A Talk with Edublogs’s Sales Manager Ronnie Blurt

Edublogs sales manager Ronnie Blurt is with us today. Ronnie works with Edublogs, a blogging platform for educators and students. Edublogs has over 500,000 blogs registered, and it is used by institutions such as Stanford University and the Department of Education. Ronnie is here with us today to talk more about education and technology.

1. Tell us more about edublogs and why it was started?

Edublogs was started by James Farmer in 2005 after he began using blogs and realized their power in education. In the past five years, Edublogs has grown to be the leader in Educational Blogging and provides nearly a million blogs to thousands of teachers, professors, and students all over the world. In addition, now with Edublogs Campus, entire schools, universities, and school districts can provide access to blogs to their entire staff and student body.

2. What differentiates edublogs.org from other blogging platforms?
There are many things that set Edublogs apart from other popular blogging platforms. One of the most important to many educators is that we only allow safe and education related content on our site, so you can trust that content found on Edublogs.org will be safe for students of all ages. This is the main reason why Edublogs is often allowed by many school filtering software when other platforms are not.

Beyond that, our help and support is geared towards educators and the use of blogs in the classroom. Our growing community of teachers, professors, and students from all over the world makes for a more collaborative blogging experience.

3. What is the role of edublogs in fostering discussion about education and technology?
The thing about blogs is that they are the glue that can bring all different types of educational technology together. For example, you can embed videos, Vokis, Voice Threads, podcasts, images, and more right inside your blog. We actively stay on top of all emerging technologies out there and share our favorites with our community through twitter, facebook, and newsletters.

In addition, many of the most popular education bloggers use Edublogs as their blogging platform of choice, adding to the discussion of how technology is used in education.

4. What new trends in online education personally excite you the most?

Globalization. No longer are we tied to learning from the textbook and teacher in the room. Students can connect with experts and classrooms all over the world from wherever they are! This will help reduce pockets in different communities and countries where there might not have been access to the best educational experiences before. This can only add to the growing collective of information and understanding at a world wide level.

5. Finally, what are we going to see from edublogs.org in the future?

Edublogs is constantly looking for ways to improve the blogging experience for our users. Specifically, we are working on ways to make it easier than ever before to share different resources and tools using blogs. We are also working on enhancing the community aspects among our users so that we can all learn from each other’s experiences and expertise.

Thanks for sitting down with us Ronnie! Again, you can find Edublogs’ main website here. For more information about education and technology, see Udemy’s main site here.