ESTP Careers: Steer towards a Rewarding Career

estp careersPeople with the ESTP personality types are outgoing, action oriented and dramatic; they live in the present and are normally the life of the party! If you are an extrovert and have the sensing, thinking and perceiving skills, then you would fall in this category of people. You mostly have very good social and observation skills, are easy to get along with and your actions are always result-oriented. ESTPs are highly perceptive and are quick to notice the slightest changes in their surroundings; this helps them to seemingly easily read another’s mind and motives. They bring in spontaneity and an energetic approach to their work, putting all their resources in achieving the set objectives.

The ESTP personalities are naturally very good at working with people and will be the first ones to perceive a problem and find immediate solutions. Such people, thanks to their natural traits, do exceedingly well in careers that are action-oriented, require people skills and involve  initiating things or convincing people. Due to these strengths, ESTPs exhibit a lot of success in the field of sales and marketing. (If you’re an ESTP in sales, this course can help you take charge of your Sales career).

ESTPs are also born leaders in the several other careers that involves swift action, sharp memory and observation skills etc. It’s very important to understand your nature, strengths and weaknesses to choose the appropriate career path. In our discussion, we shall touch upon the different types of careers that suit the ESTP personality type, how you can equip yourself to gauge your traits and take suitable actions so that you can shape a rewarding career.

ESTP Personality Traits

As an ESTP, you would derive energy and enthusiasm by being around people and charming them with your good-natured attitude and fun-loving spirit. The basic characteristics of this colorful personality include:

  • Lives in the present
  • Fun-loving, sociable and at times dramatic
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Action-oriented, fast-paced and energetic
  • Resourceful and quick-thinking skills
  • Sharp memory and eye for details
  • Good people skills, problem solving skills
  • Convinces others easily
  • Good-natured and easy to get along with
  • Loves to take risks and adventurous
  • Spontaneous and impulsive
  • Highly competitive and looks for quick results
  • Dislikes abstract thinking or following a plan

Since the ESTPs are spontaneous, resourceful and have the ability to think quickly on their feet, they are often described as the Explorers! Because of their strong presence of mind, link to their immediate surroundings and focus on the reality, they would find careers that are challenging and interesting. Always looking for new experiences, ESTPs are easily bored with routine or detailed work. So, which careers would suit them and bring out the best in them? How do you assess your strengths and weaknesses to make them work for you professionally? Read ahead on the ESTP Career options that will be highly satisfying and lead to an enriching career. This course can help you identify your personal strengths and weaknesses and help you plan for the right career change.

ESTP Career Options

There are several careers that will interest the ESTPs, wherein they can interact with people, have the authority to take quick decisions and do not feel confined in a highly structured or controlling working atmosphere. Here, we’ll touch upon a brief overview on the careers suitable for the ESTP personality. Once you figure out what’s right for you, this course can help you redesign your career to better match your personality.

Business Management – Because of their communication skills, perceptive nature and ability to influence others, they would do well as a marketing or sales executive, entrepreneur, management or business consultant, real-estate agent, land developer, franchise owner, wholesale trader etc.

Service / First-Responder Positions – Their ability to make quick decisions, problem solving skills and fast-paced nature makes them suitable for first-responder positions like police officer, paramedic, fire-fighter, emergency medical technician or personnel, physiotherapist, sports medicine or emergency therapist etc. They also make excellent pilots, flight attendants, investigators, corrections officer etc. that need an eye for detail and ability to think on their feet.

Technical Jobs – Career as a craftsman or carpenter, electrical and electronics specialist, computer support technician, manufacturing and operations manager, logistics and supply chain management, contractor, construction worker, chef or cook, aircraft mechanic, marine biologist, civil engineer and surveyor etc. You can take this course to get an introduction to various Engineering careers.

Finance – If you are an ESTP and looking for a career in finance, then you should explore professions such as stock-broking, auditing, banking and investments, insurance sales, budget analyst etc. to name a few.

Actions speak louder than words in the case of ESTPs. They are even willing to take risks in order to complete a job, attend to critical situations and would rather improvise than focus on planning. These are some of the career options that are aligned with the personalities of the ESTPs.

Famous ESTP Personalities – The powerful businessman – Donald Trump, singer / performer – Madonna, Lucille Ball – the famous actress and Ernest Hemmingway, the celebrated author are some of the distinguished ESTP personalities that have made a huge impact in their respective fields of profession.

While ESTPs enjoy their fast-paced lives, drama and passion; they must utilize their strengths in a positive way and must be aware of their weaknesses too. Their candid and direct nature could cause misunderstandings or hurt someone; however, their perceptive nature enables them to realize their mistakes quickly and correct them. It all depends on understanding your nature and introspecting to evolve as a person.

Choosing the right career is essential for building a stable and satisfying professional life that enables you to make the best use of your natural skills. In short, the ESTPs bring in a lot of energy and fun into the workplace with their vivacious nature. Their action-oriented approach and connect with the reality makes them strong pillars of an organization. If you belong to the ESTP personality type, then our article would have surely inspired you to use your traits and talent to the maximum potential. It doesn’t matter at which phase of your life you are currently in, understanding your personality is vital to personal as well as professional growth. Once you understand your strengths, and how to play to them – you can steer your career in the right direction. This course can help you land your dream job, in just 30 days.