Easy Summer Hairstyles For A Sun-kissed Look!

Easy Summer HairstylesIt’s almost summer!  Time to break out the sweet tea, bathing suits, and strap on those flip flops for some warm-weather fun!  But, wait: what about your hair?  Good question.  Summer can be a little stressful for your hair…apart from all the sun, moisture, and water that it is exposed to, your locks might end up taking a bit of a beating.  On the other hand, you probably do not want to stick to run-of the-mill hairstyles that you sport all the other months of the year.  The weather is a-changing, and you want to switch up your looks a little bit, too!  We have some fun and trendy hairstyles that are going to keep your hair out of your face, the sun on your skin, and the sand in your toes.  Grab lemonade and let’s get started!

The Wrap Do: A fun way to switch up your hairstyle is to add a stand-out accessory.  A fun way to do this is with a hair wrap of scarf.  Knot the hair wrap or scarf in the front or back of your head, depending on your preference.  For the rest of your hair: throw it up into a fun messy bun, or high ponytail.

Headband Braid: Here is a fun and earthy-looking do to keep you looking in-line with nature.  Simply separate a two inch section of your hair to one side and braid it.  Then pin the braid under any loose hairs in the backside of your head to keep it from moving around.  Keep the rest of your hair simple and flowing with soft waves or a straight and sleek look.

Twisted Up-do:  If you really want to keep your hair up and out of your face, try a twisted up-do.  For this look, take sections of your hair and either braid them to tie them, as if you were typing your shoes.  Twist those sections up and pin them to the back of your head with bobby-pins to keep them in place.  This look will definitely keep your face and neck feeling cool.

Fishtail:  Regular braids seem to be a thing of the past with these fun and funky fishtail braids.  With dry hair, sweep your hair to one side, separate into three sections, and begin braiding.  Once you are done, sweep out a few sections to frame your face, and to keep your look from looking too tight.  You will be ready to swim with the fish with this look!

Half-Do:  Keeping your hair half up and adding some loose waves or curls to your hair is a fun way to keep your look bright and fresh in the summer.  Simply curl about 1 inch sections of your hair, and pull half of your hair back from each side up and back into a small pony tail.  Secure with bobby pins or a rubber band (if you are planning on being active).

Smooth:  Flat hair does not have to be boring.  In the summer, it can be a nice, sleek, and shiny way to show off your locks.  To achieve this look, blow-dry your hair with a flat brush, and use a flat iron to flatten your locks starting at the roots of your hair.  To change things up a bit, feel free to flip some of the hair around your face back to achieve a breezy feel.

Headband Bun:  Again, in the summer accessories are key to keeping your hair in place and creating a fun and vibrant feel for your look.  Sometimes buns can look a bit formal, but adding a cute summer headband will keep you looking casual.  Blow-dry your hair, if desired, and pull your hair into a low ponytail.  Twist up your ponytail in one direction, and wrap it around on the top of your head while securing it with bobby pins.  Assemble your headband of choice and you have a sturdy and feminine look to brave any summer breeze!

Voluminous Ponytail:  Here is another look that will set your apart from the boring ponytail.  Simply spray the roots of your hair with some dry shampoo.  Tease the hair at the top of your head and pull back your hair into a high ponytail.  Fluff your hair around or curl it once it is up if you desire.  This is a very elegant, yet messy and fun look.  Apply some dark eyeliner for add a fun and dramatic feel to your look!

Mohawk Pony:  For the punk rock rebel in you, try this Mohawk pony for a fun twist on a classic hairstyle.  Section off the upper part of your hair down the middle of your head as thick as you would like your Mohawk to be.  Braid that section and finish it off with a high ponytail.  Have fun with your accessories!

Beach Head:  If your hair is wet at night, this is a fun way to get your head ready for tomorrow without any hassle!  At night, section your hair off into two sections and do some simple French braids.  Go to sleep, and the next morning, un-do those braids.  You will be left with free-flowing and fun waves throughout your hair!  Slap on some hairspray and you are good to go.

Tips for Protecting Your Hair In The Summer

With all the sand, sunshine, and breeze, you are probably wondering how to keep your hair under wraps during the summer months.  Here are some helpful tips to keep your locks cool under the sun:

  1. Brush Carefully: You hair will be fragile when it is wet, so be sure to brush carefully after being at the beach or swimming.  Use a wide-tooth comb so that you do not rip any hair out.
  2. Hair bands or ties: You will be sporting a lot of tied-back hairstyles during the summer to keep your hair out of your face.  Be sure to choose hair ties that will not be so tight as to break your hair.
  3. Haircut: It might be helpful to trim your hair during before summer hits.  Sun does extra damage to your hair, so it might be nice to get your broken end locks or split ends out of the way before the sun has the chance to attack!

Lay Back and Soak it In!

Remember to keep all other parts of your body safe during the summer, and not only your hair.  With these easy summer hairstyles, you will be well on your way to be sporting a vibrant and breezing style for the warmest time of the year.  Soak it up!