Easy Spanish Words For Beginners

easy spanish wordsThe U.S. was built on immigrants from all over the world, especially Europe and Africa during its first few hundred years. As a general rule, though, people tended to speak English in public. Even though the country was full of Germans, Italians, Africans and more, English became the prevailing language.

That stands today. However, there are an increasing number of Spanish people in this country, and a great deal of them speaks English as well as Spanish. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau predicts that by the year 2020, which is less than six years away, one out of every six persons in the U.S. will be of Hispanic descent.

With that in mind, it would certainly behoove anyone who lives or works in the U.S. to learn at least a few easy Spanish words. It will help with your business to attract Hispanic customers, assist in communicating with new neighbors and act as an aid as well if you choose to travel to any Latin American, Central American or Spanish-speaking parts of the world.

Don’t scoff or shake your so-called Patriotic head. You will only limit yourself by insisting on only speaking and understanding English. As a young professional especially, you would put yourself in more attractive position in the job market to at least know some basic Spanish. There are Latin television networks and stations, radio stations, Fortune 500 companies and whole communities in the U.S. that need professionals who are at least somewhat bilingual. Adding some easy Spanish words to your vocabulary makes you an asset to yourself and the people around you as well.

A lot of people know a few words, such as “si” as yes and “gracias” as thank you. But that won’t get you very far if you are on vacation in Miami and trying to order Cuban food. Indeed, it’s important to not only learn to speak Spanish, but also be able to read it and maybe even write it.

Before You Memorize a List

Below is a list of Spanish words that will be very helpful to know. Once you familiarize yourself with these words, it’s probably a good idea to try to start using them in whole sentences. But it’s going to take more than picking up on some easy Spanish words to be able to hold a conversation. It takes a certain level of skill to know how to speak conversational Spanish. You can do it on your own, but it’s probably a better idea to go with a course like the above to master it. A guided approach will enable you to get it down faster and more efficiently.

Practice makes perfect, of course. And that’s true when learning Spanish as well. Before you go out with your Latin friends or marry into your girlfriend’s Mexican family, it’s probably a good idea to get some actual practice holding an everyday conversation in Spanish. Get this down and you’ll feel comfortable traveling to the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico and successfully ask where the nearest pharmacy is (to buy sunscreen) and not end up in a back alley surrounded by police because you were horribly misunderstood. This kind of class can also help you pick up the right words in the right order to successfully be able to ask your new Colombian neighbors over for Sunday dinner.

Obviously, in today’s multi-ethnic climate, learning some easy Spanish words and being able to hold a conversation has a variety of uses to enrich your life.

And for business owners, the pluses are endless. Consider this: according to recent studies, Latin Americans (U.S. only) spend more than a trillion dollars a year on everything from cars and homes to diapers and milk. Whether you sell cupcakes or cars, isn’t it worth it to be able to attract a Hispanic consumer and make him/her feel at home?

And on a global level, we’re talking trillions of dollars being spent by consumers whose native language is Spanish. With the incredible accessibility to the world via the Internet, just imagine how many more people you will be able to offer your products and services to if you can hold a simple conversation with them.

You don’t have to be a business person. You can be a student going to see the world before you settle down, or a retired couple going on an annul excursion to countries where English is not the main language and Spanish is. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable if you knew some easy Spanish words?

Crash Course For Secret Agents, Surfers and Wayfaring Travelers

There’s a gentleman who has come up with a method to learn Spanish by using space rather than time. He successfully learned English this way as well. With this course, you can quickly learn 81 percent of the most frequently used Spanish words. The author of this revolutionary way to learn – Edo Sadikovic – is a youth trainer, entrepreneur and program designer who has traveled the world. His course is quite an experience in itself, especially when you consider he learned Spanish and English this way and is now a teacher.

Easy Spanish Words

Well, hopefully you have been inspired to go beyond the words and into their proper use. “Buena suerte!” (good luck).

  • 1 – uno
  • 2 – dos
  • 3 – tres
  • 4 – cuatro
  • 5 – cinco
  • 6 – seis
  • 7 – siete
  • 8 – ocho
  • 9 – nueve
  • 10 – diez
  • Hello – hola
  • Water – agua
  • Boy – chico
  • Girl – chica
  • Likes – gusta
  • New – nueva
  • Night – noche
  • Store – tienda
  • The  dog – el perrp
  • The cat – el gato
  • Shoes – Zapatos
  • Things – Cosas
  • Happy – simpatico or contento
  • Fun – divertido
  • Sad – triste
  • Angry – Antipatico
  • School – escuela
  • Head – cabeza
  • Eyes – ojos
  • Red – rojo
  • Brown – color café
  • White – blanco
  • Black – negro
  • Blue – azul
  • Green – verde
  • Yellow – Amarillo
  • Money – dinero
  • Computer – computadora
  • Clock – reloj
  • Book – lebro
  • Friends – amigos
  • Candy – dulces
  • Fish – prescado
  • Vegetables – verduras
  • Meat – carne
  • Poultry – polo
  • Ice cream – helado
  • Milk – leche
  • Cheese – quesa
  • Good bye – adios

Learning a new language provides the opportunity to connect and communicate with different people from around the world, and it’s never too late to start.