Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes: Colors Of The Rainbow

eyeshadowforbrowneyesVan Morrison really hit on something with his “Brown-eyed Girl” hit. Brown eyes are one of the best canvases out there for eyeshadow, and there are plenty of ways to dress up your pretty browns with various different eye shadow colors, hues, and shades that will suit your face and style.  You are going to hear about how brown eyes can go with any color under the sun, but you need to find your unique style, and we are going to help you do that.  Udemy has a wonderful selection of online courses that will give you some insight into choosing the right eye shadow shades for you.

Colors of the Rainbow

Since brown eyes are such a neutral and mellow color, your eye color has the ability to go along with a lot of different shades.  We are going to touch on the basic colors and let you know how they can work for you.

  • Purple

Purple can go well with any eye color, and it definitely sits well with the neutral tone of brown eyes.  Purple will really pop your eyes, and it seems that the best tone of purple is a nice warm purple-bluish shadow that will grave nicely over your lids.

  • Blue

Blue eye shadow is a bit of a middle-man when it comes to the eye shadow lineup.  Blue can sometimes make you look too over-done and can get you looking a little messy.  The trick for blue eye shadow is to pick a dark royal blue.  This can be used as a shadow to blend in with a lighter tone, or as an eyeliner for brown eyes.

  • Orange or Yellow

Hello summer!   This bright pair can work well for brown eyes, and also brown eyes that are on the lighter side.  The bright colors tend to bring out the gold tint that brown eyes seem to carry.  Ultimately, a more bronze tone of orange and yellow will look the best on brown eyes.

  • Silver

Silver can be tough to work with as well, because it might leave you looking like either a little too shimmery or like the Tin Man.  However, with brown eyes, silver is easier to pull off because of the contrast that it provides with brown hues.  Silver can be applied in the corners of the eyelids, as well as on your lower lash line to create a pop.

  • Green

Interestingly enough, green works amazingly well with brown eyes because, for some reason, the colors pair so well together (think of trees!).  Do not worry about looking like a forest, because green shadow will make the warm brown in your eyes stand out.

But That’s Not All…

If you have ever been to a makeup counter or drug store, you are probably aware of all the options that eye makeup has to offer.  This does not even account all the colors of eye shadows that are available to you as well.  Let’s take a look at all the other, more creative, options you have for your brown eyes.

  • White Liner:  This does not look good on every eye color shade, so be thankful that you can pull it off!  White eye makeup is a great way to make your eyes pop and really highlight the area around your eyes.  Do not be afraid to see if white liner works for you!
  • Shimmer:  It is hard to know when and when not to apply shimmer.  However, for brown eyes, shimmer can really add some spice to make your eye shadow look interesting—especially if you are off for a night on the town or to a place where you want to be noticed.
  • Plum:  This is a type of purple that sometimes goes unnoticed.  If we hardly eat them, then why would their name be appealing to wear, right?  Well, try substituting your regular black eye liner for a plum liner.  This can make an incredible difference in helping your brown eyes stand out even more!
  • Eggplant:  Really?  Yes!  Eggplant is a color, and it goes well with all sorts of brown eye shades.  There is such a thing as eggplant mascara, and it will really make a different in your eye makeup rather than just sticking to black or brown.
  • Mix n’ Match:  Do not forget that, with all these possibilities in eye shadow options and colors – you might as well try to make your own!  Find out what works best for you through experimenting.  It will be fun!

Start experimenting today!