The Emperor Tarot: Use Logic As Your Road Map

emperor tarotTaromancy stems from the Renaissance period when magic and folklore became prevalent. This kind of fortune telling uses Tarot cards to “read” into the past, present and future events of a querent, or someone receiving a reading. While fortune-telling remains taboo in a lot of cultures, and even sinful by those who practice Christianity and Judaism, its mystique intrigues many to participate in a reading or to be the one delivering the message of the cards. It’s thought that Tarot cards are a line-in to discovering collective consciousness and sub-conscious thought – but it’s not just a Roma pastime. Tarot card readings, and fortune-telling in general, has become quite popular in Western cultures for profit, and for fun. Learn how to use Tarot Readings for Profit. The deck used for Taromancy consists of 78 cards each equipped with its own symbolic image and meaning. The deck is then separated into three categories: Major Arcana, Minor Arcana and the Court cards. Here, we’ll discuss the Emperor card which is number five under the Major Arcana category.

The Tarot card deck is heavily based on the life of The Fool, a man who ventures off to fulfill his dreams even though he is completely unsure as to what that entails. He packs up all of his belongings and puts it in a knapsack that he swings heavily on a stick over his shoulder. He’s ready for the world, or is he? Before encountering the Emperor he meets the Magician, the High Priestess, and the Empress; each of whom have their own node of advice for the Fool. They ultimately shape his journey and contribute to his best and worst of his decisions. Before stumbling upon the Emperor, the impatient Fool finds the Empress who bestows upon him knowledge of the fragility of life. She reminds him that everything he is trying to create with the tools the Magician showed him will not come from impatience and necessity, it will come from creating a nurturing and loving environment for the idea to grow. Read the Magician Tarot to understand the message the Fool received from his meeting with the Magician.

Now with this seed planted, the Fool takes off and meets the Emperor, who like the Empress, has a certain sway about him. His perception of the world is mildly different as he rules over a kingdom and does so with authority. The Fool has the tools he needs to fulfill whatever job it is he’s set out to do, he knows how to make it grow thanks to the Empress and now he needs to know how to manage it, which he learns from the Emperor. The Emperor card’s astrological sign is Aries, the Ram, and also the first sign of the Zodiac. Aries are like infants, quick to joy, quick to aggression, enthusiastic and demanding, impatient and full of energy. This makes for a ruler who can be intimidating and controlling in certain circumstances yet a natural born leader in others. The story of The Fool goes on from card to card as his journey unfolds. His journey is much like many of ours and gives us insight into what to do when we reach certain obstacles in our lives. Learn more about this in the course Tarot through Storytelling.

What does this mean for you?

You must maintain focus. Receiving the Emperor card is a sign that there are tough decisions to make in your life but only you, the king of your world, can make them and you must do so with confidence and enthusiasm. You cannot let yourself lose sight of the ultimate goal and you must make sure that you exhibit self-control. Don’t become tyrannical with your decision making, listen to your mind more than you listen to your heart. This may feel counter-intuitive to you as you often follow your instincts but right now the Emperor (your mind) is trying to guide you elsewhere.

In a general sense, if the Emperor appears for you this could be symbolic of an older man in your life who provides you with structure and logic and you may not even realize it. Don’t push this person away from you because of their age or their seemingly demanding demeanor. You probably need this right now and ignoring it would be sacrificial. The Emperor card leads us to logic, it helps us realize that ignoring logic can be detrimental to our success, health and spirit. Pay attention to your work, re-focus yourself on organization and structure and you will have great success with whatever job you acquire. As for finances, with discipline you can hit your saving goals, buy that big-ticket item you’ve wanted for a long time, or pay off debts. It takes a lot of self-control to stay on a budget and put money away. The Emperor is telling you now is the time.

The Emperor also suggests you take control of the situation you’re in. Maybe you are asking for a well-deserved promotion but don’t have the courage to do it; or maybe you are on the fence about staying with a partner and you just want to clear the air but can’t; take control. The Emperor is encouraging you to be assertive, brave and bold with the things you want in your life – sometimes that’s the only way to get things done. On the flip side, if you have been doing a bit much of this lately, the Emperor could be reminding you that aggressiveness is a good characteristic… in moderation. Assess your life, the decisions you’ve made or have yet to, interpret the Emperor as fits for your life. He came for a reason it’s up to you to find out why.

Tarot card interpretation varies from reader-to-reader but the Tarot story remains unfazed. Learning Tarot cards can be frustrating (to say the least) and trying to find accurate sources of information equally deterring. Take the course Become a Tarot Reader from Scratch and go from zero to sixty in just a few lessons. Taromancy is just one way to open yourself up to a spiritual consciousness. There are many other avenues you can choose from as you delve into your sub-conscious and evaluate your life. Learn how in the course The Spiritual Truth.