Excel 2013 Online Tutorial-Harness the Power of Excel Online

excel 2013Excel 2013 comes with built in cloud services. For those who don’t know what that is, quite simply it means no more documents left behind, left at home or multiple versions of one document gumming up your PC. Storing your files in your OneDrive folder means your files are really being stored online on the server you have been assigned by Microsoft, so any files stored on one drive are stored on the “cloud” and you can log into your  account and access them from anywhere in the world at any time. Cloud storage also means you can share links to your documents in the cloud to allow others to work on your documents, without having to synchronize the changes that each person or team member makes to the documents.

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So how does OneDrive work and how do you store your documents in the cloud? This tutorial will show you how to access the Excel 2013 online services easily. It is really very similar to storing your documents on your PC with huge advantages. The steps in this tutorial include:

1.       Creating your worksheet

2.       Saving your worksheet on SkyDrive

3.       Sharing your file with others

4.       Accessing the file on OneDrive

Creating Your Worksheet for Excel Online Storage

We will create a simple worksheet for the tutorial. To create your worksheet, open Excel 2013 and then select “Blank Workbook” to start a new workbook. Or select one of the templates to create a specific type of worksheet if you like.


Enter some test data for your worksheet. I have entered the following data:


Once you have created your worksheet, it’s time to save your worksheet to your SkyDrive.

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Save Your Worksheet to Excel 2013 Online OneDrive

To save your workbook to your cloud storage, select “file”, and then “Save as” and then select “Someone’s OneDrive”.

When you select “Someone’s OneDrive” your Windows Explorer browser will open up at the location where OneDrive has been installed on your computer.

Your OneDrive will contain various folders. You can set up folders that you share with others, folders for public sharing as well as any other folders you need. Choose to save this document in the main folder and give your file a name. For the purposes of this tutorial, I have called the file “Excel 2013 Tutorial.”


Now that the file is saved on OneDrive, there are a number of ways you can access the file online. First you can invite people to share this document. Since the document is actually stored online, your computer does now need to be “switched on” when others access or work on the document.

To share the document with others, click “File” and then select share from the menu:


This menu will allow you to select a contact to share the document with or to invite people via email to share the document. You can set the permission for the users by changing what they can do from “can edit” to “can view.”


To select people from your existing email contacts, just push the contact button and Excel will automatically allow you to select contacts from your address book:


Once you have selected the contacts you want to share the document with, click the share button and Excel will send an email to each of the contacts with a link so that they can access the document.

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Access Your Online Excel 2013 files

To access your files from anywhere, simply login to your OneDrive account online via your internet browser or smartphone:


You will see the file we just saved in the OneDrive folder on your PC. To access the file online, right click the file you want to edit or open and then select open in Excel if the PC you are using has a copy of Excel 2013 installed or you can choose to open online. It is important to note that not all of the Excel features are available if you choose to edit online but you can make basic changes to your worksheet online.


When you select “open online” an online copy of the worksheet will open in a new window or tab and you can view, edit or print the worksheet:


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Share Your Online Files From OneDrive

You can also choose to share your documents via OneDrive instead of sharing via the Excel menu. To share the document via OneDrive, select the file you want to share, right click the file and then select “Share”.


Excel 2013 Online OneDrive is Powerful

Having the ability to save and then access your documents anywhere, anytime, has become one of my favorite Excel 2013 features. I no longer have to worry about copying documents to USB drives, emailing copies or synchronizing various versions of my documents. Once you have saved your documents to the cloud, you’ll be hooked.

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