Engagement Cakes And Unique Engagement Food Themes

engagement cakesAfter taking courses in dating for men and success in online dating, you have finally met the girl you want to marry. You pop the question. The wedding and honeymoon plans are sketched out in one exciting evening planning your future together. It is the engagement party you cannot decide on. After looking at dozens of engagement cakes together, you cannot agree on one.  Never mind the plans to go to couples therapy. Once you choose a theme for your engagement party, it will be easier to decide on the right engagement cake

Chocolate Engagement Cakes

Chocolate, as the elixir of love, is a perfect theme for an engagement party. Chocolate cake is a natural choice as an engagement cake, alongside chocolate fondue, truffles and other cocoa-inspired delights. Double-double chocolate would be a hit with this crowd. A touch of liqueur adds romance to a chocolate cake. Amaretto chocolate cake, or dark chocolate cake with Cointreau and a citrus icing ooze romance.

Romantic garnishes can set the right mood. Sprinkle real rose petals on top of the cake. Cherries are a loving touch. Chocolate sculptures are a hot party trend. Have chocolate sculptures of the couple created and placed on the cake. Or how about chocolate stilettos to drink the champagne out of? A chocolate piano that plays the couple’s favorite love song will romance the crowd. With icing, food color and a little creativity, you can make any romantic garnish you can dream up. To learn how to make basic decorations such as appliques and flowers, enroll in Cake Decorating: Winter Anemone Wedding Cake.

Be daring and try a non-chocolate cake. A white champagne cake is the perfect complement to your chocolate menu. Create a champagne and chocolate engagement party theme. The easiest part will be finding chocoholics to help you celebrate your engagement.

Barbecue Engagement Theme

A barbecue is a relaxed theme for an engagement party. Outside on a warm day, guests will appreciate a cake that is not too heavy. Sponge cake with semi-sweet icing and strawberries is cool and romantic.  The sponge cake is under estimated among fancy cake options. It is easy to work with food colors and sponge cake, creating decorations such as hearts right in the cake.

Barbecue foods are typically heavy. Grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs, corn on the cob and lots of barbecue sauce are served up. A light dessert is recommended. Eating arrangements are often informal. Eating a heavy double chocolate cake on a paper plate can be a gravity defying feat. Socializing at barbecues often involves standing around and mingling. The socializing is interrupted when everyone has to sit down and find a place to anchor their chocolate cake.

Or, if you are wanting to think light in your menu planning, as in heavenly light, engagement cakes. Lemon is a refreshing touch on a hot day. A lemon chiffon cake is light and airy. A nutty lemon cake with almonds cuts down on the sweetness.  Pineapple cake is another fruity option. If you want to go super light, a lemon meringue with berries on top is a refreshing option. No matter what cake you serve up, consider adding a dash of ice cream or sorbet.

Wine and Engagement Cakes

Wine is a popular theme for engagement parties, but a rich cake could offend taste buds. Wine theme options include a wine tasting or wine and cheese. A wine tasting is led by a sommelier. Discuss in advance what wines the sommelier will bring and what food pairings he or she recommends. Or, just become the wine expert yourself, and show off your new skills as you celebrate with your closest friends and family. Chocolate, vanilla, carrot, and spice cakes will all be complemented by different wines. HelloVino.com recommends sweet wines with chocolate and carrot cake and sparkling wines with lemon cake.  A wine and cheese serves a lot hors d’oeuvres and nibbles, leaving more room for a more substantial cake. A lighter cake, however, may go down smoother with the wine and cheese. If you are gung-ho on the wine theme, consider a wine cake.

Memorabilia and Engagement Cakes

Memorabilia themes nicely complement wine parties. Place a photo of memorable events in the couple’s lives on top of the cake. A musical cake can play their favorite song. Create avatars of the couple 30 or 40 years from now. Do you want to get a giggle from your guests? Show the newly engaged couple in the future sitting around in their housecoats and hair rollers watching TV, or choose another humorous theme.

Engagement cakes do not need to look like wedding cakes. A simple, elegant cake idea for a wine and cheese is one molded into a flower arrangement – a simple rose arrangement, or carnations. Wedding rings are popular themes but not original. A serving tray shaped like a wedding cake will take the form of a cake as you fill it with chocolate-dipped strawberries, small cupcakes, and other miniature dessert themes.

Beach Party Engagement Cakes

Clams or fish baked over a layer of seaweed are perfect for an appetizing afternoon party or early evening party. Throw in a few corn cobs and you have a clambake. In choosing a cake, why not ask the experts. What type of cake would the folks at Cape Cod serve up with a clam bake? The Artisan Bake Shop serves up a veggie cake with a nautical theme and anchor on top. The Casual Gourmet has a single layer cake with casual wooden lawn chairs – I can envision the engaged couple sitting in the chairs as retirees in the distant future. Lots of nautical and sea life themes to choose from.

At Easy Cake Idea, the perfect cake is baking for a beach party– marshmallow fondant cake. Do not try and roast these marshmallows, though. This baker also provides recipes for lemon and lime curd. Toss some into a sponge cake or coconut cake for a lighter cake for a beach party.  Beach ball piñatas and starfish toss games finish the theme off nicely. The bakers in Cape Cod know how to throw a clam bake – cakes, games, and all the party accessories you could imagine can be found at their online shops.

If you want to avoid cutting and serving cake on plates while volleyballs and sand are tossed about, pass around a tray of corn on the cob or other tasty cupcakes. Or serve them up on a cupcake stand shaped like a wedding cake.

Tapas Theme

Margaritas, sangrias, Latin music and tapas hors d’oeuvres. Tapas parties are easy to put together. A favorite of the Spanish, tapas is eating small portions of many types of food. Fish is the basis of many Tapas snacks, but you are not limited to Spanish cuisine. If your guests like Italian antipasto or dim sum dishes serve them. If you really want to get into the Spanish theme and dancing, be sure to add a few Spanish dishes and drinks.

Sparkling wines, or cava, the Spanish champagne is the perfect drink for toasting a prosperous life for the happy couple. Top it off with a Spanish engagement cake. The Spanish are famous for their magdalenas – small fluffy, light but not too sweet cakes – and sponge cakes, which will not compete with salty margaritas. Or try a Basque cake with a creamy but light pastry filling. Infuse your party with Mediterranean colors, streamers and music. A live Spanish band will bring some real Latin romance to your party.

Regardless of how you celebrate your engagement, it all comes down to celebrating the couple. Brush up on your presenting skills and prepare a fun and intimate toast that celebrates the excitement to come. Congratulations!