Empress Tarot: The Mother of Venus and Love

empress tarotWhen you get a tarot card reading you are often presented with a tarot spread, or a series of cards that are symbolic of your past, present or future life. Taromancy is the art of reading tarot cards and it requires a lot of skill to interpret the cards correctly for the querent. And as such, a lot of people –like you – make a living doing so. Learn more about how to use Tarot Readings for Profit in this course. A standard tarot card deck contains 78 cards and is divided into three categories called the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana and the Court cards. In the Major Arcana section the Empress lives and it is her wisdom that we’ll discuss here.

The Tarot story follows the journey of The Fool, a curious and ambitious man who sets out to accomplish feats still unbeknownst to him. He packs all of his possessions into a pack and throws it over his shoulder. He is the first card in most standard Tarot decks and holds much importance of which you can read about in Interpretation of The Fool. During his travels he encounters the faces of the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards, all of whom guide him for better or for worse on his adventure. The Magician teaches him that the tools he’s packed contain endless uses and that he can create what he needs from the confines of his mind. The High Priestess enlightens the Fool as to what he should do with the tools the Magician showed him. She presents him with the query of instinct; what is your heart telling you to do? He listens to himself and begins to understand what he has to accomplish; but where does he start? This short story is very indicative of the struggles we face in our day-to-day lives. We often feel stuck, overwhelmed, confused and indecisive. What the Empress conveys helps the Fool, and us, recognize that patience is a virtue. To learn the whole story of the Fool, check out the course Tarot through Storytelling.

Patience, Growth, Love and Abundance

The Empress is the mother of all, incredibly insightful and nurturing as she guides us through some of life’s obstacles. In the story of Tarot she precedes the Emperor who is known for his enthusiastic yet sometimes aggressive nature. This is appropriate because with the knowledge of the Empress it’s quite possible to accomplish the duties of an Emperor. The Empress card imagery consists of a woman in a decorated gown with a crown of stars, a rod, a field of wheat and a heart shaped shield. These symbols represent the abundance of life that the Empress is capable of and the environment in which to create it. More often than not the Empress is shown as pregnant and the Zodiac sign of Venus can be seen on her shield. The pregnancy is just another moment of growth, development and nurturing captured on the face of the card; and Venus is the iconic Goddess of sex and love, but also the Goddess of artists. An artist utilizes creativity to create masterpieces, sewing stich by stich or sculpting work out of clay. Every creation requires attention and dedication to become the beautiful final product. Taking this kind of approach to everything in life is an advisable one –Empress or not. It will help you become more in-touch with the things around you and allow you gain deeper spiritual insight. In the course The Spiritual Truth the paths of recognizing and understanding your inner voice are discussed. It’s a good precursor to attempting the interpretation of a Tarot card deck.

Much like the artist, the Empress encourages the individual who received her to create a nurturing environment for their ideas and goals to grow. Nothing happens overnight and with patience the best rewards are reaped. If you are the card reader and the recipient is a woman, the display of this card can indicate the woman is pregnant. However, it can also be indicative of the querent’s motherly nature in regards to children, a new venture, a new partner or a new opportunity. This doesn’t only apply to woman although it may seem like such. For men, this can mean to embrace femininity to an extent, to open himself up to his emotions and passion and leave room for listening to intuition. The appearance of the Empress can, and often does, also signify abundance. For a farmer, this could mean a good year is ahead. For anyone, it can mean that work will be in abundance, family and friends will be abound or finances will see a favorable turn.

As a reader, if this card appears in the spread you can advise your querent on the potency of love in their life. This is a good time for someone looking for a partner to actively seek as the Empress, born of Venus, symbolizes attractiveness, fertility and affinity. This can be true for friendships as well. The Empress is conveying that this time, or a time very soon, is for enriching friendships and finding truer and more meaningful connections with those around us. Generally speaking, this card helps us see that our ability to give wisdom and care to others is abundant and we should take pride that others seek this from us. However, it’s also important to listen to yourself and know when you are running yourself thin. When we open ourselves up to others as a shoulder to cry on or a place of comfort we can sometimes find it hard to say “no”. Don’t let yourself get so worn down that you aren’t capable of helping anyone, carefully manage your time and efforts.

The most important fortunes to take away from the Empress are: patience, compassion and love. Learn more about interpreting the other cards of the Tarot deck in the course Become a Tarot Reader from Scratch. Who knows, maybe you can even make reading Tarot cards a for-profit endeavor?