.  Dark brown can add a dramatic tone to your look, and work to highlight the softness of your hazel eyes.

  • Gold

If you do not already know it, hazel can often send out a gold shimmer when you look at your eyes under certain lights.  With that said, a gold eye shadow can work to bring out that pop of gold inside your hazel eyes.  This can work for a fun evening look, or just a way to make your eyes stand out in a sparkly sort of way.

  • Lavender

We have already been told that purple tones go with almost any eye color, and hazel eyes are no exception.  Lavender will work to dress up and darken your look without making it too dramatic or heavy.

  • Caramel

With a caramel eye shadow, you hazel eyes will look just as scrumptious as the candy!  Beige and caramel colors are wonderful eye shadow colors to help highlight your hazel color.  They can even work to bring out the bit of green tone that hazel has to offer.  You can use beige for a highlighting effort while caramel can be worked in to warm up your eyes.

  • Pink

It might seem like hazel and pink and both soft enough to cancel enough out, but pink will bring out a romantic and gentle look in hazel eyes.  Like purple, pink sets beautiful with hazel for a very feminine feel.

Other Little Tips and Tricks

  • Eyeliner color:  You can really get creative with this.  Feel free to try an eggplant shadow, which, again, is part of the purple color spectrum and will go well with your hazel color.  Any green liner is also helpful in bringing out other specs of color in your eyes.
  • Mascara:  Remember to stick to brown mascara.  The warmth is going to do wonders for your eyes, so rather than overpowering your lashes, keep it neutral and warm with a flattering brown.
  • Lip Colors:  If you think that the color that you use for your lips has nothing to do with your eyes, you are wrong.  If your lip color is way too bright or dark, it may overpower your eyes.  Especially for lighter eyes, use a more neutral color that will focus more on your eyes than your lips.  For hazel eyes, try a copper color, pink, or nude shade of lipstick.
  • Highlighting:  Because your eyes are so warm, highlighting the area around your eyes will really make the hazel color pop.  However, use it sparingly or else you might find yourself sporting swim-goggle eyes.
  • Bronzer:  When you are working with your eyes, often times you are not just working with your eyes.  Skin color can have a lot to do with how your eyes reflect your features.  A soft bronzer can be helpful in accentuating the wonderful colors in your hazel eyes.  Remember to not get too shimmery.  If you apply a bronzer to your face, do not reach for a sparkly glittery eye shadow as well.
  • Clothing:  Just like other parts of your face have the ability to impact your eyes, so do your clothes!  Hazel eyes are not just all about your choice in shadow.  Wearing colors that are similar to your eye shadow can work with your eye makeup to bring out your eye color.  Keep experimenting in this department with different hues, accessories, and patterns that will make your eyes stand out.

As Unique as Can Be

With these helpful hints, you will be on the right patch into decoding the color schemes in your hazel eyes.  Remember to always find what looks best for you.  Take our tips and tricks and put your own twist on things.  This will keep your eye shadow look appearing individual and unique – just like your hazel eyes.