Extreme Sports List: No Holding Back

Extreme Sports ListWake up, go to work, eat, work some more, go home, eat, (insert mundane evening activity here), and go to sleep.  Repeat.  There is no surprise that people crave some adventure in their lives; whether it is going to a concert, taking a cooking class, or abseiling.  Wait, what?  You may have absolutely no clue what abseiling is.  However, if you are into extreme sports, then there is a good chance that you would know it involves walking down a rock while facing down at the same time — opposed to the regular form of climbing down a mountain back first.  If you are feeling in a rut, or thinking of picking up a new hobby that requires a little bit more adventure than riding your beach cruiser down the street, check these extreme sports that will put you on the fast-track to premium exhilaration!

Extreme Mountain Sports

To satisfy any of your mountaineering needs, here are some extreme sports that you can try out around and on mother nature’s largest and hardest beauties:

Mountain Climbing: This might seem like a run-of-the-mill activity to you, but mountain climbing can get pretty dangerous.  Just remember: the higher and steeper you go on the mountain, the more extreme it is going to get.  You can even try mountain climbing without a rope, just make sure you are climbing with others or that you are not too far from the ground.

Abseiling: As we previously mentioned abseiling is the act of going down a mountain the opposite way that it is usually done.  Instead of going down backwards, you will be looking straight down the mountain as you descend — which is sure to get your adrenaline pumping!  Just make sure you do not have a fear of heights for this one.

Hang Gliding:  You will be launched from a hill, mountain, or an aircraft and into the air where the glider is expected to glide along with the air currents.  Your goal is to glide for as long as possible.  Watch out for trees!

Parkour: An indoor sport as well, parkour incorporates moving around and from one obstacle to the next.  You might be jumping, rolling, twisting, or stretching to your next point; who knows!

Parascending: If para sailing is too boring for you, try parascending.  Strapped to a canopy or parachute, you will be launched into the air from a vehicle or winch, fly for a few minutes, and (hopefully), land safely within a few minutes.

Extreme Jumping and Diving

You’ve probably had the chance to jump off a diving board at the local swimming pool — what a rush, don’t you think?  If you are shaking your head, here are some extreme sports that incorporate jumping and diving into the equation.

Bungee Jumping: Start off with this basic extreme sport first to get a feel of what free falling can do for you.  You can always start low and work up to bungee jumping from helicopters or hot air balloons!

Base Jumping: Want to jump from one huge building to the ground without taking the elevator?  Check out base jumping, where you jump from the top of one tall structure land using a parachute.

Bridge Swinging: If you think you have jumping under control, why not try swinging?  Bridge swinging incorporates jumping off one edge of a bridge and swinging from a rope.

Wing suit Diving: Ever wanted to see what it feels like to fly?  Wing suit diving might be your best option.  You will be able to glide through the air horizontally while wearing a suit with wings.  The horizontal gliding helps you stay in motion longer than you would if you were to glide vertically.

Extreme Water sports

If you are always feeling like a fish on land, try out these water sports to satisfy the extremist in you.

Costeering: Costeering involves moving yourself along a coastline in the activity of your choice (swimming, walking, climbing, canoeing, etc).  You start off with just a wet suit and add whatever it takes to get across a harsh coastline.

Cliff Jumping: This is pretty self explanatory — just make sure that there are no sharp or hidden rocks or objects below!  If you feel too comfortable with this, you can always try “Tombstoning”, which involves falling into the water vertically, as if you were asleep in a tomb.  Fun stuff!

Swimming with Sharks: If all else fails, you can always try swimming with sharks.  There will definitely be no limit to what you can expect from those big sea beauties.

Water soloing: If rock climbing is your thing, check out solo rock climbing.  This is rock climbing on actual sea cliffs during a high tide.  If you wondering about being cut against rocks — not to worry: people use water as a “cushion” to attempt to prevent injury.

Miscellaneous Extreme Sports

Storm Chasing: You usually see people running the other way, but with storm chasers, you run towards (or follow) the storm.

Geocatching: Geocatching is a great way to use your mind while attempting to satisfy the extremist in you at the same time.  This type of real-life treasure hunt involves using a GPA-enabled device to locate a hidden treasure at a certain location.

Dog-Sledding: Tired of riding horses?  Being pulled around on a sled by huskies is your next best option!  Try dog-sledding in Canada or other Scandinavian countries.

No Bounds!

Life is an adventure, so start living!  As always, make sure that you proceed with caution before attempting any of these activities.  Do your research, consult some online sports courses on Udemy.com, and spread your wings!