Event Coordinator Job Description

event coordinator job descriptionAlso known as meeting planners or event planners, the event coordinator job description involves coordinating all the required details to ensure that an event runs successfully and smoothly. An events coordinator works in the field of public relations, promotions or publicity. They may work as independent contractors on a basis of event by event, head their own companies or be employed by charities, corporations or organizations. While their degree may be in a related field such as communications or public relations, they must be adept at multitasking and possess strong people skills. Here is a course you might be interested in entitled How to Throw Events and Attract Corporate Sponsors.

If you’ve always love making party arrangements and your guests talk about the event for days after, you could possibly make a great candidate for an event coordinator. You most likely know already that the best catering companies in town and the ones that give you the best deals. Who do you call if you need to rent a hall? Who are the local show stopping entertainers? Do you have a list of events stores and their contact details? Where can you get the best flowers and deals, and could you arrange these on your own if needed? Are you organized and oriented to details? These are just some considerations that will make you an event planning success.


You might be under the impression that being an event coordinator is nothing but fun, but there is a lot of hard work involved. Be sure you have the skills, personality and temperament for success. A strong planner of events needs to be a good maker of decisions, creative, a people person, full of ideas, able to multitask, organized, skilled at bargaining and possess strong listening and communication skills. An event coordinator needs to be very organized; detail oriented and be able to manage many of the event’s details. Verbal and written skills in communication are important since coordinators need to be able to interact with various people ranging from company management to vendors to the ones attending the event. An event coordinator needs to be willing to work with tight deadlines and to work under pressure. They must also be capable of multitasking and be flexible since many of the required actions for managing events need to be concurrently arranged. Also, event coordinators need to be prepared to potentially travel and work long hours. By the way, here is a course entitled Basics of Project Planning that shows you techniques for great project planning.


Events coordinators need to ensure that every event aspect from janitorial duties to advertising remains within the allotted budget. This requires staying on top of job bids, checking bills constantly and having a solid concept of how many people are coming to the event so that money won’t be wasted on alcohol and food that won’t be consumed. It is also the responsibility of the events coordinator that all bills are promptly paid and positive relationships be maintained with each vendor, to maintain the image of the event being organized and also to continue to have excellent future resources.


Event coordinators can work for many organization types including restaurants, churches or schools. Many are self-employed and choose to organize weddings and parties.


Many companies require that event coordinators at entry level have a bachelor’s degree preferably in communications, business, public relations or marketing. It is also a possibility to become a coordinator of events through training on-the-job and it is usual for administrative assistants to get into the field after gaining experience in event planning as part of their duties of administration. There are certificate programs offered by meeting planner organizations such as the Convention Industry Council and the Connected International Meeting Professionals Association that even not required, indicates a level of experience to potential employers which could lead to higher salaries and promotions.


The average event coordinator earns between thirty and forty thousand dollars each year.


For an events coordinator, a key responsibility is handling the event’s publicity. Advertising needs to be put in the appropriate spots, whether on radio or TV as well as local newspaper or magazine ads or those which cater to the cause or industry involved.

In addition, events coordinators have the responsibility for writing the press release and coordinating the different stages of the event with each press release. For maximum publicity, it is always a good idea for event coordinators to have great media contacts. It is invaluable to have a good contacts database to send events announcements to. The event coordinator will know how to draw the attention of the media to the event by coming up with an angle that is interesting or including the right people. Also, the coordinators knows the value of getting specific persons involved who will be able to get even more people recruited to the event.


Event coordinators have the responsibility of planning an event’s every aspect including setting up all necessary employees from security to valets to waiters and securing a venue. They need to oversee decorations and menus and make sure that there are adequate amounts of drink and food that are available. Part of their job description is to make sure that there are seating, table settings and flowers for the crowd anticipated. The coordinator also sets all the custodians, security staff and sound system people before the event. He or she needs to make sure that the event has all the required local government clearance, oversees any permits required and works with any of the facility’s union requirements. The event coordinator needs to be a skilled communicator and negotiator, getting the best employees and deals to have a successful event. Here is a course entitled Social Media for Special Events that involve essential tips and tricks for using social media for events.

Always Have a Plan B

No event will ever go off without glitches. Successful event planners are always prepared. Always have a plan B for unforeseen things that happen. You have to be the one who does not get flustered by a change at the last minute and think fast on his or her feet. Event planners always arrive early to ensure that events are properly set up and to step in for any absent employees or to pick up any slack. Plus, event coordinators need to stay late all the time to make sure every clean up detail gets done.

Having Good Relationships with Vendors

Events coordinators closely work with vendors. For this reason, it is a must that you develop good relationships to them. Know who gives the best products or services at the best price and who you can count on. Double check every detail and make sure that everyone is on the same page with regards to details, locations, dates and prices.

Meeting Clients

You will need to have a location appropriate to meet with clients. If your house happens to be a location that is convenient and you can designate an office for your business that is professional enough, you might consider a business that is home-based. On the other hand, consider locations conducive the meeting clientele and discussing event arrangements. Keep in mind that your office will be the very first impression of who you are. For this reason, make sure that it reflects your orderliness and that it is tasteful. You need to be available to every client. This means that having your cell phone on as well as having the flexibility about meeting clients at locations other than your office is something you are willing to do. Stay in touch with your clients and keep lines of communication open at all times. This not only reassures them but will keep you updated on any change.


An event planner might specialize in many areas. If you will be working in a bigger city, this could be a good move for you. Becoming really good at one area such as award ceremonies, grand openings, fundraisers or weddings and everyone will know who to go to for their next big event. On the other hand, if you live in a small town or a medium sized town, consider being a person who can do-it-all or at least select one category such as a bridal shower or wedding anniversary event planner. You don’t want to put out your shingles only to realize there is not enough work for an event planner that specializes in business grand openings, for example. Here is a course entitled How to Use YouTube Live Events for Your Business.

Outlook of the Industry

Event coordinators employment is expected to grow sixteen per cent from 2008 to 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Opportunities for employment in this field, however, can be affected strongly by the economy since often, businesses cut events out to save money when cutting costs. For an event coordinator, the best place to look for work would be in any emerging or high growing industry since generally these industries also experience a growth in conventions and meetings.

Hope this helps! Here is a course you might want to check out entitled Getting Started as a Wedding and Event Planner.