ESFP Personality Traits: Match an Exciting Personality with an Exciting Career

Attractive Young Mixed Race Female Graduate in Cap and Gown ChooOur likes or dislikes, behavior patterns and career choices depend to a large extent on the kind of personalities we are. Based on Carl Jung’s theories, Briggs Myers classified human personalities into sixteen different types. The ESFP personality type is one such classification that reflects the four dominant characteristics i.e. Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling and Perceiving.

ESFPs are naturally very spontaneous, outgoing, easy to get along with, and resourceful. Their perceiving (P) nature makes them acutely aware of their surroundings; they prefer to keep their options open rather than engaging in a lot of planning activities because of their feeling (F) nature as against that of a person with a thinking (T) nature. One can find out his/her nature by taking a personality assessment test that not only helps you figure out your behavior but also guides you in making career choices. Learn more about the different personality types with this course.

If you are at that juncture of your life, when you need to choose the right career from a number of options, then a career test will help you make an informed decision. Apart from taking a test, you must internally find out what makes you happy and from where you derive your energy. Here, we will discuss the various characteristics of ESFPs and the various career options suitable for them.

The ESFP Personality

Those with ESFP personalities prefer to learn things through first-hand experiences instead of reading books or being confined to a classroom study; they are practical and are generally very resourceful. ESFPs love to socialize and interact with others because of their extraversion nature (E) and excel in careers that require leadership skills and ability to motivate team members. ESFPs look for new experiences and are good at doing a variety of things because of their several traits:

  • Optimistic and fun-loving
  • Spontaneous and at times impulsive too
  • Practical and realistic
  • Rely on their instincts rather than logic
  • Love variety and easily bored with monotonous routine
  • Seek new experiences and challenges
  • Lively and enjoy socializing
  • Strong aesthetic sense
  • Love to be around children and animals
  • Dislike planning, theory and abstract information
  • Strong interpersonal skills and leadership qualities

People find ESFPs to be warm, thoughtful and generous because of which they are popular in their professional as well as personal lives. If you are an ESFP, find out which career choices will enhance your abilities and give you a truly rewarding career with this course.

ESFP Career Choices

ESFPs love to work in areas that give them immediate and tangible results; they continuously look for appreciation and feel motivated when their actions result in some benefit or create an impact. A working environment that is fun and action-oriented; needs interaction with people and brings in a lot of variety is the perfect fit for an ESFP. Let’s look at the different kinds of career choices for ESFPs:

Business and Sales – Their feeling and sensing nature gives them the advantage of being popular with the people around; this gives them good skills to work as a human resources manager, training and placement, labour relations mediator, public relations assistant, fund raising, insurance or real-estate agent, retail sales and management, receptionist etc.

Customer Service – Their extrovert nature makes them good at talking to people, making others feel at ease and very likable; this makes them suitable for customer service jobs like waiter/waitress, host/hostess, flight attendant, personal secretary, receptionist, counselling, corrections officer, rehabilitation officer, remedial training etc.

Entertainment – ESFPs have excellent people skills and the ability to appreciate the good things in life; because of their colourful traits, they make good travel agents, tour operators, special events organizer, movie producer, photographer, event promoter or coordinator, entertainment performers like dancer or musician, stand-up comedian, actor, etc.

Education and Social Service – They are not only kind and caring, but also fun to be around; because of their perceiving and friendly nature, ESFPs do well with kids, animals and the needy. If you are an ESFP, then the education and social service fields have several career options like elementary or kindergarten teacher, child-care provider, special education teacher, child welfare coordinator, sports coach, social worker, health counsellor, marine biologist, animal-care provider etc.

Healthcare – Because of their practical and realistic nature, friendly approach and spontaneity, ESFPs excel in the field of healthcare and therapy. The career options in this field are emergency room nurse, medical assistant, licensed practical nurse, physical therapist, general physician, emergency medical technician, sports physiologist, dietician or nutritionist, massage therapist, optician, pharmacy technician, dog trainer, veterinarian etc.

Finding out your personality type and the career options that suit your nature, helps you to build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. You can find ways to increase work efficiency by improving time management, conflict management techniques and strengthen team motivation by using your inherent skills. You can master your career, by leveraging your personal brand. This course shows you how.

The ESFPs are normally good at careers that involve a lot of people coordination, mobilization of teams, new challenges and a variety of things to do, as against careers that need a lot of planning, logical reasoning and research etc. As an ESFP, you will do well in careers that need your strong interpersonal skills, practical and optimistic nature.

If you are an ESFP, then make the right career choice that’s in-line with your traits instead of feeling stuck at a job that doesn’t give you freedom to explore or any room for people interaction. Seek out new experiences and give wings to your desires by trusting your instincts rather than feeling confined to a routine or following a plan. It’s never too late to change careers. This course can help you redesign your career, to better suit your personality.

In short, it’s very important for your career to match your personality and ESFP careers bring out the tremendous potential that you possess apart from making your professional life truly enriching. So, don’t wait any longer! Find out which careers interest you and align your professional life with your personality for greater success and satisfaction.