Eyeshadow for Green Eyes: The Rarest of Them All!

eyeshadow for green eyesIf you have ever been called cat eyes, do not be offended.  You probably have green eyes, and you should know that only 2% of the World’s population has green eyes, making you one of the few people who have the rarest eye color in the world!  However, because you have the rarest eyes, this means that you might have the hardest time finding the perfect eye shadow for your eyes.  Not to worry, we have a few tips and hints to finding you the right colors, techniques, and blends for sporting those cat eyes like a champ!

Try These Colors

Before we elaborate more on how to apply to eye shadow for green eyes, let’s go over the types of colors that you are going to want to choose for those beautiful emerald gems of yours.

  • Warm Neutral Shades

Every eye color needs a neutral look that they can default back to any day, any time of the day.  Warm bronzes or a taupe color are great for green eyes.  They look keep you looking natural while making your eye pop at the same time.

  • Copper

Like neutral bronze colors, copper is another nice warm tone that will look great with your eyes.  Coppers help the green eye color deeper.

  • Gray

If you want to eye line your eye, try for a gray instead of a dark overpowering color.  Grays look soft and gentle on green eyes while still making them standout.

  • Purple

Even though purple is another unique color, like green, purple seems to be flattering for any type of color.  This is not limited to one type of purple; any type of purple shade seems to work well with green eyes

  • Espresso

Here we go with browns again!  Just like any of the bronze colors, if you want a liner, try an espresso-type color.  These make green eyes appear warm and inviting.

  • Dark Greens

If there was a type of rule to not use eye shadow the color of your eyes, this is not where to apply it.  Green eye shadow tends to blend in nicely with green eyes, as well as helping to frame your eyes.  Remember to not pick a shade that exactly matches your color.  Choose the opposite tone, for example, if you have light green choose a dark shadow, and for dark green eyes, pick out a lighter shade of green for your lids.

  • Pink

Soft and Plum Pinks are another color that make green eyes pop.  They also work to highlight your eyes, which is something most people want their eye shadow to achieve.

While there are the to-dos in eye shadow for green eyes, there are also the do-nots…and here they are!

  • Silver:  For some reason, silver does not work well with green eyes.  Perhaps because they are both on the lighter and more sparkly side, but there always turns out to be a color clash.  Remember to stick with warmer shades.
  • Black liner:  Black liner is just way too over-powering for green eyes.  When you line your eyelid, you want to do so in a way that will make your eyes pop, and black eye liner will just weigh your eyes down.  Try a gray or purple liner to make your eyes stand out much more.

The Steps

Now that you have chosen your desired color, let’s show you how it is done!

For a Neutral or Bronzed Look:

  1. Prime:  Do not forget the first step of priming your eyelid.
  2. First Layer:  Apply a soft tan color over the crease of your eyelid.  You can use a brush or the tip of your finger to do this.
  3. Dark Tan:  Now, apply a dark tan shade to the inner and outer corners of your eyes.
  4. Blend.
  5. Apply Eyeliner:  Remember to use a gray or dark purple.

For a Green Look:

  1. Prime.
  2. Eyeliner:  Help your eyes pop by applying light brown or grey eyeliner to your eyes.
  3. Green Shadow:  Depending on the color of your eyes, apply an opposite tone.  If you have dark eyes, apply a few layers of light green shadow.  For light eyes, apply a darker green.
  4. Layer:  On top of your green shadow, apply a layer of white eye shadow.
  5. Add mascara if desired.

For a Purple Pleasure:

  1. Prime
  2. Dark:  Apply a layer of dark purple shadow to your lash line.
  3. Medium:  On top of the dark purple, apply a shade of medium purple.
  4. Light:  On top of those two shades, apply a final layer of light purple up to your brow line to add a highlighting tone.

All Greened-Out

There you have it!  Now you have enough tips and tricks for your rare eyes to make everyone green with envy!