ENTP Relationships: Observing the Originator

entp relationshipsEntering into an intimate relationship with a new partner can be both intriguing and frustrating, mainly due to the unfamiliarity that is typically present and the prospect of learning all about this new person. However, according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, by simply understanding which personality type and individual falls into, you can assess a great deal about a person before you’ve even had the opportunity to get to know them. In the sections below, we will discuss the characteristics and behaviors of individuals who fall into one particular personality type, the ENTP.

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ENTP Personality

If the entire ENTP personality type were to be described in just one word, that word would be “argumentative”. Big, small, playful, serious, theoretical, or realistic; no arguments are excluded from the mixing pot that colors the conversations of these fiery types. However, many arguments that these individuals engage in are not heated or emotionally charged, but rather simply friendly debates between two acquaintances that happen to have opposing views on a controversial topic. A key characteristic of ENTP types is that they are able to play devil’s advocate, that is, take the perspective of the opposing side at the drop of a hat.

ENTPs tend to rely on rationality as a method of viewing all situations and look down upon emotionally charged reactions by those around them. They tend to put the majority of their focus toward complex issues, brainstorming and constructing unconventional solutions that may not have been proposed previously. ENTPs are also brutally honest, which may be frightening to individuals who inhabit important roles in the ENTPs life, such as family members or significant others. However, once a compromise is reached between the level of argumentation and honesty allowed, engaging in a relationship with an individual in this personality type can be quite fulfilling.

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Benefits of Dating an ENTP Type

Pursuing a partner who falls into the category of ENTP can be satisfying when it comes to being exposed to positive personality traits, such as:

  • Quick Thinking. The ENTP is characterized by the ability to construct an appropriate and compelling argument in a matter of seconds, while also being able to completely switch sides and argue efficiently for the other side as well. In a relationship, ENTPs will be able to take the perspective of their partner when it comes to opinions and ideas.
  • Knowledgeable in Nature. Knowledge is a key component in the lives of ENTP types, who actively pursue experiences that will provide excellent learning experiences. Because of their interest in expanding their mind, ENTP types also tend to succeed in academic environments, often even being offered prestigious rewards such as being placed on the honor roll or dean’s list.
  • Brainstorming. ENTPs pride themselves on their ability to come up with novel solutions for controversial issues. Their leaning toward argumentation facilitates the ability to act as a devil’s advocate, which assists in acknowledging potential problems that may be caused by a solution and addressing those issues before they become problematic.
  • Originality. Individuals who fall into this personality category often look towards unconventional solutions to modern day issues rather than relying on allegedly “tried and true” methods. ENTPs are not afraid to think outside the box and look at the situation through a new set of eyes. Social coercion has no effect on these types, which results in the suggestion of drastically contrasting approaches.
  • Charismatic. Though ENTPs tend to be highly argumentative, they also are easily able to charm their way through any social situation by putting to use their wonderful people skills. Their quick-wits and confidence often draws others toward them, but their clever word play is what keeps the others around. As a significant other, the ENTP will consistently offer intriguing and entertaining conversational topics to keep the relationship fresh.
  • Energetic. When the ENTP is presented with an interest or passion that happens to excite them, the energy levels exhibited by the individual very well may be unmatched by anyone else in their company. Searching for solutions to troubling issues and conversing about interests are among the favorite hobbies of ENTP types.

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Drawbacks of Dating an ENTP Type

Though engaging in an intimate relationship with an ENTP type may have its perks, the downfall occurs when it comes to dealing with such negative attributes as:

  • Argumentative in Nature. ENTPs are characterized by the need to participate in and seek out arguments, whether they be fun and playful or serious and emotionally charged.
  • Insensitivity. Because of their tendency toward arguing, ENTP types often find it difficult to contradict the opinion of others in a constructive manner without hurting the feelings of the opponent.
  • Difficulty Focusing. ENTP types often find their mind leaping from concept to concept, which interferes with their ability to dedicate their focus to one particular issue at a time.
  • Avoidance of Practical Matters. Constructing and creating solutions comes naturally to ENTP personality types; however, when it comes to implementing those ideas in a practical manner, ENTPs are clueless.
  • Potential Intolerance. While this trait is not seen in all ENTP types, a subset of this group includes individuals who scoff at the beliefs of others (if they contradict their own) and argue against the belief in a disrespectful manner.
  • Easily Bored. Routine tasks are the enemy of the ENTP, often proving to be physically draining and frustrating when the individual is coerced into performing them.

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