Energy Healing Techniques Through Chakra Cleansing and Meditation

shutterstock_141399712If you’re someone who tends to use words like:  energy, vibes, and “feelings” to describe an experience, feelings, or associations with a person, place, or thing, you may be what healers call an Empath. You may find that you have empathic responses to situations, so after a long day, or an emotionally intense situation, you feel energetically drained.

Day-to-day emotional interactions and associations may find you feeling more sensitive and in search for a cleansing, or clearing to “shake off” the energy you’ve taken in throughout your day. For Empaths; empathetic/psychically in-tune people maintaining a consistent meditation practice for Chakra clearing, healing and overall energy care is essential for obtaining overall emotional well being.

We’ve compiled a collection of ideas on how to stay centered in your spiritual self amongst the daily bombardment of energetic impressions with constant connection, social media and life-pressures, along with a brief rundown on the the Chakra system. Meditating while holding specific chakras in your mind’s eye aids in visualization and releasing blockages that manifest in association with the specific chakra, be it spiritual, physical, or emotional.

The human energy field radiates outward like a cocoon, from head to toe. Within the human energy field are seven layers starting first with the physical body, then radiating outward.

7 Layers of Human Energy Field

  1. Etheric Body: Red
  2. Emotional Body: Orange
  3. Mental Body: Yellow
  4. Higher Mental Body: Green
  5. Spiritual Body: Turquoise
  6. Casual Body: Deep Blue
  7. Ketheric Body/Higher Self: Violet 

You can expand your knowledge with an introduction to Chakras, and then gain a better understanding how how energetic layers also align with Chakras and colors from the root to the crown of our bodies. For a full chakra meditation you can work your way through each meditation in one sitting, or if you feel a certain aspect of your mind/body needs cleansing, you can individually meditate 10-30 minutes on that part of your energetic body.

 The Root Chakra is called the Muladhara and is the first of the seven major chakras. Within our root chakra, we are dominated by our tribal instinct and survival needs; family, sexuality, and ego. It’s essential to cleanse the root chakra to find grounding and support within the root before moving upward to the higher aspects of our energetic bodies.

Root Chakra Meditation

If you find that you’re feeling blocked in relation to the Root, awakening your Kundalini energy with breath work “Pranayama,” is healing to shift to a new level of consciousness.

Ground yourself cross legged in a comfortable position, spine long and straight. Lock your “bandhas” specifically your Uddiyana Bandha and Mula Bandha. To find your Uddiyana Bandha, lock your navel to spine, drawing the core up and in. Your Mula Bandha or Root Lock, means engaging your sex organs, for all the downward energy of the lower three chakras to engage up the spine. Visualize the color red spinning brightly in your Third Eye Center while imagining the color getting clearer, brighter and more distinct. Find deep inhales and exhales, with the lips sealed feeling your root grounded down into the earth, creating stability and strength. Bring awareness to your breath and feel your life-force energy, your Prana, buzzing and spinning internally. As you hold the color red in your mind, feel the root energy growing up, uncoiling like a snake through your spine to the crown of your head. Repeat these visualizations and stay grounded for 15-30 minutes. If you can, meditate outside to feel your connection to the Earth.

The Sacral Chakra

Working your way up the spine, the bright orange Chakra called “Svadisthana” is related to relationships, addiction, and creativity. Often doing creative exercises to cleanse this chakra is the best way to activate your sacral energy; dance, yoga, singing, painting. You can also carry on from the Root Chakra meditation upward, visualizing the color orange spinning brightly, bringing awareness to your navel, mentally releasing toxins that are caught up within the chakra. Take a minimum of ten deep breaths until you feel fully clear. As you feel each chakra regenerate, and you feel lightness in your physical body, continue moving upward.

The Solar Plexus

Our solar plexus, or Manipura Chakra, is a vivid yellow, associated with our social interactions, power, fears, friendships.  It is the center for a personal power. If you are energetically sensitive and feel drained by others, your Manipura Chakra is likely getting the brunt of that drain. Be mindful to meditate on clearing it often. If you feel stress, or change, you may find that you’re struggling with digestive problems, “butterflies,” and other tummy issues as well. Hold the color yellow in your mind, mentally visualize yourself fully engaged in life with a peaceful exterior. Know that there’s an field of white light encompassing your entire body, holding you in complete protection from outside energies. Carry this visualization through ten breaths, seeing yourself very clearly protected and undisturbed by the impenetrable light surrounding you.

The Heart Chakra

You can learn how to attract a great relationtion, but the heart chakra needs to be cleansed and opened before new love can be invited in. Already the word “heart,” you know that there is a chance for “stuff” to be stored in that space. The Anahata Chakra, is a bright emerald green. As you would imagine, we store energy related to love, rejection, childhood issues and compassion here. For the heart, visualize the color green in the shape of a rosebud at the center of your chest, as you steady your breath, allow the rosebud to open with each inhale and exhale. See the petals of the rose slowly unfolding, allowing “openness” in your heart space, while letting go of any negative energy or emotion that was locked within the closed bud. Be patient with yourself if you’re struggling for the flower to come to full bloom. Breathe through the spaces that feel stuck and allow yourself to let go with each petal. If you’re struggling with this visualization, acknowledge where there are unresolved feelings that may arise, and allow yourself to feel safe to release them for something healthier to come into their place. Once the heart is fully open, cleansed of blockages, move along.

The Throat Chakra

“I have a lump in my throat.” We’ve all felt it and said it before, or often when you want to spit something out and you “can’t say it,” or during a tearful moment you’ve felt yourself struggle to swallow with that lump stuck there. That is directly related to your throat chakra, or Vishudda in Sanskrit. The center for communication and self-expression. If you have trouble speaking your thoughts, or expressing yourself verbally you may have cleansing to do. Visualize a beautiful bright light blue, or turquoise at the center of your throat, open mouth inhale and exhale. With each inhale take in clear, pure blue/turqoise light, with each exhale visualize that light loosening and releasing any blockages in your throat. Feel the essence of truthfulness, sincerity and the liberation of self expression surge through your energetic field. As you sit in this space, allow the internal dialogue to be truthful and gentle, while feeling your confidence to speak your mind come to full bloom.

The Third Eye Chakra

In the center of your brows, your Third Eye center, Anja, is the seat of intuition, or “higher knowing.” The color is white or deep blue. Our goal is to feel in harmony and balance with each chakra as they pulsate fully and with clarity so we can operate from our Third Eye center on a daily basis. Feel yourself connect to your imagination and inner knowing to awaken insight, eyes closed and crossing up to the space between your brows. Visualize your mind/brain illuminating with light until you feel fully clear.

The Crown Chakra

We’ve worked through each level to get to the place outside of and above ourselves connected to a higher energetic field. The Sahasrara is ultimate purity of energy, enlarging our field of consciousness and managing our energetic bodies so we feel connected to higher energies as opposed to getting “stuck,” in the lower energy fields that drain us. Visualize a Lotus flower and white light beaming from the crown of your head upwards. Breathe and stay connected to each chakra as they work in harmony together.