Engagement Photo Ideas to Create Memories for a Lifetime

engagement photo ideasWedding photographs can be stiff and formal. Which is why so many people are now turning their engagement into a more fun-filled photo opportunity where you can let your hair down, dress up casually, and do fun things together. You don’t even have to be a professional photographer. This course from Udemy will teach you everything you need to become a better photographer!

Below, we’ll take a look at some popular engagement photo ideas:

1. Go Retro

There’s something magically romantic about sepia-tinted photographs in old-timey clothes. Which is probably why the on-screen couples we cherish the most are all from Hollywood’s classic film era – Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

So how do you pull off retro-themed engagement photography? Here are some ideas:

  • Old Clothes: Ugg boots and Zara jeans don’t exactly scream ‘retro’. To successfully pull off a retro theme, deck up in clothes your grandpa would be proud of wearing – flowing, below-the-knee dresses for women, three-piece suits and pocket watches for men. You can also pull off a Macklemore and hit the thrift stores to get these dirt cheap.
  • Location: You can’t pull off retro in the middle of a mall. Instead, head outdoors or find places that still seem untouched by modernity. An old country barn, abandoned railroad tracks, architectural marvels like Detroit’s train station – these are all perfect for old-timey photography.
  • Camera: Although a DSLR and good post-processing can successfully pull off any retro look, for authentic results consider going with an old-school film camera. To pull off great black and white photographs, take this course on the Art of Black and White Photography.

2. Do Your Favorite Thing Together

Every couple has at least one thing they love to do together. This can be anything – sharing a book, going for long walks, or even hitting the theme park. Doing these things together can make for authentic, spontaneous pictures. Take a look below for some ideas and inspiration:

  • Library: Even though the librarian might not be pleased, leather bound books and dim library lights make for a great photography setting. If you can’t get permission to shoot in the library, you can consider heading down to the local bookstore.
  • Historical/Architecturally Significant Buildings: History and architecture buffs should consider getting their engagement photographs taken near their favorite buildings, which can serve as great backdrops.
  • Activity Shots: If you like doing some activity together, say, trekking, cycling, rollerblading etc. then consider doing some activity shots. A photograph of the two of you cycling through a swaying wheat filed, for instance, can evoke both emotion and movement – two crucial elements of great photography. This course on outdoor photography will help you create the best outdoor activity shots.

3. Head to the Beach

The wide expanse of the sea makes for the perfect backdrop for any photograph. Find yourself a deserted beach and wait for the perfect light to create stunning photographs (and memories). Some ideas for beach photography are:

  • Sandwriting: Your name, your significant other’s name, written in the sand – not only romantic, but a great photo opp as well.
  • Sailing: Want to make your engagement photographs really special? Hire a boat and hit the waves. The bright sun and the blue ocean waters make for a terrific backdrop.
  • Fishing: Picture this – you and your significant others, knee deep in a tumbling river, with fishing rods in your hands and wide smiles on your lips – the perfect photo opp.

4. Explore the Great Outdoors

Filled with colors, textures and ambient light, the great outdoors make for great photo settings. Some ideas for outdoor engagement pictures are:

  • Pick Fruits: The bright colors of freshly picked fruits (we’re thinking strawberry, blueberries, and peaches) in enclasped hands makes for a natural, delicious photo opportunity.
  • Pick a Picnic Theme: A warm blanket spread on a grassy floor, a picnic basket by your side, and two glasses of red wine – the perfect photo idea.
  • Play in the Snow: White, fluffy snow makes every color stand out and gives plenty of room for activity shots (hint: snowball fight!).

Besides these, you can also try holding props (a blanket, an ampersand sign, a quote/page from a favorite book, a wooden frame etc.), hitting the playground (baseball quads make for especially good photo settings), and creating artwork together for your engagement photos. If you don’t want to hire a professional photographer, consider learning some camera tricks with Karl Taylor’s Free Photography Course.

What are your favorite engagement photo tips? Share with us in the comments below!