evernote alternativesOne of the most popular notetaking apps is Evernote. It was first launched, in beta, on June 24, 2008. It is a software suite built for note-taking and archiving. The “notes” can be anything from fully formatted text, to a webpage, excerpt of a webpage, a photo, a voice memo or a handwritten note. Why should you take notes? Well, because even if you have the greatest memory in the world, life takes over, and you still forget some things. The application has versions for OS X, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Web OS and Blackberry. There is a completely functional paid version as well as a restricted free version. So, if you want to make use of all its capabilities, you are better off using the paid version. However, maybe you want to also look at some Evernote alternatives. Learn how to take better notes by enrolling in this Udemy course, Minute Taking at Meetings.

Evernote has been well received because it allows you to share folders, use plugins, display snapshots, work on or offline and even send emails of your notes. However, so do some of these other options, as well.


This application makes notetaking a breeze. You can save, create or share notes with yourself or other individuals. You can also use it to collaborate on public notebooks. For example, you and your co-workers can use it for group projects. It also has useful features. To illustrate, if you save a movie theater, it will send you reviews and directions, as well. Moreover, all of your notes are synchronized.


Tomboy was designed for use with Linux, Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X. It can highlight text, and it also has inline spell checking. That should come in handy, especially when you are taking notes on the go and do not have time to make needed edits. In addition, it comes with an undo/redo option, bulleted lists and auto-linking for web and email addresses.


Simplenote lets you access your notes from your mobile device, web browser and computer. You can stay organized by using tags and pins. Sharing is also made convenient and easy. The best part is the application is free for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad owners.


If you use Google Docs consistently, you should take a look at NoteSync. It can sync all of your notes to your Google Docs minute-by-minute or whenever you set a schedule for it to do so. It has the option to let you peruse messages created up to three weeks ago. Also, the app comes with secure HTTPS transmission and encrypted local file storage to keep your notes safe. Furthermore, it has keyboard shortcuts to make your notetaking process even quicker.


This tool acts as a Wiki for your desktop. You can edit with WYSISYG markup. It also enables information storing and page linking. All pages are stored as folders that can have attachments. So, you can add images or any other types of attachments to your notes. In addition, you can create headings, bulleted lists and use the bold, italic or highlighted fonts. It also has an autosave feature that lets you transition from various notes without having to worry about saving each item separately.

AquaMinds NoteTaker

AquaMinds NoteTaker made its debut in 2002, for the OS X. To date, it is still one of the most preferred notetaking apps on the market. What makes it so special? Well, for starters, it comes with an intuitive notebook interface and integrated outliner. This benefit makes notetaking much more streamlined because you can see its output as you type. You can also take notes in a text, audio or video. And, it uses AES-128 encryption for your security.

Google Keep

Google Keep lets you take notes, and surf the web at the same time. You can enter voice notes, annotate a photo, create a checklist and more. Your voice notes can be transcribed automatically, as well. Home screen widgets are designed to capture your thoughts instantaneously. All of your notes are stored in the cloud for anytime and anywhere access. Also, you can color code your notes for improved organization.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote comes with the Microsoft Office Suite. You can use it to compile all of your notes and data. It offers syncing through multiple devices and computers through the use of Microsoft OneDrive online storage. It also has optical character recognition (OCR) to get text from images such as business cards or photos. The free version lets you edit up to 500 notes on its iPhone, iPad and Android versions. Furthermore, you can erase, draw and edit using your finger, stylus or mouse.


This application serves as a storage portal for all of your notes and scanned papers. You can also save bookmarks and work documents. It comes with an intuitive interface that lets you convert documents to the RTF format. You can also cross-reference notes, and edit them in full screen mode.


RedNotebook classifies itself as a modern journal. However, it is graphical, which lets you manage your thoughts and notes. What makes it unique is it comes with a calendar navigation, export functionality, word clouds and customizable templates. So, all of your work is saved in the style and format of your preference. Also, you can tag and search your entries.


This app lets you clip anything you want as opposed to having to save the entire file. You get to clip sections of webpages, videos, pictures and texts with their accompanying links. Moreover, the app installs itself as a button in the Firefox and Internet Explorer buttons. This makes it more convenient for you to use the tool whenever you have a need. You can keep your Clipmarks private or share it through email and social media. In addition, you get to add your own tags and titles to each clip.


KeepNote is designed as a notebook hierarchy. It lets you keep your notes, outlines, journal entries and to-do lists all in one place. You can also add inline images and bullet points. Furthermore, all of your notes are saved in XML and HTML formats, making for a simple editing process. In addition, it comes with an integrated backup and restore function.

Evernote alternatives abound. All you have to do is select the one you like. For more information, you should also check out these Udemy courses, Smart and Effective Notes Using Microsoft OneNote 2010 and Think Clearly with Visual Notes. In addition, take a look at this Udemy article, 5 Note Taking Strategies for Stress Free Productivity.

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