Elliott Masie’s Eight Lessons Learned from Creating a Corporate MOOC

Elliott Masie, head of the New York think tank The MASIE Center, shares his lessons learned from creating a MOOC on the Udemy for Organizations blog. Below is a sneak peak at lessons one and two. Click here for the full blog post.


1. Create content that can be immediately put to use

We purposefully created a MOOC around a compelling, meaty topic: Big Learning Data: Ups, Downs and Decisions. We chose this topic because we knew that our audience could immediately put these learnings to use in their careers.

2. Ask your audience for input along the way

We started creating our course in March 2014 and launched it to our audience, which is made up of hundreds of senior-level learning executives from large corporations, in May 2014. Our learners are busy people who are well-versed in the latest learning methodologies and technologies, so we knew we would get high-quality feedback. As this was our first foray into this style of learning, we opened the dialogue by asking our audience what they wanted to learn.

Throughout the process, we found that our audience had great questions and feedback on our materials. We spent a few hours a week engaging with learners and answering questions.