effective classroom managementThere is nothing more satisfying as a teacher than watching your students reach that light bulb moment when what you are teaching your students makes sense to them. It’s what we live for as teachers but what we often don’t take into account, is the processes we need to apply to reach this moment for our students. Classroom management is often seen as a boring process that we must endure or apply, but good classroom management is essential to ensure that your students receive the full benefit of your efforts as a teacher. The classroom management essentials course will show you how to manage your classroom so that you can spend more time teaching your students rather than enforcing classroom management principles.

Effective classroom management techniques don’t need to be complicated rules and regulations that you have to enforce to keep your students in line. In fact, good classroom management techniques should be seamless processes that you can apply to enable you to spend more time focusing on your subject and your students. Classroom Management Strategies that Work offers some simple strategies that you can apply in your classroom to ensure your students get the full benefits of your lessons.

There are a number of different classroom management techniques that can help you ensure your students get the most from your lessons. Creating a favorable physical environment for learning can help you create an environment that promotes learning without adding extra rules or processes.

Effective classroom management should foster responsibility within the classroom and motivate students to perform at their best. The Beyond Compliance course offered by Udemy offers a an different classroom management approach based on an intrinsic motivation that is designed to produce a teaching environment where children are encouraged to work hard, work together, and work towards a common goal.

Simple Effective Classroom Management Tips

Often the simplest classroom management tips are also the most logical and they can also be the most effective when trying to create an efficient environment for teaching. Here are some really simple tips and  techniques you can apply in your classroom to foster the best environment for learning and teaching:

1.       Lead your class

2.       Be consistent

3.       Demonstrate acceptable behavior

4.       Motivate your students

5.       Reward good behavior

Lead Your Class

Effective leadership requires a number of skills, irrespective of whether its leadership in business or leadership in a classroom setting. A leader always knows where they are going. Leaders ensure that they have a plan that will get them to where they are going. A good teacher should display the qualities of a good leader to ensure that the class knows where they are going and how they can get there. As a teacher you must be able to communicate the plan efficiently. If you effectively convey your class goals and ambitions to your students, then you can often create the motivation they need to succeed.

Be Consistent

As a teacher, you expect consistent effort from your students and you expect them to consistently focus on your lessons. The best way for students to learn behavior is through the observation of that behavior. As a teacher, you need to ensure that you model consistent behavior for your students. Engage the students in setting rules and standards and then make sure that you apply those standards and rules consistently as a teacher.

Demonstrate Acceptable Behavior

Respect is earned. As a teacher, you need to demonstrate the behavior you wish to see from your students. If you expect your students to respect you, then you should make every effort to respect your students. If you expect a student to listen to you, then you should be willing to listen to your students with a view to really understanding their needs and problems.

Motivate Your Students

A motivated class is far easier to management than a class that is bored or lost. Finding out what motivates your class can help you to create rewards for your class that will keep them motivated and interested in your subject. Motivation will vary depending on the subject matter of the class and the level of the class, but observing your students is a great way to work out what motivates them. If you take the time to notice what makes your student’s eyes sparkle while you are teaching, then you will have direct feedback from your students about what they love to learn.

Reward Good Behavior

Sometimes as teachers we get bogged down in discipline and miss opportunities to reward good behavior. Rewarding good behavior can often have as much impact on a class as meting out discipline for bad behavior. Rewards can often act as motivation to strive for better results as a student. Once again, observing your students and listening to their particular needs will give you a constant stream of information on what will make good rewards for your classes.

Students Are People, Too

Sometimes as teachers, we get bogged down in the latest process and techniques and we can lose sight of the fact that essentially, students are people too. We are often the most important role models for our students and they learn as much from what we do as what we say. The above tips and techniques are based on the fact that we should treat our students the way we expect them to treat us.

Classroom management techniques will differ depending on our teaching styles. Different Teaching Styles and How They Affect Your Students will give you some insight into how various teaching styles affect classroom management.

Finally, it is also important to take your students’ emotional development into account when planning to implement classroom management techniques. The Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom course from Udemy will teach you the various phases of maturity, emotional intelligence skills for the classroom, and how to use emotional intelligence to create a classroom climate for effective teaching-and-learning to occur.

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