Here at Udemy for Business, we’re committed to helping organizations elevate and expand learning at their organizations. Take advantage of our course building experience to easily create and manage customized content for all types of resources like product training, internal procedures, peer to peer training, and more.

Accessing your course management dashboard

Navigate between your Udemy for Business home page and the course dashboard by switching between Instructor and Learner views in your top navigation.

A centralized dashboard for course management

Build and manage custom content like on-boarding and internal trainings for your organization in our easy-to-use course dashboard.

Communicate with your learners

Easily interact with your learners through our Q&A, Messages and Assignments features. Here, you can answer any questions your learners have and also compose messages on important updates to your course.

Advanced reporting to deliver quality learning

Leverage our Reviews and Course engagement features to understand which parts of your course are resonating with learners, and which areas need improvement.

Get started with our Resources

Take advantage of the same resources leveraged each day by our community of 42,000+ Udemy instructors through in our Teaching Center and Instructor Community. Here, you have access to materials that help you with online course creation, driving engagement, and A/V resources.

Our course building features are available to Enterprise plan Udemy for Business customers. Learn more about the importance of centralizing learning at your company by reaching out to a member of our team. Request a demo.

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