Applying Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

eye makeup for hooded eyesIf you have hooded eyes, you’re probably aware of how your hidden lids can make your eyes look smaller, even when they’re wide open. You’ve probably also seen how no matter how much eye shadow you happen to put on, it looks as though it disappears as soon as your eyes open. That’s why eye makeup for hooded eyes has to be subtly different than makeup for other eye types. It needs to help make your eyes look wider, while not disappearing from view after all your hard work. Follow these tips and tricks to help make your hooded eyes pop.

The Shape of the Eye

If you’re wondering if you have hooded eyes or if these eye-makeup-for-hooded-eye-tips will work for you, take a quick look in the mirror. Open up your eyes naturally and examine the lid area. If you can see your upper lid without lowering it, then you do not have hooded eyes. If your eyelid becomes hidden or trapped beneath the brow bone, giving you a sleepy or bedroom eye appearance, then your eyes are hooded.

If you’ve ever taken a course in makeup application, you’ve probably learned that hooded eyes can take on a number of different shapes. They can be round or almond and some may also be mono-lid. You may want to adapt your eye makeup and color techniques to accommodate your particular eye shape, once you master the tricks to open up your hooded appearance.

Things to Avoid

The first thing you need to consider when selecting eye makeup for hooded eyes is the various things you need to avoid. While some eye and lid shapes can handle just about anything, there are a few things that may make your eyes appear to be even more hooded and smaller than they actually are. Stay away from these colors and techniques to help ensure you make the most of your eyes.

All Over Dark Shadow

It’s tempting to swipe on a solid color over your lids when you’re in a hurry, but think twice before you do so with a dark shadow. A solid dark shadow over your hooded lids will make your eyes appear too small and close together. It’s fine to use dark shadows if you’re after a smokey eye, just make sure you use it in conjunction with lighter tones and highlights to make it work for you.

Over Highlighted Brow Bone

If you choose to highlight your brow bone, make sure that you do so sparingly. If you highlight it too much, it’s going to emphasis the hooded appearance of your lids, and undo anything other makeup tricks you may be attempting.

All Over Highlight

Just like you shouldn’t put dark shadow all over your lids, you should avoid doing the same with highlights. An all over highlight shade will do the same thing as over highlighting your brow; it will simply make your eyes appear to be even more hooded.

Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

eye makeup for hooded eyesFor quick makeup application, you now know what to avoid. There are numerous things that you can do that will help open up your eyes, giving them a bigger, bolder appearance when it’s time to go all out.

Accentuate the Brow Line

You want to really make some definition between your brows and your eyes. One of the ways to do this is to make them into two really defined, separate areas by accentuating the brow line. Use a little eyebrow pencil if your brows are light to help darken and define the area. Don’t over pluck; you want your brows to have a little substance to them to help frame your eyes.

eyemakeupforhoodedeyesBring Emphasis to Your Lashes

By emphasizing your lashes, you’ll help to make your eyes appear to be bigger than they actually are. Mascara is a good start and great for every day, but for evenings out, you may want to consider investing in some false lashes as well. Apply them from the center to the outer edge of the eye. This will help give your eyes a rounder, more open appearance.

Snow Queen, Beautiful Woman In Christmas StyleShade Above the Natural Crease

It’s a common makeup technique to shade just to your natural crease, or to put a little definition in the crease and highlight above it. And while these tricks work well for other eye and lid shapes, they aren’t doing your hooded eyes any favors. Consider extending your shadow to just above your natural crease. This will allow some of the shadow to show when your eyes are open, which will help make them appear to be larger than they are.

eyemakeupforhoodedeyesWork the Outer Corner

By applying your darkest shade to the outsider corners of your eyes, both above and below your natural crease, you’re creating the illusion of a rounder eye. Consider making a pseudo cat eye effect to help open up your eyes and add some definition.

Highlight Above

While you don’t want to over highlight the brow line, a little bit of highlight just on the outside corner of your brow will help to emphasize what you’re doing down below with the darker shadow. This will also create some separation between brow and lid, which will make your eyes open right up.

Shade Below

Don’t be afraid to put a little color just below the outside corner of your eyes. While you don’t want a heavy line beneath each eye, a subtle amount of color just at the outside corner will make your eyes look even wider.

Show Off Your Gorgeous Eyes

Having hooded eyes is not something you need to worry about or want to cover up. Hooded eyes can have a smoldering come to bed look that is hard to duplicate. They can also open right up with just the right makeup techniques. Once you’ve started experimenting with eye makeup for hooded eyes, you may want to consider taking a course in makeup application to learn even more tips and tricks. You may even want to consider a course in eye art that can help you create dramatic results no matter what your eye shape. Learn to work with your hooded eyes and embrace every glance.