ENFP Relationships: Attracting the Advocate

enfp relationshipsWithout a doubt, the most important factor in any intimate relationship is the degree to which the two individuals’ personalities match up or balance each other. Regardless of how much affection or adoration may be present, if two people just can’t seem to get along, the relationship is unlikely to work out. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator denotes that there are sixteen different personality categories that people fall into based on their levels of extraversion, intuition, emotionality, and perceptiveness. In the sections to follow, we will focus on one particular type, the ENFP.

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ENFP Personality

ENFP personality types make up approximately 7% of the population and are characterized by curiosity, enthusiasm, and extraversion. Individuals who fall into this personality category can often be found engaging in exploration-based pursuits and analyzing the world around them to determine the connections that exist between all living and non-living things. The insightfulness of ENFP types comes to light when they engage in theoretical discussions, such as the existence of an afterlife or the possibility of extraterrestrial beings. They often exhibit high levels of enthusiasm when discussing philosophical topics, as well as their particular hobbies or interests.

Because of these extreme tendencies to exhibit passion, ENFPs are typically perceived as very persuasive in social situations. However, the passion alone is not responsible for the ENFP’s high levels of influence. These types are excellent at communicating their thoughts and ideas in a way that not only gets the point across, but also causes those around them to take the ideas to heart. However, the downfall of the ENFP appears when it comes to dealing with routine tasks that are necessary for everyday life; individuals who fall into this category would much prefer to work on a complex thought-provoking puzzle than engage in mind-numbing administrative labor.

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Advantages of Dating an ENFP Type

Entering into an intimate relationship with an ENFP type can be both fulfilling and satisfying due to beneficial personality traits such as:

  • Observance. These types are extremely perceptive of changes in their surroundings, including the individuals who play a prestigious role in the ENFP’s daily life. They tend to assess and analyze all aspects of their environment in order to determine how all of the pieces fit together. In a relationship, this works to the ENFP’s advantage because it causes the individual to become more responsive to their partner’s emotions and resolve issues in a constructive manner.
  • Very Popular and Sociable. ENFPs can be easily spotted at social events or parties by the crowd that often forms around them. Far from shying away from becoming the center attention, these types find meeting new people and making new friends to be incredibly simple. As a significant other, an ENFP is sure to constantly be on the look out for new experiences and potential friendships to seek out, exposing their partner to a wide range of individuals.
  • Energetic and Enthusiastic. Individuals who fall into this personality category tend to be quite passionate about their interests and will openly engage in conversation about them when the opportunity strikes. ENFPs also tend to be very open to hearing about the passions of others, often comparing and contrasting the ideas to their own and, if the concept seems to hit home, incorporating the new conviction into their own belief system.
  • Ability to Relax. While most extraverted personality types are often on the go, moving from place to place in an attempt to fill every moment, the contradictory ENFP actively seeks out down time to recuperate from an evening out. Though they enjoy being in the presence of others, these types also value time spend engaging in solitary pursuits.
  • Communication Skills. ENFP types are characterized by their incredible ability to communicate ideas and opinions with others efficiently enough to leave a permanent impression. Their words and thoughts often resonate within the minds of those around them, whether it be menial small talk or more philosophical conversations.
  • Curiosity. The ENFP prefers life outside his or her comfort zone, often seeking out activities that bring about a sensory overload. This type’s endless curiosity often influences them to constantly keep an eye out for new experiences to try, people to meet, and places to explore.

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Disadvantages of Dating an ENFP Type

Unfortunately, pursuing a relationship with an ENFP type can be frustrating when it comes to dealing with characteristics such as:

  • Emotional Reactivity. ENFP types do not take well to criticism, particularly if the comment comes across as a personal attack against the individual’s personal beliefs or identity.
  • Poor Practical Skills. Ideas come freely and naturally to these types; however, issue arises when it comes to the implementation of these ideas in a concrete, realistic form.
  • Over thinking. ENFPs tend to assess and analyze all of the activities of the people around them, constantly on the lookout for ulterior motives, which often causes these types to add meaning to a meaningless response.
  • Difficulty Focusing. ENFP types prefer to jump from project to project rather than seeing one pursuit through to the end, which often produces problems when the individual is expected to remain focused on one particular task for an extended period of time.
  • Independent. While this characteristic may not always be shown in a negative light, it often creates issues within a relationship when the ENFP feels his or her freedom is being taken away.

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