shutterstock_153332396Extreme programming is software development methodology that improves software responsiveness and quality with changing customer requirements. It’s a rapid and flexible development methodology that promises to increase productivity. It’s a software development process based on communication, simplicity, and feedback. In addition, it brings the whole team together by providing continuous feedback to improve the product’s quality.

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Extreme Programming is part of SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle). It uses various approaches software development such as the Waterfall Model, Spiral Model and Prototype Model. The goal of this model is to build efficient and good quality software. The models provide s systematic approach to the development process by dividing the work in different phases. Each phase of development is interrelated and works to build a product made with high quality. Every member is a contributor to the project and an integral part of the team. The programmers write code in pairs and follow a systematic style ensuring that every member in the team understands and enhances the work.

Every development lifecycle has a process. The following is a brief overview for Extreme Programming:

Planning: This process provides a general overview of a product including features and functionality.

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Practices followed in Extreme Programming:

  1. Release Planning: In this phase, the customer releases all the specifications and desired features to the team. Programmers estimate the cost, difficulty and duration on the basis of features and programming difficulty. This release plans are imprecise and therefore, the programmers keep revising the plan as the work progresses.
  1. Iteration Planning: In this phase, the specification is broken into small modules. Every week, a fixed number of new directions are delivered. This allows for additional functionality implementations for each iteration. This method is generally preferred as the work progress can be easily monitored.

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Extreme Programming is a software discipline that provides simplicity, communication, and feedback for strong, less buggy code. It requires teamwork with pair programming and planning to create software designed to customer specifications.

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