enfp careersThe ENFP personality type is generally considered one of the most positive and magnetic personalities in the Myers-Briggs index. This magnetism results from a social spontaneity, natural emotional warmth and an athletic mind. Below we’ll take a more in-depth look at the intricacies of this personality and where these characteristics are most at home professionally. You can bring your own charisma up to the ENFP’s level with this course on developing an entrepreneurial personality and understanding what it takes to become a successful business creator.

Who Are ENFPs?

Not everyone can be positive and magnetic, not even every ENFP. This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing; it’s just the way it is. So I want to note that even if Myers-Briggs classified you as an ENFP, you are not likely to fit the profile exactly. Everyone is different (thank god), so understand that this advice serves more as a guideline to help people feel their way along their career paths.

We can only begin by defining the letters E-N-F-P:

Extraversion: ENFPs are especially extraverted. Their natural enthusiasm and creative energy is immediately apparent to anyone who spends time with them. They feed off social energy, and people feed off them, too.

Intuition: There is a very strong tendency for ENFPs to drift into alternative methods of thinking. They prefer the open-ended question to the yes-or-no. Minute organizing is not their strong point, so they excel in areas where big, not-yet-defined ideas are discussed.

Feeling: When it comes to decision making, ENFPs follow their hearts. Even if the evidence supports a different theory, they will side with their emotions when an important decision is on the line. Logic is, perhaps, under-appreciated in ENFPs.

Perceiving: In this final category, perceiving is the opposite of judging, at least when it comes to making plans or forming opinions. ENFPs are not at all close minded; they are eager for change and hopeful for turns in events. The downside of this is that monotony, even when necessary, is almost unbearable.

ENFP Professional Tendencies

ENFPs are one of the rarer personality types, making up less than four percent of the human population. Their incredible enthusiasm makes them at once excellent team members, but also, at times, over-bearing and mistakenly aggressive with their ideas (avoid clashing inadvertently with this course on living and working with different personality styles). Then again, when a company is in desperate need of ideas, there’s no better person to turn to.

As already mentioned, ENFPs are natural communicators. They are what other people would describe as “effortless.” This quality is made even more endearing by the fact that they are empathetic and outwardly show affection and care toward others, even in a professional setting.

Of course, a dislike of hashing out the daily details can be problematic. Procrastination is not uncommon in ENFPs, and they’ll need all their interpersonal skills to justify it. On the other hand, their quality, larger-than-life-ideas are always there to save them (they just need someone else to actually implement them).

Public Service

ENFPs are one of the few personalities where “politics” would be a recommended career choice. But so it is. ENFPs have what it takes to survive the social and professional elements of a career in public service. Certainly being extraverted is a prerequisite, but keeping an open mind and looking for ways to turn things around is crucial to elevating one’s self above the drama inherent in such a career.

While being a social worker or counsellor are also good careers for ENFPs, they have to be aware of their tendency to make decisions based on their emotions. This can be dangerous when they may want to spare someone’s feelings, save jobs or make other sacrifices that may not be in the best interest of those involved. But such mistakes can be avoided with this course on the secrets of personality and how to take action better, faster and smarter.

Public Broadcast

Other interesting career options for ENFPs are equally public: journalist, writer, reporter and/or news anchor. These careers satisfy the ENFP’s need for variation and excitement; something new is always happening and rarely would similar work last for long.

Magnetic personalities were meant for the screen. The big-screen, too (or stage). ENFPs make intoxicating actors and are often satisfied by the constant social interaction that comes with it.

As a journalist, ENFPs excel due to their ability to express themselves, even in writing. Their personalities, when combined with a gift for words, comes right through the text. A career in journalism or reporting is both social and solitary, which is great for people who need a balanced lifestyle. Get a closer look at this lifestyle with this blog post on careers in journalism and what to expect.

Health Care / Mind Care

Last but not least, ENFPs make some of the best health care employees you will find anywhere. Personality is so important to communicating and bonding with people who are in need of help. ENFPs’ deep sense of empathy and understanding allow them to build real relationships with their patients, which they do not out of obligation but out of sincere desire. An ENFP, as a physician or nurse, would be in a social, emotional and mentally challenging setting.

For similar reasons, a career as a psychologist or health counselor can also be rewarding. These careers need that preference for emotional capacity, for open-mindedness and for an undying enthusiasm for hope.

Exploring Other Options

While these careers are the most suited to the primary tendencies of ENFPs, there are a number of other options that probably appeal to people who have variations of this personality. Careers in science, the arts, engineering, teaching and even entrepreneurship are all excellent options to explore.

As I said at the beginning, these are simply guidelines to help generate ideas (not that ENFPs need help with that). Everyone is unique and their experiences will lead them to favor some choice over others. Whoever you are, start building your foundation of success with this practical guide on personal insight, intelligence and happiness.

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