enfj careersWhat does your personality say about your ability to perform in the workplace? If the Myers-Brigg personality test is to be believed, quite a bit. By taking your unique personality type into account you can gain a better perspective on the type of career that you can really excel at – and not only that, but you will gain a better understanding of why you can excel in that career.

Knowing where you will do best, and why, is important whether you are embarking on a field of study or whether you are looking for a new and more fulfilling career. If you’re interested in a career change, check out Udemy, where you can find courses that will help you redesign your career and begin exploring new, better options.

About the ENFJ Personality Type

The ENFJ is one of the warmest and most sociable of all personality types, and they are called the givers of the personality types for very good reason. The typical ENFJ tends to love people, and will almost always perform best when surrounded by others – isolation is not their strong suit. There’s really a lot of good to be said about ENFJ relationships, as they are among the easiest personality types to get along with.

ENFJ stands for “Extroverted, I(n)tuitive, Feeling, Judging”, which means that many of their thoughts and feelings are focused on the external world around them. They do, however, tend to come to quick decisions about the people they meet – usually very sound and accurate decisions. They have a unique ability to understand other people, and know how to push the right buttons to get others to behave in the way that they want them to behave. At best, this can make them incredibly persuasive. At worst, this can make them seem to be a bit manipulative.

One notable thing about the ENFJ is that while they enjoy spending time with others, and rarely take time out for themselves, they do tend to be more reserved when it comes to expressing their own thoughts and opinions. This is in part because their world is so focused on the people around them that they may regard their own feelings as secondary to the needs of others. They will express their opinions when needed, though only if that opinion isn’t overly personal in nature.

The ENFJ is a particularly honest individual that is easily able to soften the blow, even when delivering criticism. They are enjoyable to be around, and have great organizational capabilities. They shy away from cold logic and are uncomfortable with impersonal situations. That means that while they may do great in sales positions, they might not necessarily be suited for jobs such as marketing. That being said, here’s a look at some of the jobs that the ENFJ personality type can really do great in.

A Look at ENFJ Careers

The best ENFJ careers will always be those that involve working with people. The ENFJ was not built to work alone in a laboratory. One of the best career options for this personality type is as a facilitator or mediator – they can be especially skillful at navigating even tough situations in the field of law, for example.

The ENFJ can also be a great psychologist or psychiatrist, especially if they choose to work primarily with families, couples, or if they choose to work with groups rather than with individuals (though their people skills also make them great in one-on-one sessions).

As already mentioned, this personality type also does incredibly well in virtually any type of sales position, though they will tend to do their best work when involved in face-to-face interactions. These skills can also make the ENFJ great entrepreneurs. If you have an idea for a business and think this may be the career option for you, be sure to check out Udemy’s guide to startups for entrepreneurs.

Though there are many positions in the corporate world that may be a bit too isolated for the typical ENFJ, jobs in areas such as human resources can be the perfect option for this personality type. The ability to work with numerous different people on a daily basis is great for their particular skillset, and will help them to combat some of the stresses they might usually encounter while working in the world of business.

The ENFJ can also do wonderfully well at coordinating large events and functions. Whether they choose to take this from a creative angle and become wedding planners or party planners or they take these skills into another industry, this is a good option for those that crave variety, want to express their creativity, and who enjoy working with a wide range of people and helping to meet their needs as much as possible.

And finally, it’s interesting to point out just how well the ENFJ can do if they have political aspirations. Even if they only choose to work in local office, this personality type’s skills make them ideal for positions in which they must utilize both their ability to work with and connect with people as well as their intuition and judgment in order to be successful and effect change.

These are just a few of the career in which this personality type can excel. However, it’s important to point out that any career that sees the ENFJ interacting with others on a constant basis is ideal.

If you’re currently seeking a new job, remember to head to Udemy to learn more about the skills you need to land your dream job. Even the sociable ENFJ could always use some pointers when it comes to the job interview process. Also check out Udemy’s 10 Career Boosting Resolutions course, which can help you to determine exactly what it is you want out of your career, and can guide you through the process of getting just that. With just a little effort, you could be well on your way to having a career that will not only provide for you, but that you will truly enjoy.

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