ENTJ Relationships: Charming the Chief

entj relationshipsIf you ask one hundred couples what the most important factor of maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship is, it’s likely that the majority will respond with something in reference to the degree to which your personality and your partner’s personality matches up. As anyone who has ever had a friend or significant other who they just can’t seem to stop butting heads with knows, individual traits and characteristics are of vast importance to sustaining any intimate relationship. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assesses a variety of personality traits to determine where an individual falls in a system of sixteen personality types. In the sections below, we will discuss one particular type, the ENTJ.

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ENTJ Personality

The ENTJ personality type is characterized by high levels of confidence and motivation, which influences individuals who fall into this category to seek out and succeed in leadership-based positions. They tend to be quite charismatic and clever, which enables them to construct innovative and efficient solutions to issues that affect all of those who are under the ENTJ’s leadership. Goal setting, achievement striving, and success in academic and workplace environments are among the most central values to any ENTJ. These types can often be found working on a complex puzzle or using their wit to solve a controversial issue.

Excellent communication skills color the world of the ENTJ, influencing them to engage in successful interactions with individuals who occupy prestigious positions. This charisma often assists ENTJ types in going far in the world of business or managerial positions. The talents of others are easily recognized and frequently acknowledged by the ENTJ, who appreciates the effort put in by the individual to attain such a high level of achievement. These types cannot tolerate laziness and often do everything in their power to avoid people who waste the majority of their time on hollow pursuits.

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Advantages of Dating an ENTJ Type

Seeking out a significant other who falls into the category of ENTJ can be highly rewarding and enjoyable due to positive personality traits, such as:

  • High Levels of Self-Confidence. Individuals who fall into the ENTJ category are very comfortable with themselves and actively seek out activities that they are good at to increase their self-confidence. However, ENTJs also work to solve complex problems, persisting until they’ve reached success, before moving onto a more difficult problem.
  • Strategic Thinking. Planning and forethought are always on the mind of the ENTJ, who often marks up his or her calendar with dates and plans, as well as lists of items that need to be accomplished in order to reach a specific goal. This forethought facilitates the process of transforming potential future successes into a series of concrete steps.
  • Energetic. Being put in charge of a group of individuals and planning for the future are sufficient enough pursuits to put a spring in any ENTJ’s step and motivate him or her enough to put plans into action. These types are often chasing interest after interest, gaining the maximum level of excitement from one before moving onto the next.
  • Charismatic and Inspiring. The high levels of self-confidence and ability to self-motivate is often seen to be quite inspiring to the followers of the ENTJ who would like to someday be able to complete and achieve their goals to the same extent as their leader. As a significant other, the ENTJ will continually be encouraging their partner to reach their full potential.
  • Efficient. Unproductiveness and laziness are deemed to be grossly unattractive and repulsive to ENTJ types, who value productivity and constant hard work as a method of achieving success. As a significant other, the ENTJ will always be working on something that will produce tangible or intangible rewards for either his or herself or the relationship.
  • Strong-willed. While, on occasion, this trait can work against ENTJ, the majority of the time it enables them to follow their dreams and implement their ideas into everyday life. Determination also results from this strong will to succeed and achieve something worthy of their efforts.

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Disadvantages of Dating an ENTJ Type

Though dating an ENTJ type can be a rewarding experience, it can have a few drawbacks when it comes to dealing with negative traits, such as:

  • Stubbornness and Dominance. ENTJ types feel the compelling urge to win every argument and be in complete and total control of every situation that is thrown at them.
  • Arrogance. Possessing a high level of self-confidence is not inherently bad, but when it comes to ENTJs using this confidence to place themselves above others, it becomes a serious issue.
  • Potentially Cold and Ruthless. While this characteristic is not seen in all ENTJ types, it is likely to appear due to this type’s heavy focus on the importance of rationality and blatant disregard of emotionality.
  • Difficulty in Handling Emotion. Because ENTJs prefer to look at life through the lens of logic, they tend to find it difficult to express and assess emotions, whether they are experienced by the ENTJ him or herself, or by others.
  • Impatience. The world of the ENTJ is fast-paced, constantly buzzing with excitement, planning, and productivity, so when it comes to dealing with individuals who move at a slower pace, ENTJs are likely to become annoyed.
  • Intolerance. The ENTJ has a clear cut view of the world that distinguishes that which is important from that which is not worth dedicating time and energy to; when friends or family members insist on discussing on of the subjects the ENTJ has deemed futile, they can become quite intolerant and make their feelings known to all parties involved.

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