Extreme Power Sports: Feed Your Need For Speed

Extreme Power SportsAre you a major thrill-seeker? Looking for the next big adventure? Try extreme power sports! Powersports are a category of Motorsports. The vehicles have some form of engine and generally use handlebars, with the rider being on top of the vehicle and feeling on top of the world! These extreme power sports were made most popular with the creation of the X-Games and are the most commonly used vehicles there. The best way to prepare for a ride on one of these bad boys is to be in good physical shape. Since you are exposed to the elements, these sports are best suited for the physically fit and agile athlete. But who has time for the gym? Ain’t nobody got time fo dat! Try our Thrive90 Fitness Program for busy bodies.

Extreme power sports include high speed excitement on 4 wheels, 2 wheels, or less, including side by side utility task vehicles (UTVs), dune buggies, sandrails, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), dirt bikes, motorcycles, street bikes, snowmobiles and personal water crafts. Go fast, go anywhere – stay on the road, then go off-road, get on the snow, then get on the water. Feed your need for speed!

Each extreme power sport requires a specific type of terrain and a varying skill level. In general, the more wheels a vehicle has, the more stability and the easier it is to navigate. Water and snow vehicles can seem especially difficult to navigate at first because of a lack of experience in those environments. Most, if not all, adults know how to drive on four wheels and do so regularly. However, few adults have extensive experience on the water or navigating on the snow. With the right type of instruction and practice, these extreme power sports will be the perfect getaway.

Side by side vehicles, also known as utility task vehicles, or UTVs, may be confused with ATVs or other off-road vehicles, but they are actually very different. UTVs are off road vehicles with four wheel drive and are generally built for 2 to 6 people. Before trying to ride your first side by side UTV, you should read and follow the driving manual and all warnings. Drivers should have a valid driver’s license, obey all course rules, and follow all safety precautions. Also, you’re going to want to avoid paved surfaces because UTVs are actually designed to be operated off-road.

Dune buggies generally have an open frame, and over-sized, wide wheels, perfect for sand dunes, beaches, or desert off-roading. A majority of the best spots to ride dune buggies are on the west coast, in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. While dune buggies can be easily bought, many users choose to make their own! These buggies can dig deep, climb steep dunes, and soar through the air over sand humps. Sandrails are similar to dune buggies, but they are meant to slide and glide through the sand. The frames are thin and lightweight and the engines pull them through the sand effortlessly.

ATV’s are probably the most popular 4 wheeler on the market. They come in many sizes, shapes and power levels. There are ATVs built for kids under 5 and others built to carry families of 5! They can be used on dirt or mud, and even coasting across a sandy beach. The same places that are good for dune buggies, would probably cater to ATVs as well. They are also simple to operate and relatively safe, making a good option for the true beginner.

Now, onto 2 wheels! Dirt bikes are pretty self-explanatory, bikes for use in the dirt. They have engines built to be powerful and lightweight to help you get off the ground on jumps. Dirt bikes are for the dirt loving speedster. Race around a dirt track or fly high above off of dirt jumps to get a thrill like your favorite athletes in the X-games. There are kids and adults alike that can compete in dirt bike races, fly through dirt bike trails, and test their skills on dirt bike jumps. These vehicles require more skill and caution because they are on two wheels and carry a powerful punch of speed.

Motorcycles and street bikes are both built for the open road. Some motorcycles are meant for cruising and letting your hair blow in the wind, while others are built for speed. Street bikes are for the fast and the furious motorcyclist. Tuck your head down low and prepare for the ride of your life. These bikes tend to appeal more to the younger crowd because of how fast and agile they are, but the can be the most dangerous rides for the same reasons. Operate with caution because not every driver on the road is as attentive and cautious as you might be.

To have your own winter wonderland, take your adventure to the snow with a snowmobile. For these vehicles, you do not need a specific trail, you only need open snow and a sense of adventure. Snowmobiles are usually meant for 1 or 2 riders and can fly across the snow in speeds of up to 150 mph, depending on the make and model. There are parks in California, Ohio, Washington, and Utah, as well as across the US where riders can ride in and around trails through the snow.

Finally, let’s change gears to water vehicles,since summer will be starting in just a couple of months. The primary extreme power sport vehicle, aside from a speed boat, would be the personal watercraft (PWC). Many people know of these PWCs as “Sea-doo’s” or Jet-skis and odds are, you’ve probably tried using one of these or seen someone operating one. They can seem bulky and awkward to the first time user, but with time and experience, they can turn on a dime and accelerate fast enough to knock your hat off! These vehicles are perfect for small groups in the summertime and can be used in the open waters of the ocean, at a lake, or on a river.

So if extreme is what you look for, try jumping on one of these extreme power sport vehicles. Before you get out there though, make sure you’re in good health and physically able to keep up with the rigors of the elements. To amp up your physical fitness before you ride away into the sunset, try our high-intensity Extreme Kickboxing Workout or this No Bull Fitness Course. If you’re a woman, looking for a feminine touch to your workout, try Toning Workouts for Women.