Emerging EdTech’s Kelly Walsh on Integrating Technology and Education

Today we sit down with Emerging EdTech’s founder Kelly Walsh. Emering EdTech is a collection of insights about topics relevant to educational and technology. Kelly is the Chief Information Officer at the College of Westchester, and he is with us today to talk more about educational technology.

1. What inspired you to start Emerging Ed Tech?

Many things, including: A desire to learn and stay informed about education technology, a desire to share the many useful free resources on the Internet that can engage students and impact learning, an enjoyment of writing, a desire to learn more about blogging and associated marketing techniques, and more.

2. What are some of the biggest changes in education for this generation compared to past ones?

Certainly the ubiquity of technology. Sadly technology is often poorly applied and can easily be a distraction instead of an impactful tool. There is also a challenge in terms of the speed at which business is embracing technology while many of today’s educatonal institutions (and therefore the student’s thay are charged with teaching) are not keeping pace.

3. How can technology be used to help students learn better?

In so many ways – engage and interest them, use tools they already know and use, offer some fun and new experiences, let them explore and teach each other (and the teacher).

When a student does something like blog, they pick up much more than just technology skills, they can learn writing skills, how to edit, how to impact a story with visuals, and more. When a student creates a presentation with a tool like Vuvox it requires creativity and lets them combine text, pictures, video, and music in a wonderfully new and intriguing format.

In addition to the many tools students can use to create content, there are tools for distance learning, portfolio creation, collaboration, game based learning, and this list just goes on and on. Books have been written about the many ways in which technology can impact learning, and this is only going to continue to evolve and expand.

4. What is the biggest hurdle in integrating technology in education?

Probably helping teachers and administrators how to integrate technology successfully (as opposed to just throwing technology out there and assuming it will make a difference).

5. Do you think it is possible to one day have an all-online classroom?

I’m not sure I understand the question, since this is in some ways a fait accompli with all of the online schooling going on today.

Thanks for talking with us Kelly! Again, you can find his website Emerging EdTech here. To revolutionize online education, see udemy’s main site here.