From juggling meetings, customer kickoffs, and project deadlines to managing extracurriculars, social events, and personal life, it can be difficult to make time for learning with busy schedules and competing priorities. Furthermore, after finding the time to learn, it can be challenging to apply new knowledge in practice and start using your new skills in a meaningful way.

In fact, in a recent study we conducted with 600 L&D managers and employees, 54% of employees reported needing more time to be able to learn effectively while 67% of employees cited needing more opportunities to practice what they learn.

Get the most out of learning

Here at Udemy for Business, we want to ensure learners get the most out of each minute they spend learning. To make learning more effective, we provide the tools to reinforce newly acquired skills.

We’re excited to announce our recently redesigned course taking experience, making it easier to access critical learning features like Q&A, Transcripts, Bookmarks, Course Description, and Assignments. We’ve also introduced a new theatre mode for high-quality course playback and added a course progress bar to easily monitor course progression.

Introducing ‘Theatre mode’

Our new default theatre mode allows learners to jump straight into their course and preview the course curriculum to get a sense of what they’re about to learn and identify the key areas that are most important to them.

Easy access to key features to enhance learning

Learning features like Q&A, Bookmarks, Announcements, as well as the Course Overview and in-course search are now prominently displayed to ensure employees are supported in achieving their learning goals and have opportunities to reinforce new knowledge.

Monitor course progress to stay on track

Learners can now see their course progress directly in the course taking experience so they stay motivated to complete the course. They can also download their certificate of completion after finishing the course to share learning accomplishments with colleagues.

For more information on how your team can take advantage of our new course taking experience to ensure your employees are getting the most of their courses, request a demo to speak with a member of our team.

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